Extra Long Fitted Sheets

90cm x 200cm Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheets

We are increasingly getting asked for more and more 90cm x 200cm and 75cm x 200cm fitted sheets and mattress protectors.

I’m sure that’s because more and more bed manufacturers are producing extra long single beds.

These European sized mattresses are an extra 10cm longer than standard and single bunk sized mattresses that are manufactured in the UK.

The beds are sometimes electric where the user can operate the folding part of bed, great for night time reading or just for people who can suffer from backache or a decrease in mobility.

Often the 90cm x 200cm mattress is part of the much larger super king size bed where the mattresses are split in two, offering an orthopaedic mattress with standard versions to suit the two bed users.

These beds can be very expensive, both the 75cm x 200cm and the 90cm x 200cm options come in the extra length so getting good quality sheets and mattress protectors for them can be very hard to come by so we have developed a range of different styles and fabrics for you to choose from.

Jersey Cotton

One solution is our Jersey Cotton sheets which are fully elastic all the way round, they are supersoft and very robust.

Jersey cotton is very supple and can stretch and regain its shape without damaging the fabric. This type of fitted sheet is excellent for use on the electrically operated and folding style beds.

The fabric moves with the mechanism and stretches to suit the shape of the body, once the bed is lay flat the sheets just go back to their original shape and the elastic sides stop the fabric from coming of the mattresses.

These are a must if you have bought this type of bed and will give you many years of lasting use, fully machine washable with a full 5 years manufacturers guarantee.

Super king split beds and luxury

90cm x 200cm and 75cm x 200cm Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

If you have the super king split mattresses and you are looking for our superior range of Egyptian cotton sheets with the excellent 400 thread count.

Available in white and ivory with either a 12” fitted box depth or the extra deep fitted sheets with a generous 15” fitted box depth.

Made entirely in Egypt using extra long staple single ply yarns for increased strength and comfort.

Super soft and silky with a soft sateen finish, these sheets are the very best you can buy, the manufacturer is so confident of the quality that they give them a 7 year guarantee.

The quality is as you would expect from the finest hotels, mercerised and sanforised with an easy care finishing ensures that the sheets look as good as new after every wash and require the least amount of ironing of any good quality cotton sheet.

Specialist sheets and mattress protectors

Coolmax Fitted Sheets and Mattress Protectors

To complete the range we have some very special sheets and mattress protectors to fit the 75cm x 200cm and 90cm x 200cm beds.

Our Coolmax bedding range offers the user relief from night sweats and hot flushes during the night.

When it comes to wicking moisture away from the body, Coolmax is up to 5 times more effective than any other natural fabric such as cotton or silk.

Manufactured by Dupont this special fabric is soft and silky to the touch and feels superb to sleep on.

This will help keep you dry during the night and allow your body to cool down naturally while you sleep allowing you to get a good night’s sleep even in the hottest of summer nights.

The fitted sheets and mattress protectors are ideal for use with memory foam mattresses as they can also provide relief if the foam makes you hot.

They provide a complete barrier and substantially reduce heat levels allowing you to rest easily.

Made to order flexibility

The Coolmax fitted sheets are made to order so any size and box depth can be manufactured within 7 days so if you have another mattress that you are finding hard to cover please let us quote you.

We have tried to cover all the styles and fabric qualities with our European sized single long fitted sheets and mattress protectors, we sell lots of them and we hope you will give them a try yourself.

Non Iron Bedding

200 Thread Count Non Iron Percale Bedding

We always hear the benefits of cotton bed linen and non iron bedding and how good they are to sleep on, soft and comfortable.

With today’s hectic lifestyles it is hard to find the time to make the bedding look as good as the day you took it out of the packet and washing can crease your sheets and duvet covers making them unsightly.

Ironing is very time consuming and its probably on your top ten worst things to do list. Apparantly 50% of us don’t like doing it!

Not only are fitted sheets the worst of the lot they are also very difficult to lay straight on the ironing board. Tumble driers are the biggest culprit when it comes to creased bedding, the heat build up dries out the cotton so much the fabric shrinks and creates the unsightly creases.

