Sheridan Hotel Quality Bedding

Sheridan Vanilla Luxury Cotton Bed Linen
Sheridan Vanilla Luxury Cotton Bed Linen

For years the hotel and hospitality market has been the main driving force in producing high quality luxury bedding for their loyal customers.

Hotels charge a premium for their services and their patrons expect the very best quality including the beds they sleep in.

Luxury bed linen has been at the heart of each successful visit with customers remarking on how comfortable their bed linen was and asked if they could purchase some for their own homes.

Sheridan have been supplying luxury cotton bed linen to both the hospitality arena and private consumers for over 25 years, seeing that there was demand for quality and luxury they developed a superb 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bedding range.

No breaking, no pilling

Using the very best long staple cotton yarns from around the world, they blended them together to create a very strong and immensely reliable linen that can be washed and dried frequently without breaking or pilling.

This premium quality bed linen was just what the hotels required to ensure that they got value for money on such a high investment and their customers received that all important “wow” factor when they stayed the night.

The demands of hotel bed linen

Sheridan White Luxury Bed Linen
Sheridan White Luxury Bed Linen

Hotel bed linen has to stand up to more vigorous test procedures than standard domestic bed linen.

Longevity and comfort are high on the list and the Sheridan Cotton Bedding ranges will not disappoint, complete with an easy care finish to ensure only a little amount of ironing and pressing are required.

Every size has been catered for including extra large flat sheets and extra deep fitted sheets, super king pillowcases and plain cotton duvet covers are all available.

The plain colours of white and ivory give the bed linen that contemporary and minimalist hotel look which can be very easily jazzed up with a bed runner, filled cushion or bedspread.

If you have not yet tried Sheridan hotel quality luxury bed linen yet, take the plunge as it is well worth it.

Sheridan Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Towels
Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Towels

We all know the benefits of a good quality towel, getting out of the shower and reaching for your favourite bath sheet is all part of the experience. A towel that can dry you without being abrasive is hard to find, we all want the best we can afford but longevity is now more important than ever. Until recently Egyptian Cotton was primarily used in just bedding but as the cotton is super soft and very absorbent it has been introduced in many luxury branded towels.

Sheridan have been producing high quality home furnishings for over 25 years, their luxury range of Egyptian cotton towels have softer yarns for extra comfort, plus a high plush pile for instant absorbency. The more you wash them the softer they become, over time they age beautifully and we will give you years of lasting use and quality. Good quality towels are weighted in grams per square metre, the higher the grams the better the towel. Sheridan has weighed in at a massive 650 GSM, pure luxury and quality guaranteed.

Egyptian Cotton Towels
Egyptian Cotton Towels

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Towel collection enhance the senses, with their softness and plush combed ring-spun Egyptian cotton yarns. Ring spun towels are very durable and extremely robust and can withstand repeated washing and drying without harming the fabric, they can be dyed with some fantastic colours and they do not fade unlike cheaper towels. The best way to care for these towels is to wash them gently and line dry them so they bounce back to their original shape and character. Ring spun cotton towels and bedding are constructed from a combination of extra long and long staple yarn. The fibres are tightly twisted together to create a stronger, smoother and finer yarn. Resulting in a more luxurious feel than that of a basic combed cotton yarn.

Please see below for towel sizes and weight:

* Face Towel 33 x 33cm 640gsm Cotton
* Hand Towel 50 x 100cm 640gsm Cotton
* Queen Towel 69 x 140cm 680gsm Cotton
* Bath Sheet 91 x 167cm 680gsm Cotton
* Bath Mat 60 x 90cm 850gsm Cotton

We all know about the benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets but we now hope you will know the benefits of Sheridan Egyptian cotton towels. Remember they are super soft, extremely durable and will last for many years to come.

DIE ZUDECKE Goose Down Duvets and Pillows

Die Zudecke Goose Down Duvets
Die Zudecke Goose Down Duvets

Die Zudecke have been producing premium quality duvets and pillows in their state of the art production facilities in Germany for many years. They began exporting to the UK in 1998 using the trading name The Surrey Down Company.

Based in Norfolk the company was created with the intention of giving customers in the British Isles a luxury range of continental style natural filled products. Offering a superb range of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers, their customer base is varied, from top end London high street department stores through to independent high street stores and internet stores such as

Die Zudecke Duvets and Pillows offer better levels of quality and craftmanship in their product, every quilt from the basic goose feather and down range up to the top of the range Canadian Snow Goose Duvets and Pillows have several underlying features that are unique in the Die Zudecke range.

All of their natural products are NOMITE certified. This has been issued by the EDFA and means that the fabric is so tightly woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric, making them suitable for sufferers of house dust mite allergies.

All of the products they sell have been tested according to the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 standard. This gives you the assurance that there are no harmful chemicals or substances in the duvets and pillows. Class 1 certification is suitable for babies and children.

This certificate ensures that their down and feather production process conforms to EN standards and that they have been processed in an ecological and hygienic manner.

Two of the best selling duvet and pillow ranges from Die Zudecke are the 100% Pure Goose Down products:

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets
High quality Hungarian goose down filling (90%), along with a 280 thread count cotton cover cambric make this an excellent value for money, high end product.

Canadian Snow Goose Duvets
The filling is Canadian Snow goose (100%), and the cotton cover has a 310 thread count. This is our top of the range and most popular Die Zudecke product.

The Die Zudecke duvets and pillows are all machine washable at 40⁰C.