450 Count Pima Cotton Bedding

Our 450 Thread Count Pima Cotton bedding is all about luxury and style. The hotel quality long staple fibres are soft and silky for superior quality and comfort.


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Prices from £12.00
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Prices from £12.00
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Prices from £12.00
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Prices from £12.00
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Why Buy Pima Cotton Bedding?

    This is a really good question, why would you pay a premium to buy Pima cotton bedding instead of the most common type of uplands cotton that is used in the vast majority of luxury bedding? A lot is said about thread count but this is really just one aspect of choosing the right fabric, you can buy high thread count cotton bedding that is classed as a luxury range that is not made from a long staple fibre cotton.

    Branded cottons such as Pima and Egyptian cotton only account for 10% of the worlds cotton production, the rest is a mix of standard uplands cotton and the higher graded long staple uplands cotton. Both of them are still good quality but they are not as good as branded cotton for the following reasons. Pima cotton is classed as extra long staple, the longer the fibres, the silkier and softer they are and the easier they are to be spun into ultra fine yarns which is essential for the longevity of high thread count fabrics.

    The extra long staple fibres are excellent in resisting fraying, tearing, pilling and wrinkling and helps to prevent colour fading after repeated washing and ironing. Pima cotton is primarily grown in the United States and it can be traced back to its origins which helps to maintain its exceptional quality and to ensure that it is not mixed with an inferior cotton to save money.

    Always check the wash care label that it says Pima cotton, to be sure that you are getting the genuine article as this is the place where the manufacturer is resting their reputation. Pima cotton is a luxury fabric that is wonderful to the touch, it washes and irons beautifully and will last you for many years to come, it is worth the investment so buy some today and see for yourself.

  • Brand: Belledorm
  • 7 Year Guarantee
  • 450 Thread Count
  • 100% Pima Cotton
  • Hotel Quality
  • Long Staple Yarns
  • Extra Deep Fitted Sheets
  • Button Closure Swift Swop Duvet Covers
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry Safe

Pillowcase Sizes

  • Standard: 50cm x 75cm
  • Oxford: 50cm x 75cm
  • Superking: 50cm x 90cm
  • Square: 65cm x 65cm

Extra Deep Fitted Sheet Sizes

  • Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • King: 150cm x 200cm
  • Superking: 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
  • 7FT Large Emperor: 215cm x 215cm

Flat Sheet Sizes

  • Single: 180cm x 260cm
  • Double: 230cm x 260cm
  • King: 275cm x 260cm
  • Superking: 300cm x 275cm
  • Emperor: 355cm x 295cm

Duvet Cover Sizes

  • Single: 135cm x 200cm
  • Double: 200cm x 200cm
  • King: 230cm x 220cm
  • Superking: 260cm x 220cm
  • Emperor: 290cm x 235cm

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