Fitted Sheets

Cotton Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets in the UK were once only made in single, double, king and super king.

Often made from cotton or polycotton fabrics, elasticated at the four corners for a snug fit and generally had a box depth of 10 inches to accommodate standard British mattress sizes.

Slowly other sizes have been introduced such as the popular small double or 4FT fitted sheets and the latest option is the 75cm x 200cm and 90cm x 200cm  fitted sheets that are normally used for electric beds.

Some manufactures are now using European sizes to make their beds, anything that is 200cm long is usually sold as a euro style but some of the widths are not standard such as 100cm, 140cm and the Euro king size 160cm x 200cm.

Bed shops sell beds and mattresses onto their customers without giving them a selection of fitted sheets and mattress protectors that are size suitable, often leaving them to pay for made to order sheets that are a considerable cost.

How we can help

Peter Reed Sheets

At Bedlinen Direct we sell a high quality selection of made to order fitted sheets, so any size can be made.

Just let us know the length x width x box depth and we will be more than happy to quote you for as many as you would like or just one to try them out first.

Our premium ranges are made from pure Egyptian cotton and are expertly crafted. You’ll find these in our Peter Reed fitted sheets range and they are some of the finest you will have the pleasure of sleeping on.

They come in 180, 220, 400 and 550 thread counts, all are made to order and take less than 10 days to be delivered.

Coolmax Sheets

One of our more popular ranges and more cost effective are the Coolmax fitted sheets and Coolmax quilted mattress protectors.

Also made in the UK to exacting British standards the fabric made by Dupont results in a specialised fitted sheet that helps keep you cool all year round by wicking away moisture for the body, this helps maintain a healthy night’s sleep.

Once again all sizes including Emperor fitted sheet sizes such as 200cm x 200cm and the large Emperor 215cm x 215cm. Just let us know the actual dimensions and mattress depth and away you go.

Good quality bedlinen at a fraction of the cost of most high street department stores. Buying direct really does make sense and saves you time and money.

We also stock many of the sizes mentioned in this article made from Pima and Egyptian cotton fabrics, so if you cannot see the item you require please do not hesitate to ring us for some advice and general information and we will be more than happy to assist where we can.


We love it when customers take an interest in what they are buying and as many of you have asked to know more about particular brands here is the low down on Sheridan.

Sheridan Designer Bed Linen

It takes a long time to establish yourself as one of the leading luxury bed linen brands, over the least 25 years Sheridan have been producing some of the finest designer bed linen collections in both the UK and Australia.

They use some of the finest fabrics from Europe and the Far East to create sumptuous and elegant bed linens that just ooze style and sophistication.

The designers at Sheridan have total carte blanch to use everything in their vast array of sources to come up with New and innovative bed linen designs to entice you to become another one of their loyal converts who only buy Sheridan.

The science bit

They use lots of different weaves to create subtle yet delicate designs that are bang up to the minute in terms of style colours, some of the more popular weaves are Cotton Sateen fabric which is a durable cotton fabric with a satin weave construction.

This is achieved by the warp thread passing over four weft threads before being interlaced again. Hence, improving the fabric handle and increasing fabric strength by 25% or standard plain weave which they use mainly for their classic plain dye ranges.

(By the way, if you love your history Burda Style has a nice little article called Exploring Vintage Fabric: Cotton Sateen)

Sheridan ranges

Sheridan now have a 300, 600 and 1000 thread count percale plain dye bed linen for you to choose from. Each range includes a selection of pillowcases including the European squares sizes, fitted sheets, flat sheets and duvet covers which all covers the standard UK luxury bed linen and duvet cover size charts.

Using state of the art looms in China and India they manufacture with complete confidence in quality and environmental standards.

Sheridan Luxury Damask Bedlinen

Recently Sheridan have produced more and more heavier weight fabrics such as dobbies and jacquard’s, although both are very different in quality and style they are both technical marvels to produce.

The work that goes in to each and every product is worth the money alone.

Top that up with the expertise from the designers at Sheridan and you have a masterpiece of modern or classic UK style luxury bed linen.

Each season Sheridan come up with a fresh new bed linen concept for each of the four seasons, each builds on the success of the last one and just reinforces the quality of the brand.

Innovation coupled with style and sophistication and ultimately comfort and quality epitomises everything that Sheridan stand for.

What we offer

At Bedlinen Direct we stock the full Sheridan range of bedlinen. As always there’s our Best Price Promise Guarantee making spoiling yourself affordable!

Sheridan Towels

Sheridan Towels

If you are looking for premium quality luxury towels that are super soft and fluffy then have a look at our Sheridan Egyptian cotton towel range.

Currently on offer with a massive 50% OFF while stocks last and with 8 colours to choose from you are sure to find one to suit your bathroom or en-suite.

Good towels can make or break bath times, the feeling of a gorgeous towel draped round you while you get out of the bath is one of life’s little pleasures.

The Egyptian cotton difference

Egyptian cotton is very good for making luxury towels, the cotton is super absorbent and gets softer every time you wash it which is just what you want from your favourite towels.

A good towel has plenty of loft or pile and bounces back when you tumble dry it on a medium until bone dry, this helps to the cotton to bunch up together making them feel plump and fluffy once again.

Why Sheridan Towels?

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Towels

Sheridan towels are made from the best grade of Egyptian cotton, the extra long staple fibres are blended together to create an opulent and rich towel that will last for years and years.

Sheridan also over size their towels to give you that extra bit of comfort and luxury.

Fully machine washable and tumble dry safe you can look after these towels with the minimum amount of effort, totally convenient and at a great price.

They offer the full range for you to choose from including face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and the larger size Bath sheets. Weight is very important when it comes to selecting the correct pile for your new towels, Sheridan have made their luxury towels with a 660gsm or grams per square metre.

This makes them much thicker and softer than standard towels. They even offer you a matching bath mat to ensure that all aspects of your bathroom are taken care of.

So go on, spoil your senses at bath time with these luxury ring spun Sheridan Egyptian cotton towels from one of our favourite bedding brands. Also don’t forget they are now half price!