Mulberry Silk Bedding

If you have not tried Mulberry silk bedding before you will be amazed at how light and luxurious your sheets will be.

Silk sheets and duvet covers just wrap themselves around you giving that air of quality and opulence. 100% Mulberry silk bed linen is hand crafted using the finest natural strands and is totally organic and environmentally sustainable.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and is well known to repel dust mites, kind to the skin and helps keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter months.

Arthritis and rheumatism

The Chinese believe that silk can aid arthritis and rheumatism, this is not fully substantiated but this belief has been firmly held for many centuries.

Another good point to note with pure Mulberry silk bed linen is that the fabric has not been bleached and is sold in its natural state which is an off white pastel shade.

No harmful chemicals or sprays are used in the whole manufacturing process so you can be rest assured that the fabric that touches your skin and face is 100% natural and will not harm you in any way or cause any reactions or skin complaints.

Mulberry Silk Sheets

Our silk bedding is made by Silkwood and they have been producing high quality luxury bed linen for many years and have built up a reputation for quality and manufacturing excellence.

They are fully compliant with all aspects on environmental policies and only import goods from factories that have ethical and environmental policies in place.

The silk is sand washed which produces a smoother and softer silk yarn, this is a premium method of manufacturing and is only used in the very best silk factories.

The long strands of mulberry are of a superior nature to other silks as the bedding, duvet covers and silk fillings are made from one complete strand of silk, this helps keep consistency and quality to a premium. Silk does not pill so you can be assured of a lasting quality duvet cover or fitted sheet.

Silk bed linen benefits

Silk has some fantastic and unique properties, a few are listed below:

  • Silk bedding is renowned for its breathability, which keeps you “Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer”.
  • Silk also has hypoallergenic (anti-allergy) properties, because dust/house mites, which can cause asthma, blocked sinuses and hay fever-like symptoms, won’t live in silk.
  • Silk Bedding is acknowledged by the Chinese to relieve aches and pains caused by such ailments as arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Silk blankets are lightweight, which is a great for the elderly.
  • Silk is a natural product. It is produced under organic methods and is environmentally sustainable.
  • All Silk products within our range are of the highest quality, giving you complete peace of mind.

Silk care

Mulberry Silk Jacquard Duvet Covers

We recommend Habotai Silk and Silk Jacquard as they can both be machine washed at 30ºC and for pristine results the fabric can also be steam ironed.

The lightness of the silk duvet is amazing, ideal for anyone who has skin complaints that need as little contact with the bedding as possible.

As discussed earlier, silk enhances the possibilities that the Chinese attribute to the silk when worn next to the skin.

Slowing down the signs of aging of the face and keeps hair softer and smoother.

Maybe this is because there is less friction between silk and the face and hair than is the case with other fabrics. Pure Habotai Silk is preferred to satin as it is not as slippery which means that you and the bedding are more likely to stay in the right place.

If you suffer from allergies and you are completely surrounded by silk you are well defended from the dreaded House and Dust Mites as they don’t like silk.

Sheridan UK Bedding Sale

Sheridan UK have now launched their autumn winter bedding sale, some of their best designs from the past year plus over ten new and exciting designs for you to choose from.

Our discounts range from 20% to a massive 50% off the normal selling prices, this is a genuine sale offer not just one that says discounts off the RRPs or recommended retail selling price but the actual selling price that they have been selling for in many of the high street department stores within the UK, this also includes many of the internet discount stores as well.

Sheridan Saskia Blue Cotton Duvet Covers

So bag yourself a bargain today and receive a genuine sales discount off your favourite bedding.

See the range in our shop now.

Sheridan has always produced the finest luxury bed linen and no expense has been spared when creating a new design or sheet set range.

Sometimes these options are out of reach for many buyers so when they offer them with such good discounts they are normally snapped up very quickly as good quality cheap bedding is very hard to come by even when there is a recession.

The forthcoming season starts off with a bang, sumptuous fabrics such as Pima cotton and lush cotton sateen are the base fabric of choice while some of the more opulent jacquard bedding ranges are woven to a massive 400 threads per square inch, with such a specification you can see why Sheridan sheets and duvet covers are considered to be the very best you can buy and with the discounts you can get from Bedlinen Direct today some of the best value for money you can benefit from.

Bed linen and towels

Sheridan 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bedding

The 50% OFF designs include our Sheridan 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bedding and the popular 660 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towels as well as the awesome range of duvet cover sets.

Annuzio Bullion in shimmering shades of gold, Annunzio exudes the luxury of the age of romance.

