Cotton Bedspreads

Cotton bedspreads are superb, soft and extremely comfortable but they do come in a variety of different styles and fillings. Bedlinen Direct sell a good selection of quilted bedspreads, filled comforter sets and blankets for you to choose from. Instead of just selecting a plain or embellished duvet cover and filled duvet combination, a good quality bed cover can create a lively and more exciting place to spend time and more importantly sleep. One of the main reasons people prefer a bedspread is that it offers a more traditional look to contemporary duvet sets, the older style cottage look lends itself to the cotton quilted bed cover. Take a look below at the different styles we offer:

Cotton Quilted Bedspreads

Cotton Quilted Bedspreads
Our stunning range includes a Toile De Jouy printed and scalloped cotton filled bed cover. This timeless classic is available in two stunning colour options and comes complete with the whole bedding range. We also sell 5 cottage style classic patchwork quilted bedspreads, filled with sumptuous cotton and stitched with exquisite detail to give you that old country style look. A superb alternative to blankets and duvets, the filling is very light and is good for spring, summer and autumn use. The craftsmanship involved in the patchwork is excellent, reinforced stitching ensures a quality item that will last for many years to come. The square design has been measured so that all the bedding sizes look good on the bed. We currently have them available in single, double and king sizes. All of our cotton bedspreads are fully reversible to offer an alternative but co–ordinating design so they will blend in nicely with your current bedding or any other accessories that you may have in your bedroom. Some of our more popular designs also include readymade curtains and matching cotton towels.

Luxury Comforter Sets

Comforter Sets
Comforters were first developed in America. They are in essence a duvet and cover in one, filled with polyester wadding to give a luxury and comfortable feel. The comforters on offer from Bedlinen Direct are manufactured using a strong heavy weight woven jacquard and soft chenille mix to give an opulent and stylish design. Annabelle and Anastasia are two of the most popular ranges and come complete with the boudoir ensemble including curtains, valances and matching pillow shams. These comforters are ideal for both winter and summer use as the filling is both light and allows warm air to rise through the filling which helps regulate body temperature while you sleep. Comforter sets also have filled pillows and neck rolls to give that traditional hotel style of opulence, a real treat for those who like a sense of occasion.

Egyptian Cotton Waffle Blankets

Blankets are good for all occasions whether it be a picnic, travel throw, guest bed room or just to lie about on the sofa. We stock good quality hotel night blankets which are super soft and extremely robust. Ideal for children as the fabric is hypo allergenic and kind to the skin. Our most popular blankets are made from Egyptian cotton, available in four colours they are just as good at accessorising your bed as keeping you warm at night. Some of our customers have also used them as a throw over for the sofa or chair. To complete the range, our cellular blankets are extremely light and airy, they offer good levels of warmth as the cells trap warm air giving good insulation levels, ideal for use in the car or any journey you may wish to take.

How To Wash Cotton Sheets

White Cotton Sheets

This is a good question and one that is always getting asked, how do you wash white cotton sheets? When you take out you new cotton sheets from the packet they feel amazing soft and silky and you just cannot wait to try them out. The second time you use them they will have just been washed and ironed, can you think of anything that feels as good as slipping between those freshly laundered bed sheets? Cotton is a resilient and unique natural fabric, it lends itself to being made into some of the finest bedding you can buy, with this premium price tag you really do want to make sure it lasts and taking good care of your linen is essential.

Modern high thread linen has been treated and refined in such a way that you do not need to use bleach or really hot water temperatures in order to keep the sheets looking white, optical brighter in most modern washing powders tend to make the sheets whiter but they can also strip of the dye. In deep dye colours this is more apparent and a greying process can occur if you use a cheap brand of detergent. Cotton is very absorbent and just wants to soak up as much moisture as possible, this is great in summer as the fabric helps your body maintain a healthy temperature all night long but can be troublesome when it absorbs large amount of caustic chemicals as this process can make the natural fabric deteriorate prematurely. This aging process can happen in a very short period of time and only makes the bedding feel and look awful, so take your time when you wash your sheets, try and follow the same set procedure every time. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended wash care labels and the sheets should last you for many years to come.

