Emperor Bedding and Emperor Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Emperor Bedding

Do you have an emperor bed? How difficult it is to find good quality sheets and duvet covers?

Some Emperor mattress sizes are classed as 200cm x 200cm and some are even bigger than this measuring 215cm x 215cm, or more commonly known as the 7FT size bed.

This really is one of the biggest sizes you can buy in the UK, such a whopping size is optimum in terms of quality and luxury.

Fitted Sheets, flats sheets and duvet covers made for the emperor bed are also made from the very best materials such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton.

So if you have just treated yourself to this stylish and opulent bed what are your options?

What we offer

Well, very good really, at Bedlinen Direct we have a comprehensive range of mattress toppers, mattress protectors and luxury bed linen ranges for you to choose from.

We stock and make to order bedding from major well known UK brands such as Peter Reed, Sheridan, Belledorm and Euroquilt to name drop just a few of the tempting offers we have for you to select.

Have a good look around as we are sure you will find something to suit your tastes and requirements.

Emperor sheets from Peter Reed

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Emperor Sheets

Starting with our luxury bed linen ranges, Emperor Sheets made from Peter Reed are some of the finest in world, you can choose any thread count with sumptuous two, four and five row cord to make a statement in the bedroom.

They offer both sizes of fitted sheets and will make them to your exact requirements including the box depth of your mattress.

Using the finest Egyptian cotton and manufactured in their UK stitching factory in Lancashire.

They employ the finest seamstresses and use techniques that have been honed for many years dating back to the days of King Cotton.

Belledorm emperor bedding

We also have a fantastic range of Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton emperor bedding from Belledorm, for the last 25 years they have been importing luxury bed linen from Egypt that will surpass your every expectation.

The bedding is made and produced entirely within Egypt to the highest standards. Belledorm are well known for quality but at a price that most people will easily afford.

They are the best option if you have never tried cotton bedding before and you want to sample some luxury without it costing a small fortune.

Sheridan emperor sheets

We also have some limited Emperor fitted sheets and flat sheets from Sheridan, available from the popular 1000 thread count and 600 thread count ranges.

Known for excellent quality and designs these sheets are fantastic and will last for many years to come and buying from a reputable household brand name gives you a few little extra securities as they have a name to protect so you ensure the best quality and comfort you can buy.

Mattress toppers and mattress protectors

Euroquilt Emperor Mattress Topper

Emperor bedding extras such as mattress toppers and mattress protectors are much harder to source, they can be quite expensive but they normally have the best quality fillings and construction.

We have a comprehensive range of both mattress toppers and mattress protectors  from Euroquilt and Comfysoft and our range of protectors come in both pure cotton and anti allergy versions.

As most emperor mattresses have deeper box depths or deep side you will more than likely need the fitted part to be extra deep or at least 15” in depth.

This is also very good if you have a mattress topper as they are generally at least 3 inch deep themselves. If you want a good quality topper to give you some added luxury and comfort try one of our combo toppers or the superdown topper.

This dual chamber topper is filled with pure goose down and will transform any mattress into that hotel quality bed you have been dreaming about.

As we said previously we can make most items to order so if you cannot see your requirements on our website drop us an email to sales@bedlinendirect.co.uk or ring us on 0161 300 7090 and we will be more than happy to give you a bespoke quote without any obligations.

Summer Duvets

Summer Weight-Cotton-Duvet

When is the right time to get out your summer duvets?

The most anticipated warmer weather is officially here but you would be hard pressed to know it.

Most of us are still clinging onto our warmer and much heavier weight winter duvets and it would take some force to get them off us while it is so freezing cold.

Well here is hoping that this cold snap is soon over and we can all enjoy the coming summer months but if you are feeling the heat already then here are a few temping offers from Bedlinen Direct that will help you through the hottest months.

Our sumptuous range of super light weight natural and synthetic summer duvets and pillows will help you get the best night’s sleep without all the fuss of tossing and turning or kicking the duvet off while you sleep.

It is well documented about the benefits of a good night’s sleep and how it can improve our daily lives. All this quality and comfort does not have to be expensive as we will prove to you all with our latest offers.

We would always recommend natural fillings over manmade fibres when it comes to duvets and pillows as they breathe more naturally and allow trapped warm air to pass through the fillings more efficiently and with more ease.

This is essential when selecting a summer weight duvet or a lighter fill pillow. Most duvets come in a tog rating, normally 2.5 tog up to 4.5 tog is the most popular options in the middle of summer but we do have a pure cotton duvet which is filled with cotton fibre and is fully machine washable.

What we have on offer…

Summer Weight Cotton Duvets are sumptuous and extremely lightweight, ideal for a travel duvet or just to replace a night blanket. Made from pure cotton and with a 3.0 tog rating. Premium quality Cotton outer covers and 100% Cotton Filling guarantees to make this duvet NON ALLERGENIC, ideal for children and adults.

Also the Premium duvet has covers that have been upgraded to 250 thread count cotton for that extra special feel and quality.

Canadian and Hungarian Summer Duvets

If you want something more along the lines of a conventional duvet we would recommend goose down or duck down fillings and our superb range of summer duvets include the best quality downs from the Canadian, Hungarian and Siberian regions.

Pure down duvets are preferred over feather and down duvets due to the extra weight you get from feathers, this type of filling is less likely to rise sufficiently which prevents the release of trapped warm air.

Pure down with a good fill power rating of over 600 CBI will be clean and light enough to offer this essential loft and releases the warm air under the duvet when you get hot. 100% pure down is also considered to be mite free and better for allergy suffers as mites can live in the base on the feather shafts if they have not been sterilised properly.

Best summer duvet companies

Choose a reputable duvet made in the UK from companies such as Euroquilt or the Fine Bedding Company and European duvet manufacturers such as Die Zudecke as they will ensure the best quality and that the strict UK and EU guidelines have been adhered to.

They may cost more but you can be assured that you are getting a safe and quality product which is the reason why you choose a pure down duvet in the first place.

Many duvets and pillows produced in the Far East use chemicals that can be harmful, not just to the environment and you cannot be sure that they are farming the down sustainably and humanly.

Choosing a summer duvet

Siberian Summer Goose Down Duvet

One of the most important factors in choosing a good quality summer duvet is the casing, pure cotton cambric which is woven to over 233 thread count is preferred as this is tight enough to stop any leakage of the feathers and the cambric cover is also one the strongest and will last much longer under normally daily use.

The best quality cases have cassette stitching which is doubled up in the corners for added strength and durability, this is essential if you want the duvet to last for 10 years or more.

Why internal baffle is important

Internal baffle walls are essential when using a summer weight duvet as there is less filling in the square cells. If your duvet does not have this engineered into the cells the filling will just go to one side or just fill the corners leaving the middle of cells open and not keeping you warm at all.

Internal baffle walls are like large internet sails that redistribute the filling back into the centre of the square every time you move while sleeping. Squares and channelling are the stitching methods that are used to keep the goose down in place in the duvet.

Channeling refers to parallel rows that are sewn down the length of the duvet. This prevents the down from shifting across to any one side of the duvet.

Blocking is a more expensive option and entails sewing a grid across the whole duvet, trapping the goose down in square cells which ensures an even spread of the down and uniform warmth under the duvet.