Benefits of Dacron Comforel and Coolmax

Dacron Comforel

Dacron ComforelPossibly the best synthetic Bed Topper & Duvet fill on the market. Dacron Comforel is a Siliconised ball fibre product which closely matches the feel of finest down as it gathers in soft clusters and gives a lovely cosy feeling to your product.  It is re-fluffable and recovers itself quickly to its original form.

In terms of care, Dacron Comforel has an edge over other fibre products in that it can be washed repeatedly – it may also be known as Superwash in some countries.

The ball shaped fibre ensures clumping is not a problem. Dacron fibres can only be supplied by registered manufacturers who are bound to adhere to strict guidelines governing every aspect of the finished product.

Each Comforel product comes with it’s own individual serial number label which ensures quality control is traceable right through the supply chain.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried. Continue reading Benefits of Dacron Comforel and Coolmax