Peter Reed White Cotton Bedding

Drying cotton sheets also has an effect on the overall look of the bedding, the last thing you want is creased bed sheets that look like you have not even bothered to dress the bed properly. Tumble driers are the main cause of improperly laundered sheets, they dry the cotton out too much and cause the fibres to shrink. They are great for towels where you want the fluffy fibres to bunch up making them soft again but in your linen this only causes large amounts of creasing which is a nightmare to iron out. The best way to tumble sheets is to remove them from the drier while they are still slightly damp and lay them out on the bed and the vast majority of the creases will just fall out leaving you with a fabric that is more manageable and much easier to iron. For best results line drying is superb, not only do the sheets smell fresh and crisp but they also leave some moisture in the linen. This process is preferred over all other methods as this is a natural wicking process that is tried and tested.

So now you know how to wash the sheets that are soiled with general use, what about stains and those hard to remove spillages that sometime occur after a Sunday morning breakfast in bed. Look out for a quality stain remover such as Oxy Gel or Vanish Stain Remover, these are tried and tested and give great results if used within a certain time frame, quicker the better for optimum results. Heavy soiled bedding or cotton sheets that have been subjected to bed wetting or tea and coffee spillages may also need to be pre-soaked, once again use mild detergents and do not use a heavy industrial machine as the mechanical action used in high street or commercial laundries can be too harsh and fast.

So to recap:

* Use a good quality brand of detergent
* Read the wash care label
* Pre-soak if necessary
* Add stain remover to affected area
* Use a low temperature setting

The Perfect Bedding

How hard can it be you may ask, shopping for the perfect luxury bedding cannot be that hard? Just have a look at all the shopping sites on the internet and you are spoilt for choice, well that is where it is getting too complicated. Unless you are after a certain brand of luxury bed linen or a particular design that you have seen in a high street store you will just be searching and searching until something catches your eye. If you are just after plain white cotton bedding then every store will be able to offer fitted sheets and duvet covers that meet your general criteria. There are certain factors that can skew your selection such as price, not everyone can afford to splash out, so being savvy on the internet shopping sites can be very fruitful and save you a small fortune.

Designer Duvet Sets

It always good to narrow down your search before you decide to take the plunge, what type of fabric do you want, polycotton or cotton? Polyester and cotton blends are man-made and offer good levels of wear and tear and generally do not need to be ironed as much as a natural fibre such as pure linen or cotton, but the latter two are much softer and luxurious to sleep on.

Some bedding sets can differ vastly in cost, this could be due to the fabric being better than others or just the fact that some bedding sets offer matching pillowcases, fitted sheets and base valances. These combo sets or duvet sets really are a good way of saving some money. Designer duvet and quilt cover sets from Sheridan and Peter Reed offer their Egyptian cotton ranges as separates, they are often more expensive but you can accessorise with as many options as you like whereas some bed sets from Belledorm and Nimbus only offer duvet covers and matching pillowcases in sets and this limits the overall look that you can achieve. Take some time and effort to research the look that you are trying to achieve, if you just want to brighten up your bedroom and are not too fussed with creating the perfect boudoir then curtains and duvet sets from Dreams and Drapes may be the best and cheapest bed linen alternative to the other designer bedding brands that are available. Once you have made your mind up you will be in a much better position to choose the perfect bedding set. There are many styles and options for you to choose from but you will have narrowed down the offering and you will be able to focus properly without getting carried away with the huge choice that you will come across.

Choosing the right company to buy your bedding from is also vastly important. Many companies offer branded bedding but they are not all the same, if it sounds too good to be true then it normally is. Give them a ring to see if they can offer you some good advice, if they know their stuff they should be able to answer your questions with relative ease, if not they should know a member of staff that does and they can ring you back within the hour to discuss your requirements in more detail. Good quality bedding is not cheap, so you want to know that you have spent wisely. Once you have found a good source for your luxury bed linen, stick with them and they will reward you with good deals for being a loyal and trusted customer. This relationship is both good for the company and more importantly your peace of mind that they will look after you.

Once you have covered all the basics, colour, quality, fabric, brand and a trusted company you can then venture out of the bedroom and do all the other rooms in your house such as the kids rooms, spare or guest room, bathroom for some new cotton towels or just to restock the linen cupboard if anyone might make an impromptu overnight stay. Good quality bedding is a way of life, sleep is just as important as good quality food and exercise and plays its part in a healthy lifestyle so don’t just overlook it, invest wisely and you will reap the benefits and rewards, work, rest and play.