Buying Luxury Bed Linen

Sheridan Luxury Bed Linen

Buying luxury bed linen can and will take some time, unless you are very specific about what you want, cotton or polycotton for instance. Many interior designers now opt for the better quality designer bed linen when choosing the right option for their clients. Finishing touches such as colour and texture can make the difference, ambiance and comfort now run hand in hand and everyone wants the best they can afford without it costing the earth. The ongoing recession has seen massive savings on high street department store prices and everyone seems to have a luxury bedding sale on at the moment.

Over the last few years we have seen the back of really garish colours, modern bed linen trends now seem to be mainly white, cream or off white which is more commonly known as ivory. These subtle pastel shades tend to blend in with most interior design schemes and they can be very easily accessorised with a brightly colour bedspread or blanket. Some bedding ranges now also have embroidered cushions, boudoir and breakfast cushions do the very same job at a fraction of the cost of changing the whole room scene. Pastel shades also set the ambiance of the room, cool, crisp tones that ooze relaxation and offer a serene vista for you to dream from. Calming and soothing atmospheres can help you drift off to sleep much more effectively, which cannot be a bad thing with today’s hectic and very noisy lifestyles.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen
Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Many people want to dress up their bedroom with some style and sophistication. Luxury bed linen brands such as Sheridan offer some of the latest trends in colours and textures. We all want our favourite room in the house to speak for itself, how many times have you sneaked a quick preview of a friend’s room as you walk by to use the loo? You don’t want to be caught out so getting the right blend of quality, comfort and style is so important. To compliment your favourite brand of bedding you can also go for whole room settings that include rugs, bed runners or matching ready-made curtains. This traditional look comes straight for the very best hotels as they use interior design to give you the feeling of importance and grandeur. A place where you want to be and a place where you will tell your friends of the experience and maybe you will by some of the tempting goodies they now stock instead of trying to sneak off with the complementary bathrobe.

Many hotels use the white cotton sheets and duvet covers and accessories with other bedding options, this is a great way of keeping the room looking fresh and also keeping costs down. White cotton bedding offers a blank canvas for you to create the perfect boudoir or loft style living. Have a good look around online, not only at shopping sites but browse the vast majority of interior design sites for useful ideas as many of them create bedding for the major manufacturers in both the US and UK markets. So this will give you an insight into the up and coming shades and textures and will help you stay ahead of your friends in the design stakes.