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Mattress Topper Sale

Hotel Quality Mattress Topper

We are all looking for some ideas for Christmas and there are some great bargains to be had.

Our mattress topper range offers fantastic presents to receive as people like to think that you have taken some time and effort when choosing the ideal present and choosing luxury bed linen would be considered a great Christmas present.

Bedlinen Direct are always offering you one of the widest selections of top quality bedding brands and they consistently offer the best prices on designer duvet covers and fitted sheets.

With many fantastic offers, we would like to draw your attention to one of the best offers we have this year and it will only run until the 21st December and stock is limited, so hurry now and get a fantastic Hotel Quality Mattress Topper this Christmas.

These sensational toppers offer comfort that can only be found in premium quality hotels and you can just lie in bed on those chilly winter nights in complete comfort and warmth.

Mattress toppers are an ideal way of making your old mattress feel like new again, filled with sumptuous duck feather and pure down and wrapped up in a sensuous soft cotton cambric cover.

They quality of the product is second to none, made with internal baffle walls to ensure that the filling stays in the centre of the cells the cassette construction ensures that the filling is evenly distributed over the entire length of the bed.

Bedding Sale

Made in the UK by one of Scotland’s leading filled duvet and mattress topper specialists, you are sure to enjoy this topper for many years to come.

We are offering you a 20% discount on all single, double, king and super king Hotel Quality mattress toppers right up until Christmas and free delivery on all orders over £100.00, this is certainly a good deal, a bargain not to be missed.

So if you are looking for a great gift or just want to improve your comfort whilst you sleep, a mattress topper is the way to go.

Take a look at our special winter sale page, we are also giving you 20% OFF and all Sheridan bedding and 25% OFF selected Peter Reed bedding. So you really can have the perfect Christmas with our bedding sale.

This includes all designer Monsoon duvet covers, Nimbus duvet sets and selected Egyptian cotton duvet covers and special fitted sheets sizes.

Bedding Direct

Luxury Designer Bedding

Buying bedding can take some time, finding the right sizes and colour from the same bedding supplier can be frustrating to say the least.

Here at Bedlinen Direct we pride ourselves in being a luxury bedding specialist and offer one of the largest selections of colour and fitted sheets sizes you will find anywhere else on the internet and especially in your local high street department stores.

We all want some luxury at the right price but sometimes cost is not an issue so selecting the right fabric is crucial.

Most interior designers now start off their base colour with something very neutral and then add that all important splash of colour with accessories such as cushions, bedspreads and even a printed duvet cover set.

Now not all of us can afford to have homes visited by an interior designer and least of all afford to furnish afterwards. So how do we create the perfect haven using the internet?

Splashes of colour

The World’s Finest Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Most suppliers can offer some plain bedding like white, ivory and cream.

These three shades make up for 70% of all bedding sold in the UK as they make a good base to work from and fit into most people’s current decor.

Some specialist suppliers also sell pastel and deep dye shades in luxury Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton bedding ranges.

These specialist bedding suppliers stock a good selection of both sizes and options so you can ensure you have all you need in one online store.

So how many retailers do you know where you can get the complete ensemble? Starting from a valance, then to fitted sheets and duvet covers and what about duvets and pillows or even matching curtains?

The complete range

Well we can help you here, if you cannot find anything on our website give us a call on 0845 2068601 or email us at sales@bedlinendirect.co.uk and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction or give you some free information on the different styles, thread counts and fabrics available in our store and others you may have found whilst browsing the net.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Sets

Our bedrooms should be a place of tranquility, places were we can rest and unwind from the days pressures and forget about work for a while.

A good mattress along with a good set of bedding will help you create this essential ambiance. We are all different, so a good selection is essential.

Another good question is whether it is cheaper to buy bedding and change this more often than say a rug, curtains or even wallpaper.

Well the most important thing about bedding is that you can wash it time and time again and with hygiene reasons alone it is best to have a few sets of bed sheets so you can change them at least once a week and having several different designs you can change the mood every week without all the trouble of changing your actual room decor.

We don’t need to have them all cream, try a splash of colour as duvet sets with matching pillowcases offer this quick and efficient change at a reasonable price.

They come in all qualities whether it is cotton or polyester and cotton and they can be either printed or a little more upmarket and embroidered to create that extra air of luxury and opulence.

