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Winter Duvets

Winter Goosedown Duvets
Winter Goosedown Duvets

Time to get out your old winter duvet or buy a brand new duvet for the coming colder months.

If you have not yet seen the UK weather report for the next few months, take a deep breath because it is going to get cold with lots of snow, could be another record breaker!

Lightweight quilts, duvets and blankets are just not going to cut it when it gets this cold so unless you want to spend a small fortune on your central heating bill get yourself a good quality duvet that has a superior fill power rating and a high tog rating.

13.5 Tog and 15 Tog duvets will be well sought after this winter, they offer the best in terms of insulation and if you are already cold at night these will keep you snug as a bug.
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Goose Down Duvet Sale

We are always looking for the best offers on goose down duvets. Now that winter has been and gone we are delighted to bring you the summer duvet sale offers from brands such as Die Zudecke, The Fine Bedding Company and Euroquilt of Scotland.

Can’t wait? Get over to our goose down duvet sale!

All three of these specialist duvet companies offer only the very best goosedown duvets and pillows using the best quality fillings and manufacturer processes.

You can be assured of a premium quality luxury duvet as the right price when you buy this month. The super sales offer starts today, get up to 20% off existing prices for this month only.

Choosing the right duvet

Die Zudecke Canadian Goose Down Duvet Sale

Choosing the right duvet for you can be daunting, pure down duvets made from goose and duck fillings are the best you can buy as they are light fluffy and offer the very best in terms of insulation and body temperature regulation.

They keep you at the optimum temperature all night long so you get a good night’s sleep no matter what the weather is like outside.

Our premium quality summer weight duvets are also on offer in the sale so grab a bargain today.

For best sleeping results when using a pure down duvet your bedroom should not be too warm, central heating at night can dry out the room leaving you slightly uncomfortable with that dry mouth feeling.

The duvet should do the rest, leaving you warm and snug, with these quality duvets you will not want to get out of bed. All of our products are wrapped in sumptuous high thread count cotton cambric cases that ensure that the filling stays inside and you also get that luxury bedding feel.

They are also engineered using the latest internal baffle wall technology and cassette construction and many also come with extra guarantees such as NOMITE and Oeko Tex certificates which ensure that the duvets are made to EU and UK strict guidelines on the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Sale duvet specifications

Our superior goose down duvets come with a number of features that help to improve sleep. The benefits of investing in this premium natural duvet include:

  • Unbeatable warmth – the down clusters trap in warm air, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Naturally lightweight and breathable – the down clusters are incredibly lightweight, making the goose down duvet a breathable and comfortable option.
  • Supreme cotton covers – the high quality cotton used to cover our goose down duvets is soft and down-proof, adding an extra element of luxury to your bedding.

15% off Siberiagoose down and European duck and goose down duvets

Euroquilt Siberian Goose Down Duvet Sale

The first offering we have is from Euroquilt of Scotland. Receive 15% OFF all duvets and pillows from their luxury Siberian Goose Down Duvets and their European Duck down and goose down ranges.

Made in the UK to exacting standards and hand filled to ensure even fillings and an attention to detail you can only get when you employ skilled seamstresses.

Euroquilt duvets use the best quality pure down, fill power is the rating given to how lofty and clean the filling is and the Siberian duvets are 815 fill power rated.

This is extremely high and ensures that the filling they use is at the top end of the scale and you certainly do get what you pay for with this duvet or pillow. The duck down is 715 fill power and the European goose down has also got a very good rating of 700. All products from Euroquilt come with a full manufactures 10 year guarantee so if you work out the cost of the duvet over a minimum 10 year you can see why they are a sound investment into your sleep.

20% off duvets and pillows from the Fine Bedding Company

Next we have the duvets, pillows and mattress toppers from the Fine Bedding Company based in Manchester, supplying many of the best well known high street department stores we are offering 20% off their duvets and pillows for a limited time only.

Another great company that prides itself on quality and customer service is The Fine Bedding Company. They have a superb selection of supreme goose down duvets within their luxury bedding range.

The Siberian goose down duvet is filled with the finest down from Siberia, offering true sleeping indulgence. The 100% cotton cover enhances the natural lightness and breath-ability of the down, making it a popular selection from our Summer Weight Duvet ranges for those warmer nights.

