Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Bedlinen Direct source only the finest Egyptian Cotton Sheets from the very best companies in the UK, Egyptian Cotton is well known for its superior quality and finish. The long staple fibres used can be woven to a much smaller diameter or micron than other cotton yarns. This superior yarn can then be weaved to produce much higher thread count cotton bedding. The higher the thread count the softer, stronger and more absorbent the fabric will be and the more it is washed the softer it will become resulting in a superior bedding product.

300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets
300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Bedding was once the preserve of the very expensive department stores, other the last ten years Internet shopping has brought down the cost to a more affordable level, our ranges start at our stunning 200 Count Egyptian Cotton Percale Bedding range running right through to our most beautiful and opulent luxury1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Bedding, all are made within Egypt and use only the finest materials and workmanship to produce this excellent bedding ranges.

Good quality cotton bedding is well worth the investment as it will last you much longer than less expensive bedding, the yarns are much more durable and robust and stand up to everyday use. Bedding is not just designed to keep you warm and snug but also offers you levels of comfort that will assist with your sleep, the luxurious soft, silky yarns will simply give you the feeling of pure joy and you will just smile yourself to sleep.

Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian Cotton

Look out for several quality assurance factors when buying your bedding:

* Easy Care Finish
* Mercerisation
* Sanforisation
* Thread Count
* Brand or Manufacture
* Guarantee

Simply just going for looks and cost is not a good way of ensuring you get a quality product, UK Brands and manufacturers may seem to cost more and other alternatives but the brands do have their reputation to protect so they tend to engineer products to meet the desired expectation. Sheridan Bedding and Belledorm Bedding are some of the finest ranges you can sleep on, they are sold in  many of the high street retailers such as Debenhams, Harrods and Selfridges to name but a few. Buying online helps you to keep up with the very best bedding without it costing more than it should. look out for our offers as you can receive a genuine discount.

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Bedlinen Direct are proud to introduce our latest range of Egyptian Cotton Sheets, our 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton percale sheets are made entirely in Egypt to the very highest standards. Woven using only the long staple fibers from the world famous Nile Delta area these super soft sateen sheets are the pinnacle of quality and comfort. Pure cotton bedding has and always will be the best linen you can buy, cool crisp and ultra soft fibers that wick away moisture and heat away from the body to leave you feeling refreshed all night long. So when you are looking for new cotton sheets choose the very best as they will last for many years and give you a sleep that only the highest thread count cotton bedding can.

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding
1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Our Egyptian Cotton Sheets are also mercerised and sanforised to ensure that the fabric does not shrink or crease during the washing cycle. On top of these expensive treatments, the cotton fabric is also immersed with an easy care finish which helps the product look amazing with little or no ironing required. The method they use is a closely guarded secret and offers you a bedding product that is unbeatable, so much so our premium quality Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Bedding comes with a full 7 year manufacturers guarantee.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets were once the preserve of the very rich, only coming in white and ivory shades to keep a minimalist yet expensive look, recent manufacturing processes have now reduced the cost in producing high thread count fabrics and are now more affordable than ever. So much so some of our ranges now have many colours in the range and some even have deep dyes that were unheard of only a few years ago. Bedlinen Direct’s best selling range is the 400 thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding, this comes in 7 different colours and has many options such as duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases to choose from. The next best selling range is the sumptuous 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding from Sheridan, this is a much heavier and traditional cotton sheet, using modern techniques and with a traditional finish where as the Belledorm range has the finish and feel of a modern high end quality hotel bedding range.

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Bedding

The traditional methods of farming and cultivating cotton in Egypt is well documented, so we do not need to elaborate here but the rich history does tell a very interesting story and today’s bedding only adds to the mystique and charm. So if you are still in doubt of what to choose give Bedlinen Direct a call on 0845 206 8601 and speak to one of their advisers who will only be too happy to point you in the right direction. They have years of experience and are dedicated to supplying some of the finest bedding you can buy and specialise in high thread count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen. If they cannot answer your question they will find someone who can as they deal direct with the manufacturers both in the UK and Egypt.

Invest well in your sleep as you do spend over a third of your life sleeping. Recent research suggests that good quality bedding and duvets can assist you with a healthy lifestyle as a good night’s sleep helps you work, rest and more importantly, play.

Egyptian Cotton – Bedding and Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Bedding are super soft and extremely comfortable, the long staple fibres of the cotton are essential in making the very high thread count linen we have come to expect. This durable fabric will last for many years. The cotton in Egypt was always thought to be picked by hand and grown only using farmers that have over the generations proven themselves worthy of such a perfect crop. How much of these techniques and traditional methods still exist and are used today is up for debate as much of the cotton Egypt grows does not meet the demand that is reportedly sold. The one thing that made the cotton so soft is that the Egyptian farmers did not use chemicals or pesticides that are used in modern farming, this helps the cotton bud grow naturally so the fibres remain soft as they are not disturbed during the growing season. The only time the cotton was subject to any chemicals was during the dying process where sanforisation and mercerisation techniques are used to help stabilise the yarns and stop them from twisting and shrinking.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

As previously stated not all the reputed Egyptian Cotton comes directly from Egypt, in order to improve the authenticity the government introduced a stamp of approval, look out for this cotton bud seal when buying anything that is deemed to be made in Egypt, it will only have the stamp if it is wholly produced in the country and can be traced back to its exact source. The traditional organic way that the cotton is grown in Egypt makes the process that little bit more expensive than lesser known and overly farmed cotton varieties but you can be rest assured it is well worth it as the strong and extremely robust yarns can be woven to produced delicate, soft and absorbent bedlinen and duvet covers. The Nile Delta region of Egypt plays a very important part in the growing process and the lush fertile soil that is soaked in the water from the Nile every season creates a climate that cannot be reproduced anywhere in the world.

