Benefits of High Thread Count Cotton Sheets

Let’s be honest, we all like the finer things in life! If you can afford the best, then why not but are we truly getting what we paid for? We are always asked what are the benefits of having high thread count cotton sheets?

High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

By high thread count do we mean 1000 or 1200 count or do we mean anything more than the standard UK average thread count of 200 threads per square inch. We spend so much time in bed, in recent years that has been much researched and why we need to get our 8 hours in each night. Good sleep helps you feel fresher and revitalised for the day ahead, lowers stress and anxiety and more importantly makes you feel alive! So why not sleep on the finest you can get!

Another benefit of superior quality sheets is that they look superb on your bed. The first thing you will notice every time you step into your bedroom is the bed. Imagine your bed having the same appeal as a 5 star boutique hotel draped in the finest cotton sateen, shimmering and opulent just as you would expect when you are staying away for a luxury weekend. So why not have this at home? Well price is one factor and remember you get what you pay for and the better quality the sheets the longer they will last. Thread count measures the amount of yarns that criss cross over a given square inch, the more you pack in those yarns the finer and stronger they will need to be. Extra-long staple yarns are required, they are only found when using the best quality cotton fibres. They need to be about an inch in length so they can be spun together and then woven into such sumptuously soft yarns. Also, the higher thread count fabrics are more absorbent and breathable, they help regulate temperature better and allow the body to breathe more naturally. This is why the top hotels now use fabric of 400 thread count and over, to give you that experience so you will come to them every time.

High Thread Count Cotton Sheets

Currently our bestselling range is our luxury 400 thread count bedding. This is made from the finest Egyptian cotton and woven to a single ply 400 threads per square inch. The soft sateen yarns looks amazing on the bed and the feeling of new sheets and duvet covers will make you just want to go bed. In fact, you may struggle to get out of it the morning it is that good. In today’s market, that type of sheet is now becoming more affordable as more and more people are buying this range. Higher up the scale is our 1000 thread count cotton sateen, this is also made with yarns produced and woven in Egypt. This is in our opinion the one you want if you are really going to treat yourself to the best quality. The feel and weight are just something you really need to sleep on to truly appreciate the need to spend so much on your next cotton sheets. Once again they have superior breathability and absorbency rates and they will keep you cooler in summer and the weight and drape will keep you warmer during the colder months.

Cotton and more importantly Egyptian cotton, has always been the staple luxury fabric here in the UK but have you ever considered fabrics like Pima cotton or cotton sateen, or even the latest fabrics which are made with a blend of Bamboo? They all have their special benefits and claim to be the one you should buy but once again thread count plays an essential part as these luxury fabrics all have big thread counts. Bamboo is said to be very good if you have skin conditions, very similar to silk fabrics but at a much more affordable price. We all know how expensive silk can be yet the benefits are well documented, so if you can afford silk go for that first and if you are on a budget the bamboo fitted sheets and pillowcases are a fantastic second option.

High Thread Count Bamboo Sheets

Another question we get asked quite a lot is about washing and ironing, are high thread count sheets easier or harder to look after than standard sheets? Well, in our experience they are just about the same but the higher thread count sheets just last longer as they are better woven and the fibres are much stronger due to extra-long staple fibres. Quality sheets are also sanforised and mercerised, these two processes are not chemicals, they are part of the calendaring process where they crush and singe the fibres to make them smooth, less brittle and ensures that they do not pill. This is why you will find more high thread count sheets have a good quality guarantee with them as the manufacturer knows they will last a long time. Companies such as Belledorm give their Egyptian cotton range a 7 year manufacturers guarantee that is how confident they are in the quality. Simply adhere to the wash care label instructions and you are good to go. Here at we are always more than happy to help, so if you have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help you the best we can!