We also have Hungarian goose down duvets filled with 90% Hungarian goose down clusters and covered in 100% cotton, allowing for exceptional warmth and softness. The cassette pocket construction guarantees even filling distribution, keeping you completely comfortable throughout the night.

The Fine Bedding Company duvet ranges include a premium goose down duvet boasting 90% fluffy down clusters, allowing you to enjoy exceptional warmth without feeling weighed down.

20% off German made duvets

Die Zudecke Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Sale

One of our best selling duvets is the Die Zudecke Canadian Goose down duvets, made in Germany these duvets and pillows are the best quality, made to perfection and the engineering used to construct the duvet is second to none.

Every detail has been poured over to ensure you receive a first rate product.

We are offering them with a 20% discount for this summer, our luxury duvet sale is one of the best we have offered over the last 10 years.

We are offering the sale on both the Canadian and the Hungarian duvets and pillows so take advantage today and get yourself a premium product at the right price.

Die Zudecke Duvets conform to the following standards:

  • Nomite: Suitable for all sufferers of house dust allergies.
  • Oeko Tex 100: Independently tested for harmful substances.
  • Daunasan: Proves that the duvet is hygienically clean.
  • Nu-Down: Guarantees that all new material was used to manufacture this duvet.

How To Buy The Right Duvet and Pillow

Luxury Goose Down Duvets and Pillows

Duvets have come a long way since their introduction as a cheap sack filled with feathers, this was brought out as a cheaper alternative to blankets.

They were of a very low quality and the feathers unwashed and very greasy, not a luxury item at all!

(History buffs: Here’s a great summary of duvet history by The Independent newspaper).

Thankfully things have improved dramatically over the years with today’s modern duvets benefiting from high thread count percale cotton cambric covers, up to 300 count in some luxury products and ultra hygienic and anti-allergy fillings.

The modern duvet measurements

Many factors make up the modern style of duvet in terms of how they are made and sold, the better quality duvets are very advanced and are of a more technical affair than most would have thought possible in such a simple design. Many terms spring to mind such as:

Tog ratings

are a simple but effective way of measuring the thermal properties of the filling, mainly used in Europe as the main way of deciding which heat/cooling setting you need.

The lower the tog rating, the cooler the duvets, the higher the setting such a 15 TOG, the warmer you will be. The American test of this is:

Fill Power

This ingenious test measures how lofty the down is, the lighter and cleaner the down the better the fill power rating. If the down rises quickly this will result in a high rating but if the down is less likely to rise due to impurities the lower the fill power rating will be.

Fill Power Testing

This measurement is a good way of selecting a good quality pure down duvet, 600 to 800 will guarantee you a perfect, light duvet and that is equally as good at keeping you snug as keeping you cool in summer, the better the down the lighter it is – simple.

If money was no object, then you should opt for the very best pure down duvets.

This is because they offer both the best in terms of down and quality cotton covers, but what about the mechanics of a duvet. Have you considered?

Cassette Construction

This is how the down is held in place, the duvet is sectioned out in square cells ranging from 12 to 18 inches depending on the size of the area.

The filling is then piped into the cell using a very small hole in middle. The hole being so small as the down cannot escape, the better quality the cassette construction the longer the duvet will last, another important feature only found on the better models is:

Baffle walls

Are very much like large internal sails which help redistribute the filling back into the center of the cell when you move ensuring that the down is not pushed into the corners of the cell leaving the middle feeling flat and empty. Moving onto the filling:

The modern duvet filling measurements

Pure Down:

This is the Rolls Royce of duvets, look out for a high fill power rating here. No feathers or impurities ensure that the filling is very soft, white, light and extremely efficient at both warming and cooling. The effect of pure down means that you can have less bulk than other filling which means the duvet is a lot lighter, this is ideal for the elderly.

Goose Feather and Down:

This is great for those who want the benefits of a natural product without the price tag. This is a mix of high quality down and soft fluffy feathers. Ensure that you pick a duvet here that has had the quills removed, the cheaper variants with have some hard quills still in place which can come through the cotton fabric. The mix percentage is normally 15% down and 85% feathers. They are still a much better option than synthetic duvets as the filling is still excellent at regulating the body’s temperature.

