Kingsley Home and Ditton Hill Bedlinen

We’ve had quite a few enquiries recently asking who are Kingsley Home and Ditton Hill. I sign of the times, I suspect, when so many of us are trying to buy more responsibly.

The essence of luxury bedlinen is choosing the best quality you can afford but still getting good value for money.

Many bedlinen brands based in the UK sell high quality duvet covers and cotton sheets but at very high prices.

Kingsley Home’s History

Ditton Hill Bed Linen

Finding quality at the right price can take some doing, this is where Kingsley come in.

Based in Manchester the heart of the once mighty British textiles industry, they strive to bring you exceptional comfort and quality at the right cost.

Kingsley home has been importing and designing high quality textiles for high street department stores, leading hotels and the hospitality arena for over six decades. An achievement in itself as the demands on this market is very intense, using brands like Christy Towels and Ditton Hill Bedding has helped Kingsley stay at the forefront of the UK luxury bedlinen market.

Ditton Hill Duvet Cover Sets

Set up in 1951 the brand mainly focused on luxury towels imported from India, this grew from strength to strength and in the late 1980’s the Kingsley was a family run business.

Encouraging their in house design team to make the business a well know brand name, life style and design was the core ethos that drove the business to even greater heights.

Luxury for Less became the company motto which promoted designer textiles with an easy living feel.

Kingsley Today

Even today the business is run by the family and now has the lifestyle brands they deserve. So if you are looking for quality bedlinen at a great price we offer the Kingsley Home and Ditton Hill brands.

If it is towels you want the fluffier and softer the better, have a look at out Christy Towels, the premium option while our Kingsley Towel collection will reflect quality and affordability, which once again echoes the company motto of ‘luxury for less’.