Summer Duvets

Luxury DuvetsIs now really the time to change your duvets, February is nearly over and the question on our minds is, is summer nearly here? The last few weeks have been mixed to say the least, one minute is it warm and you are glad that you got out your light summer weight duvet and the next it is raining and feeling a little too cold in the middle of the night, but is now a good time to buy an All Seasons Duvet where you can benefit all year round from the different combinations or is that too much hassle?

We are now finding that most duvet users opt for a good quality natural goose down duvet with a middle of the range tog rating such as a 9 TOG or 10.5 TOG as the better the down the better it is a keeping the body’s temperature correct. Look out for FILL POWER Ratings, the higher the better as this will give you a good idea of how good the duvet will be at keeping you warm and snug and equally as important – cooler!

This is where the ALL SEASONS Duvet comes into its own, offering two duvets of differing tog ratings which can be used separately or together to give you the right amount of coverage depending on the differing temperatures. As you will agree there are no such certainties when trying to predict the great British weather.

We would also recommend the use of a premium pure Goose Down Duvet as this will give you years of lasting use and quality, light and extremely comfortable whatever the weather.

One of the best value for money options you can buy are the feather and down duvets choosing from either goose down or duck down. Both are natural fillings and offer good levels of warmth and comfort but are not as light as the pure down duvets.

One of the questions is whether to choose from a goose down or duck down filling, what are the differences and why is there a big price difference?

Well, there are several factors here, mainly duck down is more readily available than goose down and the feathers and down are more oily on the duck than on the goose which gives the goose-down a much higher fill power rating, as duck down is much harder to clean and remove unwanted grease spots.

Goose Down is much whiter in appearance and both downs will give you a good level of warmth and are light enough to release trapped warm air allowing you to cool down in the warmer months. Once again FILL POWER is one of the most important factors when choosing the right down.

Deep Dye Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Bedding
Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Bedding

How hard is it to find good quality Egyptian cotton sheets in those sumptuous deep dye colours?

The main luxury bedding suppliers make bed linen in plain pastel shades but do not offer anything beyond this.

The vast majority of cotton bedding sold in the UK is mainly white and ivory, pastel colours are much easier and cheaper to dye as the process involves less work to dye the raw fabric.

A deep dye shade such as Navy or Poppy Red requires several baths in order to get the dye to the correct consistency.

This extra time unfortunately increases the overall cost of the sheets and as they are not in demand like the pastel shades they are not often commercially viable.

Which brands to trust?

At Bedlinen Direct we have been striving for many years to find a good reliable supplier of luxury Egyptian Cotton bedding, using manufacturers such as Sheridan , Belledorm and Peter Reed we feel that we have achieved this aim.

Sheridan Bedding has always been at the forefront of design and quality and the recent introduction of their 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen has completed our luxury bedding collection.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen
Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Using deep dye sheets as the main colour options, they have produced some of the very best shades for you to choose from, staple options such as Coal, Navy, Red, Sand and Stone.

Fashionable bedding on a luxury Egyptian Cotton Fabric, there is now no need to compromise on the fabric when choosing your next luxury bedding.

Deep dye and designer printed bed linen was once only manufactured on polycotton fabrics due to cost and also the fact that polyester is superior to cotton when it comes to dying as the fabric takes deeper colours more effectively and requires less time in the dye baths.

Egyptian cotton versus polycotton

There is no comparison in quality and comfort between Egyptian cotton and polycotton, cotton is softer, more absorbent and feels wonderful to the touch whereas polycotton is more robust but feels slighter harsher to the touch.

So if you are looking for premium quality bedding with a touch of class have a look at our improved luxury sheet ranges from Sheridan.

Summer Weight Siberian Goose Down Duvets

European and North American goose down is generally considered to be of superior quality, mostly due to the harvesting, sorting, quality standards and sanitizing procedures which are very highly regulated compared to the relatively unregulated practices in China.

Manufactured in the United kingdom to the highest standards, our pure down duvets and pillows will give a lifetime of comfort and lasting quality. Siberian Down is known for its superior quality giving you unparalleled levels of warmth, softness and loft. The quality of pure down sourced by our manufacturer is aimed only at the very top hotels worldwide, with a high fill power rating of 815, you can be reassured you are getting exactly what you pay for.

As summer draws nearer we are now offering you a selection of light weight summer weight duvets, starting at the light weight 2.4 TOG ranging up to 7 TOG for those of us who still prefer to have that snug feeling no matter what the weather is like outside. The duvets are generously filled with luxurious 100% Siberian Down encased in a fantastic 300 Thread Count cover. This breathable mite proof cover is extremely strong and robust and is engineered with cassette construction and internal baffle walls.

The attention to detail and final stitching is second to none, manufacturing to the same exacting standards as you will find in the top hotels throughout Europe and America.

Filled with pure White Siberian Goose down, these duvets give maximum warmth with minimum weight combined with unrivaled softness and comfort. This natural filling absorbs and transports body moisture, so you will feel warm and comfortable in winter, light and cool in summer. Naturally breathable, Natural softness, Machine Washable and can be tumble dried