Dry right, iron less!

It is best to line dry the bedding but if you do not have the space or it is wet and cold outside what can you do?

For best results remove the bedding while it is still slightly damp and put the sheets straight onto the bed, they will dry out in approximately 10 minutes leaving them without the majority of the creasing issues, obviously a quick press with the iron would make them pristine. Keep the drier on the lowest setting, heat and cotton do not go to well together.

Polycotton sheets

Easy Care Polycotton Sheets

So if you do not want to mess about with ironing or taking them out of the drier at a specific time, what is the answer?

Polycotton sheets are inherently easy care, polyester does not crease and looks as good as the day you take it out of the packet.

Polycotton Percale sheets are nowhere as nice as cotton sheets so many manufactures blend them with cotton to produce a comfortable and hard wearing bed linen range.

The 50% Cotton and the 50% Polyester is then treated with a special easy care finish that makes the fabric resistant to creasing and shrinkage, cheaper polycotton sheets are immersed in silicone, this makes them very soft for the first few washes but this type of treatment is easily washed away.

Cheap polycotton sheets are very coarse and not very comfortable once the treatment is washed away the resulting bedding is rough and not very good for anything at all.

Good quality non iron polycotton bedding, like the range we stock, will have some form of guarantee on them so you can be rest assured that they will be as good as they can be for many years to come.

Non iron sheets

True non iron sheets are baked in a resin coating’ this is virtually impossible to remove with a normal household washing machine and the sheets will not need any ironing as long as you do not dry them out in a tumble drier very much the same as the luxury cotton sheets.

Polycotton Bedding Colours

For the best results, wash the sheets on an eco-friendly cycle and take them out of the dryer whilst still damp and just run the iron over – easy!

Or let them line dry and just watch the creases fall out – even easier! The special blend of super soft cotton and a high grade polyester ensures that you get high levels of comfort with a robust and very strong fabric that will last for many years no matter what life has to offer and with children this can sometimes be a demanding environment.

Both our ranges include a great selection including emperor size sheets and 4FT fitted sheets and boasts one of the largest selections of colours you will find anywhere else.

You can choose from fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, oxford pillowcases, square pillowcases, base valances and fitted valance sheets.

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Sheridan Designer Bedlinen Collection

Sheridan Luxury Bed Linen

Sheridan create some of the best luxury bed linen collections. Having just come to the end of the awesome spring/summer collection, we are now looking forward to the autumn/winter collection. With a stunning assortment of designer duvet covers, pillowcases and cotton sheets to choose from, we are sure you will find a style to suit your bedding requirements.

Sheridan are masters at creating stylish and unique designs, combining the best in fashion with the very best in design to give you that perfect look in the bedroom. The colder months are only weeks away so getting it right is essential and we want to spend the darker nights in something delicious and more importantly, comfortable. Warmer shades of gold, cream, beige and stunning hues of red inject the room with rich warm feelings. Choose from sensuous pure silk or opt for a more classic damask or dream away in soft, cool crisp supima cotton sateen sheets. A bold statement of intricate hand drawn patterns and paintings are at the centre of the collection, working together, the designers at Sheridan have surpassed themselves once again with their complete works of art.

Sheridan Luxury Quilt Covers

As with all of Sheridan bedding collections, quality and craftsmanship are foremost and they only use the finest materials and manufacture them in mills that they have used for over 25 years. You get a sense of satisfaction every time you slip between the sheets as you know that the luxury bed linen has been created with longevity and customer excellence in mind. With an exciting new range for the adults to choose from, Sheridan has also created two new bedding sets for children, using the same quality materials and woven to extremely high thread counts, that will give your children a sense of complete joy. All of the ranges include matching accessories, pillowcases and some also come with ready-made curtains and bedspreads to complete the boudoir look. Bedlinen Direct now have the complete collection for you to browse, also they have a 20% Sale on with free delivery over £100.00, so don’t delay get yours now while stocks last. Also if you want some towels, they also sell a sumptuous range of pure Egyptian cotton towels that are currently on offer at half price, yes 50% off.