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Goose Down Duvet Sale

We are always looking for the best offers on goose down duvets. Now that winter has been and gone we are delighted to bring you the summer duvet sale offers from brands such as Die Zudecke, The Fine Bedding Company and Euroquilt of Scotland.

Can’t wait? Get over to our goose down duvet sale!

All three of these specialist duvet companies offer only the very best goosedown duvets and pillows using the best quality fillings and manufacturer processes.

You can be assured of a premium quality luxury duvet as the right price when you buy this month. The super sales offer starts today, get up to 20% off existing prices for this month only.

Choosing the right duvet

Die Zudecke Canadian Goose Down Duvet Sale

Choosing the right duvet for you can be daunting, pure down duvets made from goose and duck fillings are the best you can buy as they are light fluffy and offer the very best in terms of insulation and body temperature regulation.

They keep you at the optimum temperature all night long so you get a good night’s sleep no matter what the weather is like outside.

Our premium quality summer weight duvets are also on offer in the sale so grab a bargain today.

For best sleeping results when using a pure down duvet your bedroom should not be too warm, central heating at night can dry out the room leaving you slightly uncomfortable with that dry mouth feeling.

The duvet should do the rest, leaving you warm and snug, with these quality duvets you will not want to get out of bed. All of our products are wrapped in sumptuous high thread count cotton cambric cases that ensure that the filling stays inside and you also get that luxury bedding feel.

They are also engineered using the latest internal baffle wall technology and cassette construction and many also come with extra guarantees such as NOMITE and Oeko Tex certificates which ensure that the duvets are made to EU and UK strict guidelines on the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Sale duvet specifications

Our superior goose down duvets come with a number of features that help to improve sleep. The benefits of investing in this premium natural duvet include:

  • Unbeatable warmth – the down clusters trap in warm air, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Naturally lightweight and breathable – the down clusters are incredibly lightweight, making the goose down duvet a breathable and comfortable option.
  • Supreme cotton covers – the high quality cotton used to cover our goose down duvets is soft and down-proof, adding an extra element of luxury to your bedding.

15% off Siberiagoose down and European duck and goose down duvets

Euroquilt Siberian Goose Down Duvet Sale

The first offering we have is from Euroquilt of Scotland. Receive 15% OFF all duvets and pillows from their luxury Siberian Goose Down Duvets and their European Duck down and goose down ranges.

Made in the UK to exacting standards and hand filled to ensure even fillings and an attention to detail you can only get when you employ skilled seamstresses.

Euroquilt duvets use the best quality pure down, fill power is the rating given to how lofty and clean the filling is and the Siberian duvets are 815 fill power rated.

This is extremely high and ensures that the filling they use is at the top end of the scale and you certainly do get what you pay for with this duvet or pillow. The duck down is 715 fill power and the European goose down has also got a very good rating of 700. All products from Euroquilt come with a full manufactures 10 year guarantee so if you work out the cost of the duvet over a minimum 10 year you can see why they are a sound investment into your sleep.

20% off duvets and pillows from the Fine Bedding Company

Next we have the duvets, pillows and mattress toppers from the Fine Bedding Company based in Manchester, supplying many of the best well known high street department stores we are offering 20% off their duvets and pillows for a limited time only.

Another great company that prides itself on quality and customer service is The Fine Bedding Company. They have a superb selection of supreme goose down duvets within their luxury bedding range.

The Siberian goose down duvet is filled with the finest down from Siberia, offering true sleeping indulgence. The 100% cotton cover enhances the natural lightness and breath-ability of the down, making it a popular selection from our Summer Weight Duvet ranges for those warmer nights.

We also have Hungarian goose down duvets filled with 90% Hungarian goose down clusters and covered in 100% cotton, allowing for exceptional warmth and softness. The cassette pocket construction guarantees even filling distribution, keeping you completely comfortable throughout the night.

The Fine Bedding Company duvet ranges include a premium goose down duvet boasting 90% fluffy down clusters, allowing you to enjoy exceptional warmth without feeling weighed down.

20% off German made duvets

Die Zudecke Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Sale

One of our best selling duvets is the Die Zudecke Canadian Goose down duvets, made in Germany these duvets and pillows are the best quality, made to perfection and the engineering used to construct the duvet is second to none.

Every detail has been poured over to ensure you receive a first rate product.

We are offering them with a 20% discount for this summer, our luxury duvet sale is one of the best we have offered over the last 10 years.

We are offering the sale on both the Canadian and the Hungarian duvets and pillows so take advantage today and get yourself a premium product at the right price.

Die Zudecke Duvets conform to the following standards:

  • Nomite: Suitable for all sufferers of house dust allergies.
  • Oeko Tex 100: Independently tested for harmful substances.
  • Daunasan: Proves that the duvet is hygienically clean.
  • Nu-Down: Guarantees that all new material was used to manufacture this duvet.