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Are Mattress Toppers they worth the money?

Superdown Mattress Topper

Initially mattress toppers were designed to aid posture and give relief to people with back complaints and muscular aches, they help relieve the pressure on the main parts of the body. Today’s modern mattress toppers can transform a bed into a luxury sleeping platform, whether your current mattress is hard, too soft, sagging or just ready for replacement, this item can save you a lot of money. We stock a comprehensive range of sizes including, single, small double, double, king, queen, superking, emperor and European sizes.


Mattress Toppers can also help with dust mites as they provide another high quality barrier which they struggle to go through during the night. The tightly woven cotton covers are virtually impenetrable and the UK manufacturers toppers also have an impermeable fire retardant layer. This level of protection is not required by law for other lesser quality imported versions, this is a lesser known requirement but is never the less just as equally important. The vast majority are also fully machine washable but a good quality mattress protector will protect both your mattress and topper leaving you with the task of just giving the toppers are brief shake every couple of weeks just to reinvigorate the filling. This small amount of effort will make the product feel like new again, this is just something you cannot do with your mattress.

Pure Wool Mattress Toppers

Fillings are very important, not all have the same effect and act differently depending on the quality of the existing mattress they lie on. Some of us prefer anti allergy fillings and others would not choose anythingother than sumptuous natural duck or goose down. Modern two chamber versions are best for posture control, the bottom layer of feathers acts as a firm platform and the top chamber of pure down is like sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud, ideal for hard or infirm mattresses but if you just want to sink into super soft unadulterated comfort try our pure down mattress topper, designed and manufactured to perfection in the UK.

New innovations in comfort and technology have seen more and more of the memory foam mattress toppers being sold, we sell two excellent versions. One from the Fine Bedding Company and the other is made in Scotland and has a top layer of pure down on a posture control visco-elastic memory foam base, this excellent product offers the best of both worlds. Posture alignment is important and helps reduce fatigue and pressure points, invest wisely in the right topper for you and you will transform your sleep.

Pure Down Mattress Topper

Just as you would take great care of your mattress, keeping your topper in tip top condition is just as important, get a good quality mattress protector. Bedlinen Direct sell a great range for you to choose from and each one works perfectly with your new mattress topper, they even have the extra deep 15” versions in stock. You can choose from pure cotton or quilted waterproof versions, each one designed to help you protect and preserve your sleeping heaven. Finally, there is no need to wash the topper regularly; just a good shake is all you need. Sleep is important and your health can be vastly improved with the right mattress topper, so go on, treat yourself today.

Euroquilt Superdown Mattress Toppers

Our best selling mattress topper is made by Euroquilt of Scotland. Manufactured from the finest Pyrenean duck down and encased with super soft and extremely robust cambric cotton.

This two chamber design is a revolution in comfort and posture control, the bottom layer is filled with duck feather and down, this layer compacts to provide a level and firmer surface which evens out the bumps on a sagging mattress or provides that extra layer to absorb the hard spots on a firm mattress.

Luxury Mattress Toppers
Luxury Mattress Toppers

The top layer is filled with premium grade duck down, this soft and comfortable down allows you to sink into the mattress topper.

The two layers together provide ultimate levels of comfort and posture control which can transform any mattress.

The down used in the superdown mattress topper has a fill power rating of 800, this high rating ensures that the down is hygienically washed and is very light and fluffy.

This quality of pure down is normally only found in the finest premium grade duvets and pillows. The toppers can also provide effective relief from hot memory foam mattresses and can be refreshing and ultra cool in summer as the 245 thread count cotton down proof cover is good at removing excess heat and moisture from the body.

The sturdy caste style construction and internal baffle walls ensure that the filling stay firmly in place and with a quick shake down every two months this topper will last and feel as comfortable as when it was new for many years to come.

Any size, made to order

As the mattress toppers are made to order in the UK, most standard and European sizes can be made, please see below for a list of the sizes we currently have to offer or go directly to our shop to order.

  • Single 90 x 190
  • Double 135cm x 190cm
  • 4 Foot 122cm x 190cm
  • Kingsize 150cm x 200cm
  • Conti 160cm x 200cm
  • Queen 170cm x 200cm
  • Super Kingsize 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor 200cm x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
  • Super Emperor: 215cm x 215cm

Product Features

  • Posture Control
  • Flame Retardant

Mattress Protection

Mattress Protectors
Mattress Protectors

Today’s modern mattresses are very expensive and very difficult to keep clean, some cost several hundreds if not thousands of pounds. If you damage your investment or you have children then your mattress may be subjected to one of life’s little accidents. Once this happens what can you do, you cannot just go to the dry cleaners to have it professionally cleaned. The best way to ensure that this does not happen to you is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You cannot banish the kids from the master bedroom and it is not fair for you to stop having your morning coffee in bed.

Mattress protectors are an excellent form of protection, not only can they help with spillages they can also help with allergies as they stop the house dust mite moving from your mattress to the surface where you are hopefully sound asleep. Made from pure cotton they are hygienic and can be removed with ease and washed and returned back on your bed the same day, if you purchase the quilted options they are more comfortable and softer to sleep on, the waterproof mattress protectors versions are also machine washable and offer complete protection no matter what is thrown at them.

Ripple Mattress Enhancers
Ripple Mattress Enhancers

The best quality protectors are filled with cotton fibre, they are more generously filled and are manufactured to a higher standard than cheaper alternatives. If you have invested quite a lot in your mattress do not buy a cheaper protector as it will not last very long and the quilting will start to go flat very quickly and reduce the comfort and effectiveness. Coolmax mattress protectors from Euroquilt in Scotland go one step further by reducing heat build up, especially good for those who suffer from hot night sweats or have a memory foam mattress that gets too hot while you sleep. Coolmax wicks away excess sweat and stores it up in the special filling and slowly releases it during the day when the fabric has cooled. Climerelle luxury versions also remove excess heat, another great way to keep cool.

Whatever mattress protector or topper you need, be sure to get one before you receive your mattress to ensure you have complete protection from day one.