5 Good Reasons Why You May Get Too Hot While You Sleep

Here are 5 good reasons why you may get too hot while you sleep, see if you can make a few simple changes and improve your health and wellbeing.

In summer we all adore the sunshine, it makes you wake up with smile on your face ready for a glorious day ahead but wait, what if you have had a restless night due to being too hot, well that cannot be good, can it! A hot restless night can effect your sleeping pattern, leaving you tired and irritable, so a good night’s sleep is essential. This problem is much more common they you may think, you are definitely not alone. Everyone at some time or other has had to kick of the duvet or put one leg out of the bed in order to try and cool down. So what can cause this issue, see below for 5 of the main culprits:

1: Memory Foam Mattresses.

Memory foam is one of todays modern wonders, this is an extremely popular choice of mattress and mattress toppers. It is relatively cheap and can offer you very good support whilst you sleep. There are lots of reasons on the brochures why you should buy one but there is never any mention of the main downside. Foam is a solid mass that acts like a night storage heater, it absorbs heat and stores it, this is ideal if you are cold person or in the middle of winter but if you suffer hot night sweats this is your main enemy. At the start of the night, it will be fine but after a short while the heat will start to build and before you know it you could be very warm and starting to sweat, leaving you hot and sticky.

2: Cheap Synthetic Fibre Duvets.

We sell some synthetic duvets that are designed to absorb heat and dissipate it quickly, so this part only appertains to the cheaper variety of microfibre duvets that are not specifically designed to deal with heat build-up. If you have a duvet that is made from polyester and microfibre fillings check that they are not made from continuous strands as this stop heat from dissipating through the top of the duvet, this is not breathable and will not allow your body to naturally cool down. We would always recommend a good quality duvet that is designed to help with this issue or buy a good quality natural down duvet that is lightweight and has a high fill power rating.

3: Room Temperature.

This one can be a bone of contention depending on if your partner gets too hot or too cold whilst you sleep, turning up the heating or opening a window can cause many a heated argument. It is best to keep your room at a constant temperature, if possible.

4: Wrong Tog Rating on your Duvet.

This is one that is always overlooked as we try and make one duvet last all year round, having a few duvets to get you through the year can be expensive and also be a pain when it comes to storage. All season duvets are a great way of saving money as the two duvets can make three options for all year around use and they mainly come with a handy dry and safe storage box. Another great option is out latest range of partner duvets, they have a higher tog rating on one side and a lower tog rating on the other side of the duvet, giving you the best of both worlds in one duvet.

5: Medical Conditions.

This is one that we cannot help you with I am afraid, it is best practice to seek medical advice to see what the NHS can offer you, they are amazing and you would be surprised at what they can do these days. We are here for every other issue you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help you today.