Bedding For The Summer

Updating your bedding for the summer is a great idea to create a comfortable and stylish sleep environment. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bedding for the season.

Bedding for the summer


1. Opting for breathable fabrics: Look for natural fibres like cotton, linen, or bamboo that allow air circulation and help wick away moisture. Bamboo fabric, in particular, is breathable, soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.

2. Choose lightweight bedding: Swap out thick duvets for lower tog options or light sheets such as cotton or linen bedspreads or blankets. This allows for maximum airflow and keeps you cool while you sleep.

3. Embrace vibrant colours and lively patterns: Incorporate bright and cheerful colour schemes like yellows, oranges, and pinks to create a summery atmosphere. Alternatively, choose pastel shades like soft blues, blush pinks, or mint greens for a calming effect. Add floral or tropical patterns for a playful touch.

4. Layer your bedding: Even during warmer months, you may still want some lightweight cover for cooler nights. Consider layering with a bamboo or linen top sheet, a lightweight quilt, or a coverlet. This allows you to adjust your bedding easily based on changing temperatures.

5. Choose cooling pillows and pillowcases: Opting for cooling pillows infused with gel or other cooling technologies. Bamboo pillowcases are breathable and cooling, allowing your head to float against the pillow comfortably.

6. Add summer accessories: Incorporate summer-themed accessories like sunshine-shaped cushions or greenery on your bedside table. Tapestries, framed photographs, and window treatments can also enhance the summer style in your room.

7. Follow care instructions: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep your bedding clean and well cared for. Opting for moisture-wicking bedding that doesn't attract sweat marks and stains. Wash it regularly but not too often, and try to dry it outside for a fresh summer scent.

Remember to choose bedding that suits your preferences and promotes a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Enjoy the summer season with a refreshed and stylish bedroom!

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