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Electric Bed Fitted Sheets

Bedding for Electric Beds

Getting the right fitted sheets for your new electric bed is just as important as selecting the right bed and mattress.

We recommend our jersey cotton sheets that are fully elasticated all the way round so they stay firmly attached to the mattress when you operate the electric folding action of the bed.

They stretch with the movement and they retain their original shape when the mattress is laid flat once again.

No need for ironing, just wash as often as you like and they will look as good as new for years to come.

Wings and Flaps

Many other fitted sheets that are on the market, especially from America, use a standard type sheet that has large wings or flaps that hang down the side when the mattress is lifted up to the reading position.

This looks untidy and does not really offer that best solution as the extra material can get in the way once you return the mattress to its original sleeping position.

Types of adjustable beds

The health benefits of this type of bed are well documented, they offer maximum support and aid posture control. Two types are available, a manual version and the deluxe electric type.

Most types of adjustable beds even have the capability of memory settings to store frequently used positions. Other benefits of these beds include easy assembly or disassembly to store them when not in use.

90cm x 200cm Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Most of the electric beds we see in the UK do not conform to the UK standard measurements.

They are now very similar to the European sizes in length but are still not as wide.

The most popular size is the 90cm x 200cm mattress or Single Long as we now call them in the UK.

You can also get the space saving 75cm x 200cm mattress which can also be put together to make a king size bed which measures 150cm x 200cm.

Egyptian cotton sheet alternative

We do offer an an Egyptian cotton fitted sheet that measures 90cm x 200cm, they are made from a 400 thread count fabric, although they are sumptuous to sleep on they are not as effective as the Jersey cotton sheets as they cannot stretch when the mattress is folded.

You only get this unique feature from knitted cotton sheets which makes it the ideal choice.

What is Jersey cotton?

So what is Jersey cotton and is it as good as standard cotton or even as nice to sleep on as Egyptian cotton?

100% combed cotton jersey knit which stretches in all directions and moves with the contours of your body and the mattress. Knitted fabrics retain their shape after being stretched making it more suitable than normal woven bed linen.

There is not warp or weft or thread count to worry about, meaning there is no restriction on the amount of stretch that can be achieved, so the fitted sheets will not ping off the corner of the mattress or want to rip or tear under some pressure.

Knitted cotton is also very soft and sumptuous to sleep on, the soft fibres are very light and fluffy and offer good levels of thermal protection and are also good in the summer as the cotton absorbs moisture, which helps your body maintain a healthy temperature while you sleep.

This is especially good if your electric bed has a memory foam mattress as the one down side of this type of mattress is heat build up. The fabric also contours or moulds itself to the shape of your body just like the memory foam and relaxes back to shape in the same way after use.

Coolmax Mattress Protectors

Take a look at our fantastic range of fitted sheets and pillowcases, available in white or ivory and nearly the entire standard UK and European size mattresses and pillowcases sizes.

We also have some top of the range mattress protectors made from our our  Coolmax range.

If you cannot see the size you require email us your requirements to sales@bedlinendirect.co.uk or ring us on 0161 300 70 90 and we will get back to you with a quote.

You will  be amazed at the quality and comfort for such a good price. Bespoke bedding is normally very expensive and takes a long time to make but the Coolmax range can be delivered within 7 days.