What About House Dust Mites?

What About House Dust Mites

There has been quite a lot said in recent years about the increase in the dreaded house dust mite.dust-mite

Modern houses are the ideal breeding ground as we like to stay warm and keep out the cold drafts.

Today’s mattresses are so comfortable even the house dust mite doesn’t want to get of bed!

So there they stay, nice and warm and ready to eat dead skin cells that may come their way.

To most of us they do not pose any harm, some say that the dust mites can help increase our immune system, we are not too sure about that one so we will stick to what we know.

house-dust-mite-life-spanIf you suffer from any allergies, dust mites can help increase your symptoms and if you do not do anything about it, your troubles will only get worse.


Recent research shows that different areas of the country are more prone than others, we are not quite sure how they came to this conclusion but the facts speak for themselves.


So what can we do to help reduce this risk?

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