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How To Sleep Better

After working hard all day and negotiating the traffics jams, there is nothing better than when you arrive home having a drink of wine and relaxing over dinner, but to truly rejuvenate and recharge your batteries for the long slog ahead of you tomorrow your bed is the only place than can give you the rest you need. 

Selecting the right bed is money well spent but if you do not do your research properly and have a clear outline of your needs, you could be pouring money down the drain.

Branded beds are normally a good option as they give you certain quality you can expect and you know that larger companies employ rigorous testing and environmental procedures before putting out their products for sale.

However the best way to make a decision is to go and try one out for yourself. Tell the salesperson how you like the mattress, they come in different shapes and sizes and offer hard and soft surfaces which can be quite daunting but take your time as beds and mattress are very expensive and are items that you expect to have for many years.

Choosing the right bed linen

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bed Linens

Once you have ordered your new bed, the next thing you will be thinking about is some new fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

This is where quite a lot of people tend to buy cheap bedding as they do not give it the same sense of purpose as the mattress but it is equally as important to get it right here as luxury bedding will help you relax and unwind much easier and faster than cheap sheets and quilt covers.

Once again, buying from a reputable bedding brand such as Sheridan, Peter Reed, Belledorm and Nimbus guarantees you a certain level of craftsmanship and quality built into their product ranges.

Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton fabrics are in our opinion the finest in the world and not only will they give you a feeling of opulence and luxury, they will also last for much longer than cheaper alternatives.

1: Bedding Fabric

The vast majority of bed sheets and duvet covers are made from cotton or manmade polyester and cotton blends called polycottons.

Cotton is the preferred choice as it is soft and crisp to touch and feels sumptuous and looks elegant and is reserved for the high threads such as 600, 800 or even 1200 thread count.

Polycotton sheets are inherently easy care and more affordable and are ideal for children and the elderly as they can be washed and ironed with relative ease and last for years and years if you buy the better quality percale sheets.

2: Bed Linen Size

MONSOON Luxury Duvet Covers

Most bed manufacturers make and produce standard size fitted sheets but some are now producing many sizes that are only found on the continent, such as the extra long single 75cm and 90cm x 200cm mattresses and even the super large 200cm x 200cm emperor beds.

Finding luxury bed linen in these sizes is very difficult but you can view a large selection from Bedlinen Direct.

We sell a vast array of sizes and qualities and you will be surprised at the amount of choice you now have for these hard to find fitted sheets and mattress protectors.

3: Designs

Luxury bed linen was once only made in white, ivory or cream, plain in design and embellishment but as the demand increased the price came down and more and more people could afford to buy bigger beds and mattresses.

The bedding manufacturers followed suit and they started to create some fantastic duvet cover designs and embroidered sheets from companies like Peter Reed (see our range here), they ooze style and sophistication if you are prepared to spend some money on the finer thing in life.

Once the preserve of the rich and famous, this elegant and sumptuous bedding is now more accessible than ever, you don’t need to save a small fortune anymore to experience such fabulous bedding.

Luxury Bedding

Luxury Bedding by Sheridan

Bedlinen Direct have been supplying luxury bedding for many years, specialising in branded bedding, duvet covers, natural duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. Our superior ranges of sheets include cotton and polyester – cotton fabrics sourced from some of the finest textile companies in the UK such as Belledorm, Sheridan, Nimbus and Peter Reed to name just a few.

Bedding made from yarns such as Pima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton are considered to be luxury, this is due to the unique nature of the cotton buds used in the growing process and also the organic way that the crop is then harvested and woven. Handpicked crops help keep the cotton as pure as possible, as harsh mechanical actions can damage and cause the buds to deteriorate. Combing and carding is a very important cleaning process, this helps reduce the amount of debris and contaminates found in the raw product before it is spun into super soft fine yarns. The resulting clean cotton can then be used in high thread count luxury bedding, anything over 200 threads per square inch is deemed to be a percale fabric and this standard is the minimum thread count that is considered to be luxurious.

Luxury Bedding by Peter Reed

Bedding from Peter Reed, Sheridan and Belledorm is widely known to be far superior to the minimum percale weave. Often they use fabrics that have been woven to 400, 600 and 1000 threads per square inch. These hotel quality sheets are stronger and more resilient due to the quality of the cotton used and the manufacturing process is considered to be world class. They use age old traditions and craftsmanship to produce the finest sheets and duvet covers. So if you want the finest luxury bedding at a price that is right, take a look at our stunning branded bedding ranges:


Belledorm BeddingCoolmax Bedding Nimbus BeddingMonsoon BeddingPeter Reed BeddingGoose Down Duvets – Mattress Toppers

Nimbus Duvets

Nimbus Duvets

Nimbus have been manufacturing luxury duvets and pillows from their head office in London for over 25 years.

If you have found this page because you’re looking to buy one head on over to our shop. Otherwise, read on…

Nimbus specialise in high end products for the major high street department stores.

So what makes their filled products better than the competition?

They use only the finest handpicked and ethically sourced natural feathers and down, using sustainable farming procedures from long established European and Chinese companies.

Nimbus and the environment

Nimbus also ensures that strict environmental and ecological procedures are used during the bleaching and assembly stages to ensure a natural and breathable product is created without the use of harmful substances.

They like to think both their customers and the environment are cared for.

The fillings are very important, Nimbus use a variety of natural and manmade fillings to complete their duvet and pillow ranges. Some are very expensive and luxurious while others are ideal for children with their anti allergy microfiber components.

100% natural fillings generally perform better than man-made fillings, providing greater comfort and longer life. However, they specially engineer their man-man products to ensure that they have an excellent performance compared with the cheaper alternatives.

How pure down works

Pure down traps more air in relation to its weight than do most man-made fillings, so giving you warmth without weight in a duvet. Quality and built-in resiliency, which enables the duvet to drape around your body or bounce back into shape and they also last longer.

Lightweight fillings such as goose down can wick moisture away from your body, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping you dry, comfortable and at the right temperature.

Nimbus goose feather and down duvets

Nimbus goose down duvets

Goose feather and down duvets are the entry level of the natural range, they are extremely hard wearing and resilient, goose feathers are very firm and offer levels of support and are ideal for pillows.

This is good way of testing if a natural pillow or duvet is good for you without breaking the bank.

While pure down fillings are extremely comfortable, light and are excellent at regulating body temperature, they are the best you can buy and are well worth the money.

Have a look at our Nimbus goose feather and down range available in a variety of sizes and TOG ratings.

Nimbus pure down duvets

Some of the Nimbus pure down duvets are guaranteed for over 15 years so if you divide the years against the price you will see that they can be an investment as well.

Goose down lasts so long that it represents the best possible value for money, how many other products could you buy that you would use for a third of the day, every day, for 40 years?

We’ve got the latest Nimbus A1 Hungarian goose gown duvets in stock now in all the popular sizes.

Which TOG rating?

So if you need to know which TOG you should choose, look at the chart below:

  • 3.0 Tog – for very warm summer weather.
  • 4.5 Tog – for average summer weather and even through the spring and autumn.
  • 9.0 Tog – for spring-autumn weather and even through the winter.
  • 10.5 Tog – one quilt to use all year round or for spring/autumn/winter use.
  • 12.0 Tog – for use in winter if fairly-well insulated bedrooms.
  • 13.5 Tog – for use in winter in colder bedrooms.
  • 15.0 Tog – the warmest quilt you are likely to need in the coldest of temperatures.