Duvet Sets and Quilt Covers

Duvet and Quilt Covers are excellent at keeping your duvet or quilt in pristine condition. Modern fillings are not very easy to clean so protecting your duvet is essential so that it is kept clean and free to keep you warm. Duvet covers are basically two large pieces of material, usually polycotton or cotton or more luxury duvet covers are made from either Pima Cotton or Egyptian Cotton. Sewn together to create a large bag that is closed at the bottom using either buttons or more recently plastic poppers, this keeps the duvet or quilt snug in place.

The main advantages of this simpler yet effective design is that the duvet cover can be replaced very easily, this is essential if you want to wash and iron your bedding keeping it fresh, there is nothing better than the feeling of freshly washed sheets after a nice long bath. Traditionally the duvet cover was meant as a way of protecting the duvet inside but more recently designs have produced stunning quilt covers that make a focal point in your bedroom and embroideries and printing is now the norm when choosing the latest trend in bedding. Cheaper duvet and quilt covers are now sold as duvet sets, these contain matching pillowcases in the same designs and colour as the main body of the quilt covers, this matching design looks superb and gives that added touch of luxury. More expensive and contemporary designs offer the duvet cover separately so you can accessorise your bed with different styles of pillowcases such as the oxford pillowcase and the European Square pillowslip.

Sheridan Duvet Covers
Sheridan Duvet Covers

The main drawback of the duvet cover is putting on the duvet correctly and with the minimum amount of fuss, smaller sizes offer less resistance but the larger sizes sometimes require the effort of two people. Some manufacturers such as Belledorm have gone to great lengths to try and alleviate this issue by introducing small hand holes at the top of the duvet cover so you can drag the duvet to the very top and place it in the corners for a tight fit, a great idea that is catching on. Alternatively the traditional way to dress the bed is to turn the duvet cover inside out and grab the ends of the duvet and pull it through and allow the cover to fall over and down, you can the shake the quilt and cover together to make sure it settles into the corners. Don’t forget to close it up using the buttons or poppers to ensure it does not pop out again.

As the duvet and quilt covers are large pieces of material, washing and drying them within the same day can be a bit of a pain so it is best to have several spares available just in case as any foreign matter is very hard to remove from the filled duvet and pillows. This is also a great way of having a different bedroom look and style every time you change your bedding. Lots of different types of bedlinen has been produced over the years such as bedspreads and comforters but nothing can really replace the humble duvet cover for its sense of style and convenience, the ease of use and cleanliness is second to none.

Bedlinen Direct have been selling a great range of duvet covers and quilt cover sets from leading UK manufacturers such as Sheridan, Belledorm and more recently Dreams and Drapes who have a fantastic range of luxury printed and embroidered duvet sets and readymade curtains. Our best selling range is our stunning Egyptian cotton duvet covers which are all made to exacting hotel quality standards. So go on, treat yourself to something special.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Easy Fit Valances

If you have ever tried to move your mattress to replace your base valance you know what I am talking about, if you have any mattress size that is bigger than the small double 4FT size then you may struggle to lift it in and out of place every time to remove the valance to wash it. Once it is laundered trying to put it back on again without it ruffling up and skewing out of place can be the stuff of nightmares, this process can be very time consuming and equally as frustrating.

Well the answer could be close at hand, Belledorm have produced a superb range of premium luxury easy fit valances and as the name suggests they are just that – easy fit! Instead of the traditional valance that requires the whole mattress removing and a large piece of bedlinen fabric placing over the base of your bed, the Easy Fit range of valances require you just to lift the edge of the mattress. The trick to this process lies in the Velcro strips which come included in every pack, they are stuck to the top of the base using the sticky backing at approximately 12 inch intervals and the top of the valance there is a special type of material that only attaches itself to the strips. Once in place, the mattress can be put back down and the valance looks like an ordinary valance and is quite secure and looks just as good as the old valances.

Box Pleat Easy Fit Valances
Box Pleat Easy Fit Valances

Belledorms range includes a luxury Damask, Box Pleat, Knife Pleat, Frilled and a delicate Broderie Anglaise design. Each of the designs has two colours you can choose from so you are sure to see a style that will suit your bedroom. So don’t struggle anymore or put off that all important washing of your bedlinen, try an easy fit valance and make bedtimes more enjoyable once again.