Bedlinen Direct have been selling the best range of Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvet Covers you will find anywhere. The main source of their genuine Egyptian Cotton Bedding is from Belledorm.

Egyptian Cotton Satin Striped Bedding

They have been producing luxury bedlinen for over 25 years and they were one of the founding companies to introduce the Egyptian Government Seal of Approval onto their Egyptian Cotton bedding ranges. Initially they started off with the basic 200 thread count range, then onto a more luxurious and opulent 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding range. This was the main focus for the company until their UK customers switched on to the idea of higher thread count bedding and the door was opened to introduce their best selling 1000 Thread Count Percale bedding.

With regards to other bedding varieties, Pima cotton is widely used in the United States of America as their choice of premium luxury sheets while the Europeans tend to hail Egyptian Cotton as the premium luxury bedding choice. Egyptian Cotton did come first although this was originally introduced from Ethiopia and developed over time using traditional methods and farming practises into the super sized cotton it is today. Grown from the lush fertile banks of the Nile Delta region this expertly developed, picked and woven fabric is a high grade product. This type of cotton was then taken to the states and introduced in the early 1900’s, much like its sister plant this has now been transformed into a world class cotton product.

450 Count Pima Cotton Percale Bedding

Most Pima and Egyptian Cotton fabrics have a minimum weave standard. Percale is a term that is often mistaken as a blend of cotton and polyester. This is incorrect. Percale refers to the technical weave, not the content. Percale is a closely woven, high-thread count resulting in a luxurious silky feel. The combination of a superior fabric and a percale weave creates a luxurious product.
Although Egyptian cotton is ranked to be highest in the world, not all Egyptian cotton is the same. It can vary in grades, fibre lengths, ply (the number of threads twisted together) and its weave. Be aware that quality can also differ greatly with manufacturers. To ensure you are buying high-quality linens look for: high-quality Egyptian cotton, or high-quality Pima cotton, minimum 300-thread count, percale weave, two-ply thread. We only use the finest cotton fabrics in our bedding ranges, Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton is widely known as being the finest bedlinens in the world. They offer unparalleled levels of comfort, keeping you cool in summer and equally as warm during the colder winter months.

Some tips to look out for when buying you new Egyptian Cotton Duvets and Sheets, cotton from Egypt is normally reserved for the higher thread counts due to its strength and resilience, second to none for its superior quality and comfort. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the thread count the better and softer the bedding will be, this is true with the better branded cotton bedlinen.

Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Duvet Sets

All thread counts that are higher than 200 threads per square inch qualify for the Percale label, this is an industry lead term that indicates a minimum level of weaving and manufacturing standards. There any many imitations of Egyptian Cotton made in other countries throughout the world which are cheaper to buy but you can be rest assured of one thing, you get what you pay for every time.

Bedlinen Direct have been striving for many years to produce quality and comfortable bedding, using only the finest and genuine Egyptian Cotton in our bedlinen ranges. A long lasting and luxurious linen which is super soft, cool and crisp to the touch feels amazing to sleep on, this is the main reason high thread count cotton is becoming more and more popular. There are other deciding and important factors when choosing you next bed linen, mercerisation and sanforisation help control shrinkage and twisting of the higher thread count fabrics, this is a low chemical process that enhances the cottons softness and also gives it that all important sateen finish, this superior and opulent look is more appealing than the standard block colour look.

Egyptian Authentic Seal of Govement Approval

Egyptian Cotton have longer staple fibres than most other available cotton, this helps the fabric become stronger and softer which is essential in creating a luxury bed sheet that will actually last a long time, cheaper alternatives will either shrink, skew in shape or possibly even pill. This is where the fabric bobbles and looks awful and feels very uncomfortable. Good quality high thread count fabrics use very fine yarns in order to create the special bedlinen, some get as high as 1200 threads per square inch, this is where under a microscope you will see the fabric criss cross itself in a weaving process many times over. Some of the fabrics now use two ply yarns as this saves time and expensive when weaving, this is not necessarily a second rate process and the gathering of two very fine yarns and twisting them together makes them twice as strong and more resilient and is less likely to break. The comfort and feel of the fabric is not diminished and the absorbency rate of the cotton is actually the same. If you can choose a single ply yarn this would be best practice but try and keep the thread count down to at least 550 threads per square inch.

To complement our fantastic luxury bed linen ranges we also offer luxury mattress toppers and mattress protectors, utilising the same quality materials and fillings you find in our cotton sheet ranges. Our main source for these excellent products is from Euroquilt the leading UK based filled product manufacturer. We also offer other great bedroom accessories such as ready-made curtains, easy fit valances, bedspreads and blankets.