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Luxury Bedding

Luxury Bedding by Sheridan

Bedlinen Direct have been supplying luxury bedding for many years, specialising in branded bedding, duvet covers, natural duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. Our superior ranges of sheets include cotton and polyester – cotton fabrics sourced from some of the finest textile companies in the UK such as Belledorm, Sheridan, Nimbus and Peter Reed to name just a few.

Bedding made from yarns such as Pima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton are considered to be luxury, this is due to the unique nature of the cotton buds used in the growing process and also the organic way that the crop is then harvested and woven. Handpicked crops help keep the cotton as pure as possible, as harsh mechanical actions can damage and cause the buds to deteriorate. Combing and carding is a very important cleaning process, this helps reduce the amount of debris and contaminates found in the raw product before it is spun into super soft fine yarns. The resulting clean cotton can then be used in high thread count luxury bedding, anything over 200 threads per square inch is deemed to be a percale fabric and this standard is the minimum thread count that is considered to be luxurious.

Luxury Bedding by Peter Reed

Bedding from Peter Reed, Sheridan and Belledorm is widely known to be far superior to the minimum percale weave. Often they use fabrics that have been woven to 400, 600 and 1000 threads per square inch. These hotel quality sheets are stronger and more resilient due to the quality of the cotton used and the manufacturing process is considered to be world class. They use age old traditions and craftsmanship to produce the finest sheets and duvet covers. So if you want the finest luxury bedding at a price that is right, take a look at our stunning branded bedding ranges:


Belledorm BeddingCoolmax Bedding Nimbus BeddingMonsoon BeddingPeter Reed BeddingGoose Down Duvets – Mattress Toppers

High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Bedlinen direct have been specialising in Egyptian cotton sheets for many years, so no matter what thread count you require they are sure to have what you are looking for. Their extensive ranges start with their Egyptian cotton percale bedding, this is a 200 thread count cotton which is matt in appearance. Super soft and extremely comfortable this percale fabric is ideal for guest houses and boutique hotels. If you want to go a little bit more upmarket then you can opt for either our stunning 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding from Sheridan or our best selling 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding from Belledorm. Both ranges offer a good selection of sizes and options including duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases. Each range has 6 colours for you to choose from. The Belledorm 400 Count Egyptian Cotton is pastel shades while the Sheridan 300 Count Egyptian Cotton has 6 stunning deep dye shades. Both excellent levels of comfort and quality, super soft silky sateen yarns that are a sheer delight to look at and sleep on.

Stepping up in quality and opulence you will find sateen bedding that is sumptuous yet elegant, the stunning 600 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding from Sheridan is sheer class. Beautiful bedding at its finest, two pastel shades to choose from, which will add a classic look to any room setting. Bedding this good is manufactured to the highest standard, linen from Sheridan is considered to be one of the world’s finest, craftsmanship and quality run hand in hand, you will not be disappointed in anything they produce. To compliment their Egyptian cotton bedding ranges you will also find a comprehensive selection of designer bedding and duvet covers.

Last but not least, our premium 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton Bedding from Belledorm is made from the finest sateen percale yarns. Woven to an extremely high thread count this is one bedlinen range we all dream about. Words cannot describe the feel and handle of the fabric, silky soft and smooth, direct from Egypt this is one of the finest linens ever created. Only the very best long staple yarns can be used in high thread Egyptian cotton sheets, the ultra absorbent fabric is ideal for summer use as it keeps the body cool. Invest wisely in your next bedding purchase, good sheets can and will last you for many years to come. Use the links below for more information on all the ranges offered from Bedlinen Direct Egyptian Cotton Sheets:

Belledorm 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Sheridan 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Belledorm 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Belledorm 550 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Stripe Bedding
Sheridan 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Belledorm 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Is Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen Desirable?

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Egyptian cotton sheets are the most desirable bedding items you can buy, luxury cotton bed linen manufactured from Egyptian cotton are exquisitely woven. Cotton from Egypt has unique characteristics attributed to its extra long staple fibres.

These long fibres are essential in the production of fine quality, stronger yarns which can be woven into any number of high thread counts. The resulting bedding is finished with a super crisp or silky satin feel to the sheets and duvet covers.

We are sure you will agree that not all cotton bed linens are equal, some other cotton producing countries may disagree that Egyptian cotton is the best in the world. Although they may use the same cotton plants as the Egyptians have done for thousands of years, the conditions found on the lush banks of the Nile River are unique. Egyptian cotton is now a recognised household brand, bedding from Egypt is widely acknowledged as being a sign of quality, only Pima cotton which is grown in the Americas can compete in terms of quality and comfort.

Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian Cotton

The key ingredient in making luxury bedding is of course the quality of the cotton they use, the next step is the manufacturing and picking process. The latest technology used to manufacture high thread count bedding is essential. Modern mills in Egypt use air jet looms, the fabric is woven at incredibly high speeds and the accuracy involved is paramount, weaving linen that has a percale standard.

This benchmark ensures that you receive luxury bed linen that has a minimum weave of 200 threads per square inch. Thread count refers to the number of threads going across (weft) and vertically (warp) within 1 square inch of woven cloth. Manufacturers can now weave up to 1000 and more recently 1200 threads per square using two ply technology, these ultra fine yarns are twisted together to form one very strong and robust yarn that can stand up to the vigorous weaving procedures involved in creating these technical marvels. The ideal optimum for both quality and price is the 400 Thread Count Egyptian cotton bedding; this combines all the qualities you expect from a superior quality bed linen but at a cost that is more reasonable.

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Bedding
Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Bedding

The hospitality and hotel markets once only used low thread count cotton as they needed to wash the bedding frequently and before sanforisation and mercerisation the linen would often shrink and skew when they washed high thread count sheets. 200 thread count cotton yarns are much thicker than say a 400 thread count yarn, they absorb more water and shrink quicker if dried out too fast. Commercial laundry techniques once used very high temperatures to ensure that the cotton stayed white as their customer would only expect clean crisp cotton sheets. High thread count sheets are now used extensively in luxury hotels, using environmentally sound washing and drying techniques to ensure that the bedding is not ruined with every wash.

Cotton sheets and duvet covers are also essential when it comes to getting good night’s sleep. The cool crisp cotton absorbs the sweat the body produces during the night. This helps the body maintain a constant temperature while you sleep, uninterrupted sleep is very important and key to a healthy lifestyle. Investing in the right bed linen will help you attain a level of comfort, Egyptian cotton has achieved a high grade of excellence that you can trust and rely on time after time. Choosing the right bedding for you is key, determine what you want from your luxury bed linen and speak to your bedding specialist for expert advice. Do not just be fooled into buying for buying sake as not all products are exactly as good as they say they are.