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5 Inch Deep Mattress Toppers

Luxury Mattress Toppers

Luxury mattress toppers are a great way of adding some much needed extra comfort and posture control to an orthopaedic hard mattress or just a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress when your old one is tired.

Just replacing a mattress on a whim can be a very expensive option. Good quality versions can be as much as £2000 -£3000 and buying on the cheap is not a good investment as you won’t get long term value for money or you will compromise on comfort and the quality of the materials used in its construction.

This is where a good quality mattress topper comes into its own, they are extremely versatile and can offer that sumptuous stay in feeling you only get with the best hotel quality mattresses.

Choosing a mattress topper

The next question is what topper is right for me? Do you pick feathers or do you select the premium quality pure down mattress toppers?

Well the feather and down toppers are best for a tired or sagging mattress that needs rejuvenating as the fillings compact much more than other fillings and this firmer layer can iron out the lumps and bumps of your mattress and offer very good posture control and help support the body better.

One of our best sellers is this 100% pure down topper.

Also extremely good value for money but they can be a little limited if you are after a pillow top experience. This is where pure down duvets are a real treat, they are filled with soft sumptuous down and you just lie on top of the topper and sink into the filling just like sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud.

The pure down toppers are very good for a hard and firm mattress where you just need to have that extra comfort.

Combo Toppers

Combo Extra Deep Mattress Toppers

Well what do you have if you are not sure but you really do want the best of both worlds?

Combo or combination style toppers are now the preferred choice of many people looking for the best product at a good price.

The combo toppers or combination toppers (such as this 5″ goose down example) have two chambers built into each other, the lower chamber has a good quality feather and down filling for posture control and the upper chamber is filled with soft pure down which gives it the softness you require.

These bed toppers really are the best of both worlds, normally toppers are 3 inch in thickness but due to the increasing demand for even thicker toppers we can now offer you a 5” thick version – this really is princess and the pea territory!

The top layer consists of our High Loft 750 Fill Power 100% Pyrenean Duck Down. Wonderfully soft with superb posture control and ultra supportive due to the remarkable fill power of the filling.

This topper is the softest imaginable using the best high quality down, your topper will be as good as new for years and years to come making this a fantastic investment.

Manufactured and hand filled in the UK using a beautiful high thread count 100% cotton cambric casing. The secret of a good topper is well filled Cassette pockets, the extra deep five inch cotton cases are large enough to achieve the ideal pressure required.

The topper is secured firmly to your mattress using 4 robust elasticated straps at each corner of the bed topper.

See our range of combo toppers, all with a Best Price Promise Guarantee.

Euroquilt Superdown Mattress Toppers

Our best selling mattress topper is made by Euroquilt of Scotland. Manufactured from the finest Pyrenean duck down and encased with super soft and extremely robust cambric cotton.

This two chamber design is a revolution in comfort and posture control, the bottom layer is filled with duck feather and down, this layer compacts to provide a level and firmer surface which evens out the bumps on a sagging mattress or provides that extra layer to absorb the hard spots on a firm mattress.

Luxury Mattress Toppers
Luxury Mattress Toppers

The top layer is filled with premium grade duck down, this soft and comfortable down allows you to sink into the mattress topper.

The two layers together provide ultimate levels of comfort and posture control which can transform any mattress.

The down used in the superdown mattress topper has a fill power rating of 800, this high rating ensures that the down is hygienically washed and is very light and fluffy.

This quality of pure down is normally only found in the finest premium grade duvets and pillows. The toppers can also provide effective relief from hot memory foam mattresses and can be refreshing and ultra cool in summer as the 245 thread count cotton down proof cover is good at removing excess heat and moisture from the body.

The sturdy caste style construction and internal baffle walls ensure that the filling stay firmly in place and with a quick shake down every two months this topper will last and feel as comfortable as when it was new for many years to come.

Any size, made to order

As the mattress toppers are made to order in the UK, most standard and European sizes can be made, please see below for a list of the sizes we currently have to offer or go directly to our shop to order.

