Summer Bedding Sale

We are delighted to announce that our summer has officially arrived, well our two weeks of sunshine to be more precise but let’s not get too down as we have some fantastic bedding offers for you to choose from. Whether it is a new duvet cover you want or just some cool crisp cotton sheets we are sure to have the item for you. We all love a bargain and with so many offers about how can everything have a genuine discount? We, at Bedlinen Direct, look for specific items that sell well and we negotiate with our branded and designer bedding suppliers for a better deal that we pass straight on to our customers. Our discounts range from 15% to 20%, that’s not a lot I hear you cry other companies are offering between 50% and 70% off their prices.

Surely you do not believe that they can offer you a luxury fitted sheet for less than its cost for them to import it into the country, they obviously inflate the recommended retail price then offer you a whopping discount to entice you into parting with your hard earned cash. Some are genuine offers but most are just a rouse to get you to click on the offer, many department stores advertise 50% off but when you get to store they only offer discounts on the products you do not want leaving you with a wasted journey and disappointment as well. Nobody wants to buy last year’s designs, cotton sheets maybe plain and timeless but still you want the best price possible. We all want today’s modern trends and colours, so you want a good sale offer on current duvet covers and fitted sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets – 600 Thread Count

Our Special Offers are genuine, luxury bedding is not cheap but you can get good value for money with our summer sale offers. Our Sheridan Bedding Sale is now on, get 20% off their current Egyptian cotton sheets and designer quilt and duvet covers.

You can also take advantage of our Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Sheets Sale, get 20% OFF all 2 row, 4 row and 5 row cotton bedding ranges. Receive 15% OFF all Nimbus duvets, 15% OFF Monsoon designer duvet covers, 20% OFF all Canadian and Hungarian Duvets and Pillows from the luxury Die Zudecke collection.

We also have 50% OFF all Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Towels, 20% OFF all duvets, mattress toppers and mattress protectors from the Fine Bedding Company. This is just the start of our summer sale, if you like a bargain and just love bedding like we do then check back regularly as our Special Offers are constantly changing month by month. We stock brands from Sheridan, Belledorm, Nimbus, Monsoon, Peter Reed, Euroquilt and the Fine Bedding Company, we also sell items that you cannot get easily such as 4FT fitted sheets, Emperor and 7FT bedding and long fitted sheets such as the electric bed 75cm x 200cn and the single long 90cm x 200cm. Try us for size this summer at Bedlinen Direct.