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Good Quality Bedding

Good quality bedding from major luxury bed linen manufacturers such as Belledorm, Peter Reed, Nimbus and Sheridan last for an extremely long time. This is very important as we spend an awful lot of time in bed so getting the most out of your sheets and duvet covers is a must. Research shows that we sleep an average of 8 hours a day, couple this up with one or two hours spent resting before we sleep and this is well over a third of the whole day in bed, wow are we really this lucky? So if you live to be over 75 you will have spent roughly 25 years in your bed, so now you know why it is important to buy the best bedding you can.

Sheridan Bedding

With the above in mind it is surprising that the vast majority of customers still troll the web in the search of cheap bedding as their first choice on the search engines such as Google and Bing. Do we really think about what we are buying or is price the first thing that enters our head? We are in a recession at the moment so now should be a better time to stop and just think about what we are buying and what is the best value for money in the long term. Cheap sheets are only good for a few years so you will be replacing them very soon. If this is done more than three times in five years it is more expensive than buying better quality bedding from Belledorm or Sheridan. Their sheets last well in excess of this time and you also get the quality and comfort from sleeping on premium quality luxury bed linen. You do actually get what you pay for, cheap bedding is normally made from a low grade cotton and polyester blend whereas the branded sheets are normally made from quality linen such as Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton.

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Much is said about the source of the fabrics used in your cotton bedding, thread count, ply and finish are all important when it comes to the final outcome. We all want a bit of quality and opulence so paying that little bit extra for sheets that come with the hotel quality assurance is well worth it. Luxury bedding is woven using the latest technology as the higher the thread count the finer the cotton yarns, this means that the linen is made from long staple fibres that are stronger and last for longer. Peter Reed are at the pinnacle of the luxury bedding market, they produce exceptional linens that have be processed using craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years. Their knowledge of textiles is second to none and they only make bedding that is fit for royalty. Made entirely in the UK you can be rest assured of a premium product that will last for over 10 years or more. You will pay for the quality but once you have tried their sheets and duvet covers you will not want to sleep on anything else.

So next time you are looking to buy some luxury bedding, remember that the cheapest is not always the best value for money. Look at the brands you can trust as they will have luxury, quality and longevity built in. They have a name and reputation to protect so you know that they only produce the finest linens for you to enjoy. Some companies such as Belledorm go as far as to give you a full manufacturer’s guarantee on their Egyptian cotton bedding, this is currently seven years from the date of purchase. With such a promise you cannot go wrong, buy with confidence and trust your instincts.

The Perfect Bedding

How hard can it be you may ask, shopping for the perfect luxury bedding cannot be that hard? Just have a look at all the shopping sites on the internet and you are spoilt for choice, well that is where it is getting too complicated. Unless you are after a certain brand of luxury bed linen or a particular design that you have seen in a high street store you will just be searching and searching until something catches your eye. If you are just after plain white cotton bedding then every store will be able to offer fitted sheets and duvet covers that meet your general criteria. There are certain factors that can skew your selection such as price, not everyone can afford to splash out, so being savvy on the internet shopping sites can be very fruitful and save you a small fortune.

Designer Duvet Sets

It always good to narrow down your search before you decide to take the plunge, what type of fabric do you want, polycotton or cotton? Polyester and cotton blends are man-made and offer good levels of wear and tear and generally do not need to be ironed as much as a natural fibre such as pure linen or cotton, but the latter two are much softer and luxurious to sleep on.

Some bedding sets can differ vastly in cost, this could be due to the fabric being better than others or just the fact that some bedding sets offer matching pillowcases, fitted sheets and base valances. These combo sets or duvet sets really are a good way of saving some money. Designer duvet and quilt cover sets from Sheridan and Peter Reed offer their Egyptian cotton ranges as separates, they are often more expensive but you can accessorise with as many options as you like whereas some bed sets from Belledorm and Nimbus only offer duvet covers and matching pillowcases in sets and this limits the overall look that you can achieve. Take some time and effort to research the look that you are trying to achieve, if you just want to brighten up your bedroom and are not too fussed with creating the perfect boudoir then curtains and duvet sets from Dreams and Drapes may be the best and cheapest bed linen alternative to the other designer bedding brands that are available. Once you have made your mind up you will be in a much better position to choose the perfect bedding set. There are many styles and options for you to choose from but you will have narrowed down the offering and you will be able to focus properly without getting carried away with the huge choice that you will come across.


