How long should you keep your bedding?

How long does the average bedding last?

Fine Bedding-100This is a really good question, how long should we keep our bedding before it is deemed old or ineffective at doing what it was intended for?

There are a lot of different answers and we would suppose that the more you spend the longer it should last.

There are a lot of other factors however, frequent or over washing and ironing can cause certain fabrics to deteriorate and look worn out in just a matter of a few years, yet some of the finest Egyptian cotton percale fabrics come with a 7 year guarantee. So you can see there is no real test to apply, but what do you think?

A recent article in the DAILY MAIL suggested that the average user in the UK keeps their bedding over a year longer than they should.

This say that this can lead to aches and pains, more neck damage and an increase in dust mite allergy and infestations. The key points of their information is as follows:

  •  Pillows should be changed every two years and duvets every five
  • 82% of people do not know this and most keep their bedding for longer
  • The average Briton keeps a pillow for 3.2 years and a duvet for 7.6 years
  • 57% of people only replace their bedding when it starts to wear out

The Fine Bedding Company Linen ShotWe agree with one thing about the article, this topic can certainly cause heated debate.

Men often find the cost of replacement new bedding very expensive, often missing out on the benefits you get from a better night’s sleep against spending so much money.

Women mainly replace their bedding when the season changes, colour is very important to them and a new bedding set can certainly lift the mood. We are all different so the answer to how long should you keep you bedding is never going to be straight forward.

With regards to pillows and duvets these items can often last for 10 years accordingly to certain manufacturers if correctly washed and cared for.

The Daily Mail article says that they should be changed more frequently than this. The Fine Bedding Company is a well known UK manufacturer and supplier to the major high street department stores. They had this to say:

The Fine Bedding Company offers its tips on how often duvets and pillows should be washed and suggests tips on keeping bedding fresh all year long.

The Fine Bedding Company When To Wash?

Dirty Duvets

The Fine Bedding Company recommends you wash washable duvets every few months. Most duvets clearly state if they can be washed at home making it easy for people to make this choice.

Natural feather and down duvets need to be cleaned at a professional dry cleaners, and The Fine Bedding Company advise you refer to the care label to be on the safe side.

Pillow Talk

The Fine Bedding Company advises that pillows are washed more frequently than duvets. As with duvets, most pillows that are filled with synthetic fibres can be machine washed at 40 or 60 degrees. Always check the care label on natural pillows, as they often require professional cleaning.

Protecting pillows with a cover will make a huge difference and shield them from daily use and offers a waterproof and dust mite barrier.

Mattress Protectors and Toppers

Mattress protectors are a great option that offers total peace of mind against spillages and stains whilst keeping your bed looking and feeling fresh night after night.

Mattress Toppers can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep and they can also revive old, worn mattresses without the expense of buying a new mattress. Toppers can also gently support the contours of your body to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Fresh Up Bedding Between Washes

A really simple way to freshen up bedding is to air it outside for a couple of hours on a sunny and breezy day. Shaking your duvet every day to air it will help to keep it looking plump and fresh.

The Fine Bedding Company Linen ShotSome of the above ideas are really simple but also very effective.

They can dramatically improve the longevity of your duvets and pillows.

You do get what you pay for, not to say you should rush out and buy the most expensive items you can find.

Take your time and investigate what is good for you. Any good bedding and duvet retailer whether it be online or at a department store should know their products, tell them what you like and what you don’t like.

Ask them if they know the difference in quality of the fabrics and why one is better than the other. Another good question to ask is why natural fillings last longer than synthetic and why they are deemed to be more comfortable.

Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen
Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen

Pillows and mattress toppers offer posture control but as we have already said we are all different so no product will be the same.

Good information is hard to come by but is essential to getting the right product for you.

Money is an important factor, spent wisely and following good advice it will be a good investment.

You cannot put a value on your health but you can make things more comfortable and the benefits of a good night’s sleep are well documented.

This site on health gives you 11 not 10 good reasons why sleep is important and how you can benefit.