The internet has helped to improve the quality of our bedrooms, design and functionality has been explained in more detail and we are now more savvy than ever before and knowledge is key when getting the best value for money and also the best quality you can afford.

Best Selling Mattress Toppers

Can mattress toppers really rejuvenate your mattress? In order for us to have a decent night’s sleep, our mattresses need to offer us the right amount of support. One that is too hard or too soft could just make things uncomfortable or at worst give us a bad back. A tired or sagging sleeping surface is just as bad, some support is better than no support at all. With the cost of a good mattress these days being upward of a £1000.00 or more it makes sense to try a luxury mattress topper for a fraction of the cost. But just like buying a mattress, toppers offer just as many options and fillings and no one product can suit us all. So what do we choose and which is best? Well this is very subjective, so we have offered you some information on the top 5 most popular products. All mattress toppers lie on top of your bed and are firmly attached using four elasticated straps at the corners to hold it securely. Most of them are filled with sumptuous natural down or man made fibres up to 3 inches in thickness. The different filling will give you an idea which will be the most adequate for the sleeping style you require.

Superdown Mattress Toppers

Natural Goose Down Down Toppers
The original toppers were made from goose down and feathers in a 50/50 mix, designed for hotel use to offer a greater degree of softness and comfort. Pure down mattress toppers are sumptuous and are designed to give a luxurious feel to a hard or orthopedic mattress, although they offer a good level of posture control they are not as effective when used in conjunction with a soft or tired mattress. The recent invention of the two chamber superdown mattress topper from Euroquilt overcomes this problem by giving a bottom chamber of posture controlling firm duck feathers and combined with the soft pure duck down upper chamber which allows you sink into the down, a truly amazing sleeping experience. For those of you who require a more cost effective solution you can opt for the Hotel Quality Toppers, they can aid with posture and a firmer mattress, the down and feather mix combines to help with that all important good nights sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers
A relatively new invention, memory foam was developed by Nasa to aid their astronauts to get a good quality sleep. The revolutionary posture control foam moulds itself to the user and offers support without the pressure that naturally occurs when we lie down. Good quality foam is not cheap so beware of cheaper imitations that offer all sorts of health benefits, the quality of the product is not as good and cannot achieve all that they claim. These toppers aid with posture related issues as they support the lower back and the upper areas of the neck and nape, following your natural curves they assist in aligning the spine for a more natural sleeping angle. Good for all ages, weight and sizes of people and especially good for a overweight users as the pressure relieving properties are more important than with average users.

Pure Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool Mattress Topper
Wool has been around for centuries, not as popular as goose or duck down toppers, but the benefits are just as good if not better. New organic ranges from Devon Duvets offer hypoallergenic products that are manufactured using sustainable and ecologically sound farming practices. Wool is excellent at providing good levels of warmth and comfort, we would advocate this topper for us with a medium firm type of mattress because this is purely for those who want a sumptuous and soft sleeping experience where you just sink in the wool for that top hotel level of quality. Wool is naturally breathable and is extremely good at regulating heat, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, a good all rounder and is both kind to the environment and kind to you. Devon Duvets have been selling a range of duvets and mattress toppers for many years, they are the leaders in natural wool products and all their ranges are accredited to the National Soil association.

Latex Mattress Topper
Made from the natural sap of the rubber plant, these toppers are not nearly as popular as they should be. They breathe naturally and aid heat regulation as well as offering good levels of posture control. They are superb for people who suffer from heat and night sweats as they help wick away excessive moisture keeping you cool even in the warmest of climates. Like memory foam they mould themselves to the body’s natural shape removing unwanted pressure points therefore easing the joints and muscles for an effective sleep. Ideal for hard to medium/firm mattresses, they will make the bed feel a like a place you want to spend more time and these toppers are much thinner than others so there is no need to buy extra deep fitting sheets.

Cotton Mattress Protectors

Cotton Mattress Topper
Not the most popular choice of topper as cotton is not as soft as other products when used in large qualities. The thicker layers can compact more and become lumpier after time. Cotton is best used as an enhancer or mattress protector. In this form they are very comfortable, fully breathable and machine washable.

This is especially good for the elderly and younger children, they are also hypoallergenic and most come with anti dust mite backing to aid allergy sufferers. Cotton toppers can be used in conjunction with the other types of toppers as a protective barrier, they are easier to look after and are much less involving to remove for washing and hygiene reasons.