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Luxury Designer Bedding

Buying bedding can take some time, finding the right sizes and colour from the same bedding supplier can be frustrating to say the least.

Here at Bedlinen Direct we pride ourselves in being a luxury bedding specialist and offer one of the largest selections of colour and fitted sheets sizes you will find anywhere else on the internet and especially in your local high street department stores.

We all want some luxury at the right price but sometimes cost is not an issue so selecting the right fabric is crucial.

Most interior designers now start off their base colour with something very neutral and then add that all important splash of colour with accessories such as cushions, bedspreads and even a printed duvet cover set.

Now not all of us can afford to have homes visited by an interior designer and least of all afford to furnish afterwards. So how do we create the perfect haven using the internet?

Splashes of colour

The World’s Finest Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Most suppliers can offer some plain bedding like white, ivory and cream.

These three shades make up for 70% of all bedding sold in the UK as they make a good base to work from and fit into most people’s current decor.

Some specialist suppliers also sell pastel and deep dye shades in luxury Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton bedding ranges.

These specialist bedding suppliers stock a good selection of both sizes and options so you can ensure you have all you need in one online store.

So how many retailers do you know where you can get the complete ensemble? Starting from a valance, then to fitted sheets and duvet covers and what about duvets and pillows or even matching curtains?

The complete range

Well we can help you here, if you cannot find anything on our website give us a call on 0845 2068601 or email us at and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction or give you some free information on the different styles, thread counts and fabrics available in our store and others you may have found whilst browsing the net.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Sets

Our bedrooms should be a place of tranquility, places were we can rest and unwind from the days pressures and forget about work for a while.

A good mattress along with a good set of bedding will help you create this essential ambiance. We are all different, so a good selection is essential.

Another good question is whether it is cheaper to buy bedding and change this more often than say a rug, curtains or even wallpaper.

Well the most important thing about bedding is that you can wash it time and time again and with hygiene reasons alone it is best to have a few sets of bed sheets so you can change them at least once a week and having several different designs you can change the mood every week without all the trouble of changing your actual room decor.

We don’t need to have them all cream, try a splash of colour as duvet sets with matching pillowcases offer this quick and efficient change at a reasonable price.

They come in all qualities whether it is cotton or polyester and cotton and they can be either printed or a little more upmarket and embroidered to create that extra air of luxury and opulence.

The internet has helped to improve the quality of our bedrooms, design and functionality has been explained in more detail and we are now more savvy than ever before and knowledge is key when getting the best value for money and also the best quality you can afford.