Mattress Toppers

We sell an extremely good range of mattress toppers ranging from the anti allergy microfibre versions up to the premium quality 100% Duck Down Toppers. The range is very diverse and creates lots of questions as to ‘which is the right mattress topper for me’ .

The standard mattress toppers are filled with super soft and light fillings wrapped in smooth cotton cases, they provide extra comfort for a tired and sagging mattress or ease the pain of a very hard orthopaedic style mattress. In more recent years technology has moved on and more and more customers now require a little bit more posture control as a good quality mattress topper is still a fraction of the cost of a replacement mattress. This is where the two chamber design comes into its own. The bottom chamber is filled with more compacted type fillings like goose feathers or duck feathers, this base offers a rigid feel and is less likely to sag or dip and follow the contours of the existing mattress and offer a more stable platform. Resting on top of this is the luxury layer, the better quality you use here the more comfortable the topper will be. Filled with 100% Pure down, it is like resting on a soft fluffy cloud and you sink in to the down – heaven! Couple the two together and you have the best of both worlds, complete posture control and a super soft layer to rest your weary body on.

Pure Duck Down Mattress Topper
Mattress Toppers

The most luxurious option we have available is the 100% pure down mattress topper, this is just 3 inches of pure down, not a feather in sight and wrapped up in a super soft cotton case. This topper offers unparalleled levels of comfort as you sink down into it soft layers. This will make even the hardest mattress feel soft and sensuous, this will feel like you are staying in the finest hotels where comfort and relaxation is everything.

We also sell a great range of synthetic mattress toppers just in case natural fillings are not for you, there are several advantages to this type of filling like being excellent for children and those who suffer from allergies and they are extremely light and hard wearing.

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