  • Single 90 x 190
  • Double 135cm x 190cm
  • 4 Foot 122cm x 190cm
  • Kingsize 150cm x 200cm
  • Conti 160cm x 200cm
  • Queen 170cm x 200cm
  • Super Kingsize 180cm x 200cm
  • Emperor 200cm x 200cm
  • Emperor: 200cm x 200cm
  • Super Emperor: 215cm x 215cm

Product Features

  • Posture Control
  • Flame Retardant

Fine Bedding Company

What can we say about the Fine Bedding Company that has not already been said, a first class bedding brand with a reputation for quality and craftsmanship that you can trust. Over the last decade they have concentrated on the things they do well and have honed their skills to produce a range of luxury duvets, mattress protectors and mattress toppers that are sold in many major internet and high street department stores. Their ranges include the following:-

Using only the finest fillings, their super light weight Siberian and Hungarian Goose down duvets feel soft and airy. The cloud like feeling is due to the amazingly light down clusters found in the better quality natural duvets. Good quality cotton cambric covers ensure that the down is securely kept in place whilst giving you a cool crisp cotton feel while you rest. If you prefer a weightier duvet you can choose from the excellent value for money goose feather and down duvets, giving you more of a snug feeling, the feathers give you more weight than the pure down duvets but some people prefer to be tucked up in bed.

Fine Bedding Company Goose Down Duvets
Fine Bedding Company Goose Down Duvets

Good quality natural goose down and duck down fillings tend to have high thermal and insulation properties, the fillings are also naturally breathable which helps cool the body down when you get too hot. High fill power ratings are good indicators of the quality and cleanliness of the down or feathers – remember no ducks are naturally white so if the fillings looks white it has probably been bleached which degrades the downs natural ability. Pure down is the lightest of the natural fillings and its ability to trap warm air is its main advantage other than being much lighter than feather duvets. The down side of feather and down duvets is the small quills, in cheaper duvets they can protrude through the cases causing light irritations.


Fine Bedding Company Spundown Duvets
Fine Bedding Company Spundown Duvets

The Fine Bedding Company boasts a superior range of anti allergy synthetic duvets, pillows and mattress toppers that will suit everyone’s budget and need for quality and comfort. Their ranges are lighter, more breathable and softer making them more down-like than ever before. Easily washable and great for allergy sufferers and children they make a more practical alternative for those who are sensitive to a natural duvet or pillow. The main fillings used in synthetic products are hollow fibre, polyester and micro fibre. Hollow fibres are superior man made strands and clusters that have a hole in the centre which helps trap air, giving excellent levels of insulation, these duvets have great structure and loft and offer superior levels of support when used in a pillow. The very fine Micro fibres are soft and light and are used in sporting apparel to keep the user very warm while maintaining a light fabric feel, the main focus for this material is that is it naturally non – allergenic. Polyester filling is the least expensive of all the fillings, a good choice for keeping you very warm if you are on a budget.

Fine Bedding Company Perfect Comfort Mattress Topper
Fine Bedding Company Perfect Comfort Mattress Topper

To complement the duvets, the Fine Bedding Company has a fantastic range of mattress protectors and mattress toppers which is second to none. But you may ask what are the benefits of these products and which should i choose?
Mattress Toppers have traditionally been used to cover up a worn or tired sagging mattress, a good cost effective alternative to replacing expensive mattresses but as more and more people use 5 star hotels they are being switched on to the secrets of a good night’s sleep. Not only can they extend the life of your mattress but they can also give you a more comfortable night’s sleep as you sink in to its soft layers which offer good levels of posture control and comfort. Mattress protectors on the other hand do as they say on the packet, protect your expensive mattress from life’s little accidents and mishaps, easily removed and washed they are extremely convenient. They also protect you from house dust mites which are a great cause of allergies as the hygienic base layers are very difficult for them to pass through during the night. Another benefit is they also add another soft quilted layer for you to rest on.