Synthetic Duvets

Euroquilt Dacron Comforel Anti Allergy Duvets and Pillows

These duvets are at the cheaper end of the market although some quality micro downs filling act just like down but with the added benefit of being 100% anti allergy in terms of duvet mites etc.

Great for children as they wash and dry much better than the natural duvets.

Although not as good at releasing trapped air as a down quilt, they are excellent in the winter months as they trap most of the body’s heat keeping you snug when you need it most.

Most of our luxury range of duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and pillows have quality high thread count cotton covers on them.

Don’t forget when purchasing your new duvet, protect it with a good quality duvet cover, it will stop it getting dirty and will ensure less trips to the dry cleaners and that it will last for 10 years or more.

Which is better, synthetic or natural fillings?

The best quality filling is pure down, this is generally softer, lighter and better at regulating the body’s natural temperature.

Fill Power plays an important part when choosing the right down, this simple test shows how light, clean and breathable the contents are, the higher the rating the better quality the down.

Goose down and duck down work very much the same except that the goose down is generally cleaner and less greasy than duck down and is more resilient to breaking up and going clumpy and hard overtime.

Die Zudecke Canadian Goose Down Duvets

Look out for brand names such as Canadian, Siberian, Polish or Hungarian as these branded downs normally produce a high quality product along with very good fill power ratings of 550 and over, the best are around the 650 to 850 range.

If cost is a factor when looking for a natural duvet you can always opt for a more reasonable goose feather and down option, this is a great way of getting on the natural ladder as the same benefits can be had from this selection.

Although generally heavier a good quality blended feather and down quilt can be just as effective as a lesser quality 100% Down version. The overall benefits of pure down duvets are that they keep you just as cool in summer as they do warm in winter.

Synthetic duvets

Synthetic duvets are normally classed as a budget option but more and more quality options are available with superb anti allergy fillings that are aimed directly at children and people that suffer with allergies like the house dust mite.

‘Micro fibre’ or ‘micro down’ is the brand name for most down like fillings, synthetic quilts are great at keeping you warm but not as good as a natural duvet at releasing trapped warm air, this is not ideal when you get hot at night and need a duvet that is breathable with temperature regulation in mind.

What tog rating is best for me?

Well this has a number if significant implications, if you get hot at night then you will probably be much better off with a natural filling preferably the more down the better or at least 90% pure as the more feather content the heavier it will be and less effective at rising and releasing the trapped hot air.

Unfortunately synthetic downs are made in spiral or balls of fibre that do not and cannot rise when they get warm and do not offer nearly enough protection from overheating.

TOG Rating Scale

Once you have decided on the filling the next thing is how warm is your bedroom, if the answer is cold then you can opt for a higher tog rating like 13.5 tog, bearing in mind that you will need a higher rating with synthetic and goose down quilts than down.

If you leave the central heating on low at night or your bedroom is generally warm then you can opt for a thinner and lighter duvet, more like a 9 tog or even a 7 tog going down to a 4.5 summer weight duvet in the warmer months.

With the overall selection getting harder to get right the All Seasons option is great value as you get all the seasons covered in two handy duvets, a 3 or 4.5 tog for summer a 9 or 10.5 tog for Autumn and Spring and the two combined for those harsh winter months.

The thread count

All of our products at Bedlinen Direct have excellent cotton cambric covers that are woven to a very high standard with a minimum of 233 threads per square inch or more commonly known as 233 count.

The reason for the quality is that cotton is the preferred material for bed linen and is very effective at wicking away moisture from the body which helps you maintain that perfect sleeping temperature all night long as becoming too warm at night will make you restless which will make you move around more breaking that all important sleeping pattern.

Also the high thread count cotton is designed to be mite proof keeping these house dust mites at bay and keep the filling of you duvet in place – inside!

Both natural and synthetic downs are good for machine washing, just follow the wash care labels and if you have a machine big enough you will have no problems.

Dry cleaning is sometimes very expensive and not always recommended for cleaning quilts as the process can dry the filling out rendering it brittle and useless.