Sumptuous 300 thread count cotton sateen with a gorgeous jacquard overlay, then there is Millswyn Pima Cotton. Millswyn embodies sophistication in a subtle weave in luxurious 400 thread count Supima®, the world’s finest cotton.

Sheridan Columbus and Saskia

Following on, Sheridan Columbus pure cotton sateen bedding range is elegant and understated, also made from the finest 400 count cotton sateen.

Sheridan Saskia pure cotton duvet covers embrace the classic colours of crisp blue and white and translates it into a truly contemporary design statement while Sheridan Liliana Tulip has been inspired and designed by the artisans in the Sheridan studio.

Sheridan Sheffield Quilt Cover Set in Malt is made from super soft 300 thread count cotton sateen on both the front and reverse of the duvet cover and pillowcases. While the last half price offer is Sheridan Milner Bullion, which draws its inspiration from a formalised floral design, contrasted against a geometric diamond pattern, a truly traditional finish.

Sheridan Millswyn White Pima Cotton Duvet Covers

For a limited time only the other ranges from Sheridan will receive an online discount of 20%, this includes many of their most popular plain dyed Egyptian cotton sheets such as the 1000 thread count hotel quality bed linen and the 600 count luxury bedding ranges.

But if you really want to make the most of your sleeping experience try the 1200 Thread Count Millennia Stripe sheets and duvet covers. A technical marvel and surely the finest bed linen you will ever have the pleasure of sleeping on.

Click here to view the entire designer Sheridan Bedding range, we are sure you will find a design or fabric to suit your bedroom and make your sleep that little bit more restful and enjoyable.

400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Goverment Seal of Approval

What makes 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets so much more desirable and than standard percale sheets?

The densely packed weave makes the fabric so soft and silky they just ooze quality and comfort so much so they are now probably the best selling Egyptian cotton bedding range in the UK.

At 400 threads per square inch they are still light enough to be used all year round whereas a thread count of 800 or 1000 can be quite heavy due to the amount of cotton used to achieve such a densely packed fabric.

Cotton Percale sheets start with a minimum weave standard of 200 count, this bedding is still very soft and gives you years of use.

Egyptian cotton sheets are still better as they use extra long yarns which are more absorbent and will last longer as they continue to get softer and more resilient every time you wash and use them.

Softer and stronger

400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets use the same percale yarns but they are then woven to produce a much better consistency of yarns, stronger and softer to sleep on.

Using only selected grades of cotton from Egypt, the fabric is put through a rigorous quality assurance procedure that identifies any impurities and flaws in the fabric.

They are then eliminated leaving the manufacturer with a superb fabric of which he will manufacture this exceptionally high quality luxury bedding. At Bedlinen Direct we stock many brands of quality cotton sheets and duvet covers, in the 400 thread count bedding we have two stunning options for you to choose from, take a look below for more information:

Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Sheets- 400 Thread Count

Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Sheets

For the last 25 years Belledorm have been importing bedding from Egypt, they use only the very best Mills located in and around the Nile Delta region of Alexandria.

Using their extensive knowledge of cotton the bedding they produce is exceptional and the best value for money you can buy.

They only use single ply yarns which are very soft and strong, they also stock this bedding range in nearly every UK bedlinen size including 4FT fitted sheets and large Emperor size duvet covers and bed sheets.

Available in 6 stunning pastel shades we are sure you will find a colour that will suit your bedroom. So if you want to sample this exceptional and sumptuous bedding and do not want to pay too much for the privilege they try some from Belledorm and you will not be disappointed.

See our Belledorm 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Sheets- 400 Thread Count

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If you have tried the rest and now want to upgrade to the very best, money no object but you will expect no imitations or flaws then order some Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Bedding.

Backed by Royal appointment this company is all about attention to detail.

Craftsmanship is as the heart of everything they do. They do not rush things through, they take their time to ensure that every aspect of your bedding is made to exacting standards, just what you would except from the finest hotels in the world.

The 400 thread count is their signature fabric, they only source the finest cotton from Egypt, nothing but the very best here. The fabric is then brought back to the UK where seamstresses cut and stitch together this beautiful fabric and turn them into works of art.

They start with their two row cord which is based on a cotton percale fabric but their 5 row cord is reserved for the finest 400 count fabric.

If you really do want to treat yourself like royalty get in touch with us today and we will ensure you get the bedding you deserve. We are currently offering a 20% discount on all Peter Reed bedlinen ranges, so you can sample them today, limited offer only.