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Egyptian Cotton Guest Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

We all know the importance of good quality Egyptian cotton bedding, we treat ourselves to the finest Egyptian cotton sheets so we can experience the pleasure of soft, crisp linen while we sleep. Now summer is here we get visits from friends and family but your next dilemma is what sheets should we put in the guest bedroom?

Some guests give you plenty of notice so you can plan well in advance and select the right bedding, but some guests just end up staying the night. So what do you do, do we let them use the luxury cotton sheets and run the risk of them being ruined or just go for a budget set and run the risk of being embarrassed as the duvet cover looks like it has seen better days.

You may not think it now but it would be good practice to think about it now before the situation arises, not all Egyptian Cotton or Pima Bedding is expensive, good quality percale fabrics are just as robust as a good non iron polycotton fabric and will give you years of lasting use and comfort. No matter what, your guests will obviously want clean fresh bedding. Whether you keep the bed dressed all year round or just keep a reserve set in the airing cupboard, the choice is yours.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Obviously you will want to wash the bedding once your guests have left so a robust set of bed linen will be essential. A good idea when storing your linen is to use tumble drier sheets in between the sheets and duvet covers, this will help keep the items smelling clean and fresh even though they may not be used for several weeks or months.

A good bed throw or cotton bedspread is also a good idea as you never know what the weather is going to be like, sometimes a duvet can be too hot or too cold depending on the tog rating and a blanket for example is a good alternative in some circumstances. Just think of what you would like if you happened to stay over at a friend’s house, would you accept luxury bedding made from cotton or would you want to sleep on a cheap polyester bedding set?

They do say that you should treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Although if you make it too comfortable and opulent they may stay more than you would like, this could be a problem if you only have one set of bed linen for your spare room. So if you thinking of putting up a few friends or family just go and check on your bed linen supplies, they may be better than you think or just plain awful. You will then of course have peace of mind that you are well prepared or it will just dawn on you how bad things really are in your linen drawer.

Sheridan Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Shopping on the internet has transformed the way that bed linen is now perceived, once high thread count sheets such as a 600 Thread Count or 1000 Thread count cotton duvet covers were once thought to be really expensive but as demand rises the costs are reduced. We do not suggest that you buy such luxury for your guest but a premium quality 300TC or 400TC would certainly be more affordable.

We at Bedlinen Direct know how important sleep is and how the right ambiance is essential in creating a tranquil and relaxing place to be. We feel that clean, crisp cotton sheets that have been freshly laundered are one of life’s untold luxuries that we can all afford to have and experience at least once a week. Get a good book and just sink into your bed sheets and you will know exactly where we are coming from, we do spend over a third of our lives in bed so any extra comfort for both you and your guests will be well appreciated.