Belledorm – At the Heart Of Lancashire Textiles

The UK has rich history of textiles from the glorious days of King Cotton, from the first spinning looms invented right here in Lancashire. Family businesses started at the turn of the century roared from strength to strength gaining an enviable level of respect and expertise unrivalled throughout Europe.

Like the good old families before them Belledorm has been carrying on the traditions that made Lancashire famous, those of you who have been dealing with Belledorm for a while now realise without doubt that they like to class themselves as a ‘family’ and like every good family, they need a good home!

We would like to welcome you to the impressive home of Belledorm, you will not see a trendy sky scraper or high rise office block but a traditional mill dating back to 1905. This stunning mill has an impressive 240,000 square feet of warehousing space. Three floors of warehousing and picking locations, the offices and 2 showrooms hold almost 3’500 different products and 500,000 units of stock. Just what a growing family needs to develop and succeed in today’s fast paced UK textiles market. Continue reading Belledorm – At the Heart Of Lancashire Textiles