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What to do with Flood Damaged Duvets and Bed Linen

somerset-levels-floodsThis year’s floods have been both dramatic and sustained, causing a lot more damage to property and people’s belongings than in recent years. I can personally vouch for this as I recently lived in Burrowbridge, the epicentre of the flooding on the Somerset levels.

As the water rises, bed linen and clothes not normally found on the floor can come into contact with the dirty water, be mindful that some of this water may have been washed down through farmers fields.

Even worse than this, it may have come from sewerage water, a recent report by Sky News indicated that there could more than 1000 times the average bacteria in the water. One quote from this article states: “It’s possible they could get some quite nasty gastrointestinal diseases or diarrhoea etc from coming into contact with this floodwater,” Continue reading What to do with Flood Damaged Duvets and Bed Linen