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Die Zudecke Duvet Sale

Die Zudecke Canadian Duvets

Die Zudecke duvets and pillow sale: we are offering you 20% Off  on all luxury  Die Zudecke Canadian duvets and Hungarian duvets and down pillows for the winter months.

Having a good discount is all good and well but you may be asking yourself why we should buy one in the first place.

You can buy cheaper Canadian and Hungarian duvets but do you really know what you are buying, where the down came from and why engineering and anti allergies properties are built into your duvet or pillow?

A lot of manufacturers claim to have the best duvet in the world but can they prove it? What tests do they do to show their customers the benefits of buying a genuine Die Zudecke product and not something that claims to be good?

You do get what you pay for and if you think it is too good to be true then it probably is. You may also ask if that is the case why we are offering such a good discount, as 15% OFF is quite an amount on premium duvets and pillows.

Well the recession does drive prices down and as pockets are hit even harder we have to be doing more to attract custom and we also want our loyal customers to return to Bedlinen Direct in the future for more tempting bedding offers.

Die Zudecke

Die Zudecke Hungarian Goosedown Duvets

So let’s get back to why we are here in the first place, you are looking for a Canadian or Hungarian pure down duvet or pillow and you want to know why you should choose Die Zudecke, am I right?

Every product they produce is engineered in Germany and attention to detail is key, quality and comfort over price is the overriding feature and you certainly get a top class duvet in every box.

100 years of experience in sourcing and producing high quality down and feather and down products result in the perfect duvet and they are so sure of their product that everyone comes with a full 10 year guarantee against defects and down leakage.

Die Zudecke do not mass produce duvets and pillows like some of their Chinese competitors, the duvets are made by seamstresses that have years of experience and are filled with the purest, lightest and cleanest pure down.

International standards

Conforming to British and European standards of quality, all of the down they use in the duvets and pillows can be traced back to its original source and farm in Canada and Hungary, this ensures that the down is not mixed with an inferior goose down which can happen if such stringent controls are not in place.

As you will never open the duvet how can you tell if the down inside comes from the country of origin. Do you just take their word for it or do you buy from a leading brand like Die Zudecke that conforms to European legislation and the company is constantly audited to ensure that they do not cut any corners and sell inferior products that are not as described.

Die Zudecke care for the environment, every product conforms to Oxy Tex 100 standards.

This strict environmental test ensures that no harmful chemicals such as chlorine, formaldehyde and metal dye are used when they produce and clean the down and the superior cotton cambric cases. Each product also confirms to the NOMITE mark.

This is peace of mind for anyone who is allergic to the house dust mite. The feathers and down used are not habitable places for such mites due to their thermal and climatic conditions.

The properties of this filling create a rapid heating up while the person is sleeping and a decrease in the bed’s humidity – not a place for a dust mite.

So if you are looking for premium quality duvet or pillow that will last well over ten years and is guaranteed to be eco friendly and anti allergy and still give you the best sleeping experience you have ever had, with such a great price, buy a Die Zudecke Hungarian or Canadian goose down one, you will not be disappointed.

How Good Are Hungarian Goose Down Duvets?

Luxury Goose Down Duvets and Pillows

Buying a duvet or quilt online can be quite a daunting prospect, with so many fillings and brands on offer it is amazing we can choose one at all.

In our opinion it is always best to go with what you know and Hungarian goose down duvets and quilts have been produced for a long time.

Hungarian pure down has been at the luxury end of the market, duvets and pillows filled with this sumptuous natural down is said to be some of the finest in the world.

Tailor made duvets?

But can a duvet really help you sleep better? This is a good question and one that is very hard to answer as not one person is the same and we all like different things. Some like to sleep snug, some of us like to sleep slightly cooler but you can find a duvet to suit you if you drop us a line. We can even tailor make one that meets your requirements.

Getting the right temperature balance is vital, if you are too hot or too cold then your sleep can be affected in a detrimental way.

We often have enquiries where some people wake up in the morning having felt as if they have never been to sleep and others, due to tossing and turning through the night, will often wake up with back pain or other aches and pains.

Hungarian goose down duvets offer some unique properties you just do not get in the cheaper duvets or quilts, the down is nature’s way of maintaining a healthy temperature.

You do not get too hot and you do not get cold either, this is controlled with the TOG rating system. If you’ve ever wondered what TOG is all about try this Wikipedia entry.

If you suffer from hot sweats at night or you just get too hot with your current duvet try and go for a lower TOG rating such as 7 or 6 tog, if you are the opposite and you just want to be snug as a bug all night long go for the higher tog duvets such as a 13.5 or 15 tog.

The choice is yours but select carefully and you will reap the benefits in the long term.

Duvet Lifespan

Duvets can last well over 10 years if they are looked after so even if you think that you are spending too much money on a top of the range Hungarian goose down duvet, just think of the many years use you will get and it will often make better financial sense than the cheaper quilts that look tired after a few years.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets and Pillows

Our Hungarian Goose down duvets and pillows are filled with sumptuous pure down that has a Fill Power rating of 750, no harmful chemicals or bleaches have been used in the cleaning process and what you are left with is a very light, soft and fluffy down that is ideal for the perfect duvet.

The filling is slightly greyish in appearance as goose down is naturally grey and not bright white as you find in other duvets.

This white effect is due to the down being bleached which can ruin the softness and longevity of the down notwithstanding the environmental effects of using such chemicals. Our duvets and pillows are all made in the UK to ensure consistent manufacturing procedures and the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials are used.

Complying to strict UK and European guidelines ensures that you get exactly what you pay for.