Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen

Belledorm Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Believe it or not, not all Egyptian cotton bedlinen is the same.

Cotton is graded and just like everything else, you can buy standard cotton and then you can buy superior levels of Egyptian cotton which have fewer slubs or faults per square inch than cheaper bedding made with inferior cotton.

It is well reported that Egypt grows some of the finest cotton in the world.

The growing conditions on the banks of Nile are ideal for producing a soft and sumptuous cotton bud and the fibres are longer in length than normal cotton fibres and this allows them to be spun into high thread count cotton sheets that will last a long time due to the strength and robustness of the yarns.

Quality factors in Egyptian cotton

There many other factors to look out for when purchasing the best grade of cotton. Quality Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers are mercerised and sanforised, these two special treatments are essential in ensuring the fabric looks as good as new in years to come.

The treatments help reduce shrinkage and skewing and also ensure that no pilling occurs. Also before i forget, another important aspect of quality is the way the cotton is cleaned before spinning, I don’t mean washing or ironing in this case.

When the raw cotton is processed it is full of impurities like the natural aspects of the plant, this needs to be removed to ensure a superior grade of cotton. If they are not removed fully, as you sometimes get with cheap cotton bedding products, the fabric has slubs or defects in them which can degrade to the overall quality.

Purifying cotton

Two methods are used to purify the cotton, the cheapest and widely used method is carding and the expensive way is brushing.

The best way we can describe this is to use this method, if you take your hair for example and if you use a credit card to straighten your hair it will only remove and flatten the top part of your hair whereas if you use a metal comb you will get right through and remove more impurities and also untangle and straighten the entire length and make it feel softer and less compact (which is ideal for processing into the final cotton yarns).

Best brands of Egyptian cotton bed linen

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Taking the above into account, how do you know you are getting the real deal at the right price?

Well, two companies we deal with that are known to only use genuine Egyptian cottonare Belledorm and Peter Reed.

These two companies represent superb value for money although they offer two very different levels of price and overall craftsmanship.

Our most popular range of Egyptian cotton bedding is from Belledorm, their range is produced entirely within Egypt and even comes with their official government stamp of approval which ensures that the customer only receives a cotton sheet that is grown, manufactured and packaged in an approval factory in Alexandria, Egypt.

Good value for money is what you will receive if you pick their excellent 400 thread Count Egyptian cotton bedding range.

The finishing and colour is very good and the attention to detail is exceptional given the cost to buy high thread count bedding. Now if money was no object and you want the very best quality without compromise, then you can select the finest Egyptian cotton bedding there is.

Peter Reed

In our opinion Peter Reed Bed Linen epitomises all that was once King Cotton in the old Lancashire cotton days. Only the finest grade of Egyptian cotton is used here, selected from the best crops and harvested the old way to ensure that no mechanical actions damage the highly prized cotton buds.

Not only do you get superior levels of cotton but the attention to detail you receive from Peter Reed is like no other, the way they finish the oxford pillowcase to the traditional style selvages that add that all important luxury feel and quality to their exceptional range of Egyptian cotton sheets.

Have a look at their range here.

Genuine Egyptian cotton

When you buy bedding from a major brand you do expect to get what you pay for. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t, as the legislation regarding content and packaging does allow for a little bit of creative license.

They say that Egypt doesn’t grow enough cotton to manufacturer all of the products that have the Egyptian cotton brand on them and they can be mixed with inferior grades of cotton and still get away with being labelled as genuine.

This is not fair as we pay a premium for a better quality Egyptian cotton and it really should be what it says on the packaging and not just a brand name to get us to part with more of our hard earned money.

The examples we have given here use the real genuine 100% pure cotton grown and cultivated in Egypt so you can be rest assured that you are getting what you paid for.