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As winter is now upon us, what type of bedding should we be using?

The temperature is dropping fast and our bedrooms are getting colder and colder, so what type of bedding should we be using now?

Just turning up the heating is not always the answer as this is not only expensive but not always practical or the most healthy way of staying warm while you sleep.

Conventional heating can and does make the room temperature too high which can make the air dry out, this lack of moisture in the air can make breathing a little harder and in some cases make sleepers snore.

Heat can also make the body become restless, tossing and turning can eventually lead to the duvet or blanket being kicked off and any heat loss is hard to maintain and the sleeper can then wake due to becoming colder.

How good bedding helps

Modern houses central heating and double glazing does help keep out the cold but good bedding can help you get a decent night’s sleep without over-heating or waking due to being exceedingly cold.

Traditional weave bedlinen such as that found in Egyptian cotton sheets are not as good as say a knitted cotton fabric such as brushed cotton.

Flannelette bedding (see our  range here) as it is more traditionally known has always been a firm favourite when selecting winter bed sheets, this weave is super soft, fluffy and extremely efficient at retaining heat giving you a warm and cosy feeling.

The fabric is also very good at maintaining a balanced natural temperature, it can also release heat and works with the body’s natural temperature regulation.

Mattress toppers and mattress protectors

Brushed cotton flanellette sheets
Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheets

We stock both Mattress toppers and mattress protectors which also offer extremely good levels of insulation between you and the mattress, filling in the mattress can draw heat from the body.

Mattresses can take quite a while to warm up to the desired temperature and the heat source is normally our bodies.

This results in slow warm up times, which in some circumstances cannot be recovered and a little extra help is needed.

Electric blankets can be used in this instance but they are not normally very comfortable to sleep on and can move around if not secured properly.

Mattress Protectors
Cotton Mattress Protectors

One of the things sleepers normally like to change is the duvet, as this is one of the most expensive products you can buy for the bedroom this is not always cost effective.

Unfortunately there is not one duvet or tog rating that will cover all seasons, 13.5 tog duvets are excellent in the colder winter months but will “cook” you come July and August.

Many manufacturers now range the All Seasons Duvets, this is a combination of a 9 TOG duvet for autumn and a 4.5 TOG duvet for Spring/Summer use and the two combined covers you effectively for the more seriously cold weather around Christmas time and the New Year.

Jersey Cotton

Goose and Duck Down Duvets

So if you just want warm, cosy and soft fitted sheets and pillowcases opt for the Brushed Cotton Flannelette bedding or  try our Jersey Cotton as this can have the same properties but is just a little cooler but equally as luxurious.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding is still the best cotton bedlinen in the world and offers levels of quality and luxury other fabrics can only dream of but when it comes to the cold they do not always step up to the mark.

For the ultimate bedding collection try to have a set for summer and a set for winter as this will increase your sleeping pleasure beyond doubt and the investment will be worth every penny.

Jersey Cotton Sheets
Bedding for electric beds and memory foam mattresses