What cotton should I choose for my new bedlinen?

We are always getting asked this question, what is the best cotton and why is it the best for use in bedlinen?

The most popular cottons are Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton, both are a superior grade and have some of the longest staple fibers found in any cotton. this is essential if you need to weave high thread count fabrics as the extra long fibers offer a more robust and much stronger yarns as there is more material to twist together.

Cotton being an organic product is superior in its absorbency and softness, the better quality the plants the larger the cotton buds become, lush fertile conditions such as the Nile Delta region in Egypt and the lush fertile South American plains are ideal for this crop.

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Quite simply the finest cotton is woven into the highest thread count, lookout for brand names such as Sheridan and Belledorm as they supply some of better quality known luxury cotton bedlinen, names you can trust with over 25 years experience in providing industry leading fabrics and design.

Premium Cotton Duvet Sets
Premium Cotton Duvet Sets

Good quality cotton is also ideal for dying, Sheridan have created some of the finest bedding sets from a base quality of Pima cotton, ranging from 300 thread count to a super soft 400 thread count. Percale fabrics offer the very best in terms of quality and feel, choose anything over 200 thread count to achieve the minimum required percale standard.

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We can also offer a little bit of information on modern bedlinen as we will try to bring you more and more tips in the coming weeks.