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4FT Bedlinen

4FT Luxury Cotton Fitted Sheets
4FT Luxury Cotton Fitted Sheets

Getting the right bedlinen and 4FT fitted sheets for your bed can be quite tricky as not many bedlinen suppliers stock a good range.

Small double or 4FT beds are a great way of saving space in a flat or a smaller bedroom such as the spare room but making that bed look as good as the main bedroom can be hard work.

Smaller than a standard double the mattress measures 122cm x 190cm so getting the correct size sheet or mattress topper is essential so the material does not tuck itself underneath you while you sleep.

Ideal for children who need a bigger bed than the traditional single size but do not have enough room for the larger double and also ideal for the elderly who no longer require a double size bed.

What can you get for your small double 4FT bed?

Well, fitted sheets are pretty much standard and mattress protectors can also be found on some good specialist bedlinen sites. The better shopping websites also have luxury items such as mattress toppers and they can also make to order items to fit the 4FT bed such as duvet covers and more importantly duvets.

Many customers ask if you can easily get hold of the duvet cover and duvet but most companies do not offer this option due to the cost of making a large amount of items to justify the cost and unfortunately there is still not enough demand just yet.

Shopping online can be hard at times, getting the right design or colour is important but ensuring you have a good quality fabric that will be comfortable and will last is essential.

Sometimes you can get a bargain but more often than not you receive what you pay for so buying the cheapest 4ft fitted sheet is not always the best option.

Have a look in our shop where we offer a wide range of 4ft fitted sheets.

4ft Mattress toppers

4FT Mattress Toppers

4ft bedlinen options such as mattress toppers are now more popular than ever, relax and get the best night’s sleep with a sumptuous 4FT mattress topper.

They can transform your 4ft mattress into a soft and supportive layer for you to sleep on.

Just like staying in the finest hotels in the world a good quality topper is made from the finest material and has sumptuous fillings like duck down or goose down.

If you have had your 4FT bed for a while now and the mattress is looking a tad tired, sagging and is a little lumpy and unsupported instead of spending a small fortune on a new one get a topper as this can revitalise your sleep for a fraction of the cost.

Our 4ft mattress toppers are made in the UK, hand filled and hotel quality assured. And as always they are backed by our Best Price Promise Guarantee.

4FT Fitted Sheets

4FT Fitted Sheets

We sell a great range of 4FT fitted sheets, valances, mattress toppers and mattress protectors for your small double bed. Good quality 4FT bedding is extremely hard to find, many companies sell a range of sheets but are they any good and how long will they last? Bedlinen Direct specialists in luxury sheets, our Egyptian cotton and polycotton percale fabrics are super soft, strong and guaranteed for at least 5 years backed up by the manufacturer. Just because this is a special size and not as popular as single, double, king or super king fitted sheets, we do not feel that you have to compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Our premium luxury 4FT cotton sheets from Egypt are woven using long staple yarns and woven to both 200 and 400 thread counts. New easy care finishes ensure that they are easy to wash and just as easy to iron, pristine results guaranteed every time.

4FT Cotton Fitted Sheets

Our non iron 4ft fitted sheets are just as good, soft cotton and easy care polyester blended to produce a percale yarn that is great for sleeping on and just what you need if you cannot be bothered with the tedious task of ironing your sheets. Woven to 200 threads per square inch they are exceptionally smooth and will last for a long, long time. The sheets are complemented with matching box pleat valances that have a 16” drop covering up the base of your bed. The design is ultra modern with pleats at the four corners and one in the middle of the bed on all three sides. The complete range includes 4FT mattress protectors, fully quilted with cotton sides and filling, plus anti allergy options with deep fitted skirts. They add a touch of luxury and protection at the same time but if you really want to get the optimum level of comfort and opulence reach for one of our sumptuous natural or synthetic 4FT mattress toppers, they are 3” thick and offer posture control and hotel like comfort.

We also offer a good selection of colours, our standard polycotton sheets come in over 10 pastel and deep shades so you are sure to find one that meets with your requirements. Order your new 4FT Egyptian cotton fitted sheets and bedding online now, delivery only takes a few days so you can have the very best luxury fitted sheets right now. Good bedding is important if you want to get a good night’s sleep, relaxation and comfort go hand in hand so don’t buy cheap sheets for the sake of saving a few pounds as they will not last that long and you will only end up buying more bedding more often and spending more money in the long term.