Choosing the right company to buy your bedding from is also vastly important. Many companies offer branded bedding but they are not all the same, if it sounds too good to be true then it normally is. Give them a ring to see if they can offer you some good advice, if they know their stuff they should be able to answer your questions with relative ease, if not they should know a member of staff that does and they can ring you back within the hour to discuss your requirements in more detail. Good quality bedding is not cheap, so you want to know that you have spent wisely. Once you have found a good source for your luxury bed linen, stick with them and they will reward you with good deals for being a loyal and trusted customer. This relationship is both good for the company and more importantly your peace of mind that they will look after you.

Once you have covered all the basics, colour, quality, fabric, brand and a trusted company you can then venture out of the bedroom and do all the other rooms in your house such as the kids rooms, spare or guest room, bathroom for some new cotton towels or just to restock the linen cupboard if anyone might make an impromptu overnight stay. Good quality bedding is a way of life, sleep is just as important as good quality food and exercise and plays its part in a healthy lifestyle so don’t just overlook it, invest wisely and you will reap the benefits and rewards, work, rest and play.

What Makes Good Cotton Bedding?

Natural cotton bedding has always been softer and smoother than polycotton bedding, which is a fact. With the advancements in man made fibres, is cotton still the fabric of choice? Cotton is fully breathable and only gets better with age. It absorbs more moisture after every wash and softens over time but still retains its robust qualities. Nature has always given us the best answer when to comes to selecting the best materials for the job, cotton is one of things, fibres that are expertly grown, never feels uncomfortable and has been used in the bed linen industry as long as natural linen sheets. Egyptian and Pima cotton bedding are the finest in the world, they use extra long staple fibres which can be spun in super fine yarns that are sumptuous and silky to the touch. Standard cotton bedlinen cannot match long staple cotton for quality and longevity. Luxury Cotton bedding is combed instead of carded, this superior method cleans and purifies the cotton much more effectively leaving you with soft fluffy balls of cotton which can then be manufactured into extremely high thread counts such as 1000 and even 1200 threads per square inch.

What is Thread Count?

One good question that is always asked is how much does thread count really matter? Does it really give you the extra benefits that you pay for? This is a good question and is not necessarily true depending on the quality of the cotton used. Cotton is graded, not all cotton is the same but can be woven to the same thread count. Percale bedding starts at a minimum standard of 200 threads per square inch, this is where the yarns criss-cross over each other 200 times in any given square inch of fabric, the result is a soft smooth fabric. Thread count is a good indicator that good quality yarns have been used as the fine threads can snap during the weaving process if they are of an inferior quality. Super fine yarns are used in the better quality bedding, sometimes they are twisted to give them strength and durability, this is not a cheat of the cotton, it is just the same as a single ply fabric as the yarns are just as tightly packed but they can breathe more effectively.

There is more to it than just one factor when deciding the good from the bad, branded cotton bedding from companies like Sheridan, Belledorm, Peter Reed and Nimbus give you certain guarantees that the fabric they use has been organically grown and the manufacturing process only uses ecologically sound farming, dyeing and bleaching processes. Some processes like Mercerisation, can help the quality of the fabric, this can cause the linen to have a slight sateen look, this is sometimes preferable as the bedding shimmers in the bedroom giving that lustrous boudoir appeal. Pure sateen is a process that is used during the weaving process, the result is a softer and fluffier fabric that can look amazing on white bedding.

Sheridan Sheets and Duvet Covers

Percale fabrics meet a minimum requirement of weaving whereas a sateen fabric is normally any fabric that has been woven with over 300 threads per square inch. Certain striped or check cotton sheets such as a satin stripe duvet cover will have an extremely high thread count. 550 Count is considered to be extremely opulent and gives a soft and comfortable feel while you sleep. So just to recap, look out for the type of cotton, brand, finish and style to ensure you get what you pay for and benefit from a good night’s sleep. This is not to say that you should only choose Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton for your preferred choice of bedding, cotton has been found dating back over 7000 years ago, originally found in Mexico the exact source has never truly been known. The original cotton that is now found in Egypt was imported from modern day Pakistan, 5000 years ago the Pharaohs’ of Egypt slept on linen grown on the lush banks of the Nile Delta. They knew the importance of this natural and organic material even then. Cotton was introduced to us in the UK nearly 500 years ago and is now the choice of everyone who knows the benefit of sleep, how it helps you to function in today’s modern hustle and bustle. Just like recharging a battery, if you do it properly you will get the maximum amount of energy every time, ignore the instructions or advice given and you will receive poor performance just as you will in life.