The best policy for your investment is to buy a good quality duvet cover and change it regularly in order to protect the duvet from the elements leaving you to just give it a good shake once a week.

Getting the right pillow

Luxury Pillows

How important is it to have a good quality pillow, we always see adverts for posture control and how you need to have the perfect spine alignment.

Well this all starts at the top, if your head is not supported at the correct height or you pillow is tired and lumpy then you are not going to get the sleep you need no matter what you do with the mattress, the bedding or the duvet.

Pillows are not just for supporting you while you are reading that best novel or watching your favourite TV station, they are for allowing you to dose off into an undisturbed sleep.

Pillows range in all sizes and fillings, the better quality the pillow the more support and posture control it will offer.

Pure down pillows are the most expensive but will offer you most comfort in terms of a soft layer to rest your head upon, generously filled and wrapped up in pure cotton cambric casings, look out for Siberian and Canadian goose down pillows for those who want the best but if you want to try a pure down pillow without the added cost try our luxury pillow selection.

Premier Class 1 Siberian Goose Down Pillows

If it is a firm pillow you want without too much loft, premium goose feather and down pillows are much better, the goose feathers compact more than down and offer a firmer platform to rest your tired head.

Mixed with up to 20% down which helps give the pillow more softness than goose feathers alone.

Children and sufferers may want to take advantage of the benefits offered by micrdown pillows, our range of Comfysoft micro down pillows have been specifically engineered with an anti-allergy filling and wrapped up in high quality 233 count cotton cambric covers.

New technologies have seen the latest trend of down surround pillows from Nimbus and Surreydown, ingenious pillows that have a soft layer of down on the inside surrounded by a firmer collar of goose feathers that act as a support for your neck whilst allowing the head to rest softly on the centre layer of down.

For example our Die Zudecke Duvets and Pillows are made to the highest standard of German engineering and quality where every detail is scrutinised to the highest degree to ensure a perfect quality product is produced.

Exacting quality assurance and manufacturing procedures in their first class production facilities results in the best duvets and pillows you can buy, found in the very best department stores in the UK and across Europe Die Zudecke really are a brand name that you can rely on and trust.

Our premier ranges of Canadian and Hungarian duvets are the epitome of sheer indulgence and comfort. They only use the highest grade of down and feathers in the manufacturing process, encased in super soft and extremely robust cotton cases. Stitching and detailing is where the quality really matters and this is shown in every part of their exquisite product range.

Die Zudecke Hungarian White Goosedown Duvets and Pillows

Made in small numbers to ensure that you get that hand built quality feel, the amount of awards placed on their technical and manufacturing process is unparalleled.

Strict government legislation in Germany controls the whole manufacturing process, environmental and eco friendly processes are at the heart of the companies polices, buying a Die Zudecke Duvet or Pillow guarantees the highest levels of protection for the environment.

Harvesting of the down and feathers is equally as important, natural habitats and good quality feeds are integral to the long term future sustainability of the company and its partners.

No harmful chemicals and bleaches are used in the cleaning of the down, only water and mild detergents are used to clean and protect the fillings.


All Die Zudecke Duvets and Pillows confirm to the NOMITE brand several factors are considered to ensure conformity but you can be rest assured that no duvet mites can penetrate the inside of the product.

NOMITE trust in the properties of a natural filled duvet and believe that everyone deserves to have a perfect night’s sleep every night.

They are campaigning hard to raise awareness of the fact that dust allergy sufferers are not affected by a natural duvet as most people believe. The NOMITE mark is there to reassure these allergy sufferers and prove to them that they too, deserve the best.

Oeko Tex

Die Zudecke and Oeko Texare both ethical companies that are concerned with the human ecological safety of textiles through every stage of production from the raw material to the finished article.

Products carrying the OekoTex 100 standard label have been tested by independent test institutes throughout the world for harmful substances which may not be human friendly.

It is guaranteed that every product showing this label is 100% Eco friendly for both the consumer and the environment.

Daunasan and Downafresh

These are brands of the Association of the European Bed feather and Bedding Industries. They emphasis that the filling material conforms to European Standard EN 12935.

Companies displaying these brands are required to have their feather and down production tested regularly by independent hygiene laboratories and the processing of their filling material documented.