Benefits of Dacron Comforel and Coolmax

Dacron Comforel

Dacron ComforelPossibly the best synthetic Bed Topper & Duvet fill on the market. Dacron Comforel is a Siliconised ball fibre product which closely matches the feel of finest down as it gathers in soft clusters and gives a lovely cosy feeling to your product.  It is re-fluffable and recovers itself quickly to its original form.

In terms of care, Dacron Comforel has an edge over other fibre products in that it can be washed repeatedly – it may also be known as Superwash in some countries.

The ball shaped fibre ensures clumping is not a problem. Dacron fibres can only be supplied by registered manufacturers who are bound to adhere to strict guidelines governing every aspect of the finished product.

Each Comforel product comes with it’s own individual serial number label which ensures quality control is traceable right through the supply chain.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried.

Comforel Allerban

Comforel Allerban BeddingAn important addition to the Comforel fibre is Allerban, an active ingredient which prevents the build up of dust mites, fungi and bacteria. The effectiveness of Allerban® has been tested by independent laboratories ( IFtH – France and Namsa – USA ).

High technology filling fibres ensure your duvet or pillow will last a long time and maintains its original appearance – this fibre is very popular with upmarket hotel chains due to the combination of quality and outstanding resistance to washing (up to 60 degrees).

Quality: Each bedding product filled with Dacron® branded fibres carries it’s own unique numbered brand label. This exclusive number certifies that the product has been manufactured under licence and meets strict Dacron® quality standards.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried.  Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried. Wash at 40 degrees – Gentle cycle and Medium dry until thoroughly dry.


Suprelle BeddingThe Suprelle fibres are a unique microfibre blend which offer both a high void hollow section and three dimensional crimp. The result is a breathable and quick drying fibre of unbeatable comfort and softness.

If you suffer from overheating through the night this product will provide superior comfort.

High Moisture Absorbency
Tencel is from a natural source (cellulose derived from wood) and is an extremely fine fibre which offers a far greater absorption surface and enhanced comfort. Tencel contributes 30% less to global warming and requires 20 times less water than cotton.
Tests conducted at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany showed moisture vapour take up was 57% better than a standard polyester equivalent product.

Each bedding product filled with Dacron® branded fibres carries it’s own unique numbered brand label.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried. Wash at 40 degrees – Gentle cycle and Medium dry until thoroughly dry.

Dacron Suprelle Memory

Suprelle Memory BeddingAll the advantages of a Memory Foam filling with increased comfort, temperature and moisture management.

Suprelle Memory is the result of intense research and development by Dacron, the world’s leading expert in polyester fibre.

The fibre itself is a modified Polymer which is six times finer and shorter than regular hollow fibre. This fibre offers outstanding volume and softness.

The result is a filling with viscoelastic properties similar to memory foam.  The problems of over-heating normally associated with Memory Foam do not occur with Suprelle Memory.

Dacron tests have furthermore shown better pressure distribution with lower peak points compared with Visco PU block (Memory Foam).

Suprelle Memory dissipates moisture rapidly – independent tests performed at Keil University in Germany showed remarkable performance differences compared to regular Memory Foam.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried. Wash at 40 degrees – Gentle cycle and Medium dry until thoroughly dry.


Climerelle BeddingOverheating in bed is a common problem – if a new memory foam mattress is hot or you are suffering night sweats due to menopause or medical reasons, Climarelle Cool is a recommended solution.

Dacron Climarelle TM bedding is the result of development by Dupont de Nemours SA, one of the world’s leading companies in fibre technology.

What is Climarelle Cool? How does it work?

Scientific research inspired by NASA technology has led to the creation of a completely new sleep system which actively helps regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep.

Climarelle Cool TM duvets, pillows and mattress protectors feature a layer of revolutionary microencapsulated fibres that draw heat away from the body when your temperature rises, providing a gentle cooling effect.

The excess heat is stored in the fibres and will remain so unless your body temperature drops below regular levels. At this point the fibres release the stored heat and bring your body temperature back to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Your body will remain at a more comfortable temperature through the night reducing sweats, tossing and turning, adding or removing bedding accordingly.

Can Climarelle help me?

Climerelle Duvets from Bedlinen DirectClimarelle products are suitable for everybody – you may be affected by extreme swings in temperature through the night, or you may simply be looking to improve the quality of your sleep.

The benefits can extend to many people – from those suffering hot flushes caused by the menopause as mentioned above, to pregnant women or sufferers of reduced mobility. Remaining more comfortable and restful in bed can be hugely beneficial.

Furthermore, many of our customers use Climarelle mattress protectors to reduce overheating caused by either memory foam or new very high quality mattresses.

Origins of Climarelle TM

The Climarelle TM brand was originally introduced to the UK market by Dupont SA. The Dacron brand and range of high tech fillings was subsequently acquired by Advansa SA (for further information please do check on the Advansa website).

You have the security of knowing that this technology has been developed by some of the very best manufacturers in the world. Each product requires to be manufactured in line with strict guidelines laid down by the manufacturers – they are labelled with a unique reference number which assists in product quality control.

Machine Washable: Yes, the products can all be washed to 40 degrees – Gentle cycle and Medium dry until thoroughly dry.


Coolmax Bedding from Bedlinen DirectCoolmax was developed by Dupont SA and is now owned by the Invista group. Stringent guidelines must be adhered to in the manufacture of Coolmax products giving you the assurance you will receive a quality product.

Many customers purchase Coolmax to counter the effects of hot climates and the effects of hot flashes caused by the menopause.

Used by many of the world’s leading sportsmen and sportswomen in sports clothing, the latest to select Coolmax were the 2008 European Ryder Cup team. Faced with the heat and pressure of Valhalla, they opted for Coolmax to help them in their quest.

We have supplied many customers with Coolmax bedding – countering menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes and general discomfort.  Also very comfortable for those who are confined to bed for long periods

Please find below some information from the manufacturers themselves in relation to Coolmax use in performance clothing:

Coolmax Fabric by Bedlinen DirectCOOLMAX® fabric is the original performance fabric that has been helping top athletes push harder and longer but is now being discovered for the cool comfort it brings to everyday apparel.

COOLMAX® fabric has proven moisture management benefits that, depending on your needs, can be applied to or found in a whole new range of clothing styles – from moderate and high-intensity performance apparel to everyday casual wear.

So consumers get the level of performance they need to stay cool and comfortable in any situation – be it on the sports field or tucked up in bed.

Washing / Care – wash at 40 degrees – Gentle cycle and Medium dry until thoroughly dry.