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Peter Reed Embroidered Bedlinen Sale

Peter Reed Bedlinen

If you have never experienced the luxury and quality of Peter Reed bedlinen now is your chance because we are offer a whopping 20% OFF their sumptuous range of embroidered sheets and duvet covers.

Quality and value for money are things we are looking for today so have a look at the classic yet timeless designs they offer and see how you can save.

Lots of bedlinen is made from Egyptian cotton but what makes Peter Reed different from the others is that all of their ranges are made in their prestigious UK factory based in Lancashire.

What makes Peter Reed different?

The cotton they use for all their sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers comes from Egypt, not just the run of the mill cotton but the best grade of combed cotton.

Peter Reed ensures that they select the highest quality cotton from the banks of the lush Nile delta region. Cotton comes in different grades, not all cotton is the same even when it comes from the same country, sometimes you think you are buying the best when really you are just getting the waste cotton that is made into inferior sheets.

Every company that sells bedlinen in the UK boast about the quality of the fabric but what about the finer points like the stitching and finishing?

This is where Peter Reed really do earn their money, attention to detail is vital and the way that this is achieved takes years and years of practise.

This is something that takes pride of place when you buy embroideries from Peter Reed.

Not Ten, but eleven, reasons to consider Peter Reed

1: Egyptian Cotton

Peter Reed Florence Bedlinen

The cotton used in the manufacture of Peter Reed bed linen is sourced directly from the Nile Delta region of Egypt.

This area with its rich alluvial soil and natural humidity produces a unique and lustrous growth of cotton, considered to be amongst the world’s best fibres.

Egyptian cotton is ideal for use in bed linen because it ‘breathes’, is free from static which attracts dust and thrives upon frequent washing and use.

2: Long Staple Length

Cotton grown in the warm climate and rich soil of the Nile delta is renowned for producing a long staple fibre (over 2 1/4″ in length), which allows the spinning of exceptionally fine yarns.

These fine yarns produce extremely soft, yet durable sheeting cloth.

3: Combed Cotton

Peter Reed percale bed linen is made entirely from specially selected, highest quality combed yarns.

Prior to spinning, any shorter cotton fibres are removed during the combing process.

This ensures that the yarns are spun from only the longest fibres present in the cotton harvest, enhancing the softness of the finished product.

4: High Woven Thread Count

Peter Reed Valencia Bedlinen

The thread count of a cloth is the number of intersections of yarns (Warp and Weft) in a given area (expressed in terms in one square inch or centimetre).

Cloths with more than 180 threads per square inch are classified as ‘Percales’ and more than 250 per square inch ‘Super Percales’. Fine thread counts are quoted after natural washing shrinkage has occurred.

Thread counts relating to cloths which contain multi-ply yarns can be misleading as they do not reflect a pure measure of intersections in the weave.

Peter Reed sheeting constructions have been produced over many years and are established as industry and hotel standard qualities.

5: Woven Selvedge’s

All bleached Peter Reed sheets are finished with a dedicated woven selvedge, where possible, rather than being sewn around all four hems.

A woven selvedge is formed when the fabric is in the loom and provides a strong and clean edge to the cloth, which will outlast a sewn hem in laundering.

6: Sizing and Allowances for Shrinkage

Peter Reed Matisse Bedlinen

Peter Reed flat sheets are made with high allowance for shrinkage which ensures adequate tuck-in is available for extra deep mattresses.

King size sheets are finished at 117” (295cms) and super king at a luxurious 126” (320cms). Fitted sheets and duvet covers are all made with allowance for 5-8% shrinkage, which will occur during the first few washes of the item.

In line with industry standards practice, flat sheets and pillowcases are labelled with actual sewn sizes, whereas fitted sheets, valances and duvet covers are labelled with residual size after expected shrinkage.

Peter Reed fitted sheets are made with a generous gusset which will accommodate mattresses up to 10” (25cms) deep; deeper gussets are available by special order.

7: Generous Hems

All Peter Reed hems are sewn with at least 12 stitches per inch to ensure durability throughout the laundering life of the article.

The 1¼” (3.125cms) wide bottom hem and 3” (7.65cms) wide top hem provide a rich finish to the sheets and help them to be ironed more easily by hand or calendering machine.

8: Cord Stitching

All Peter Reed ranges are finished with classic cord stitching which is sewn with 28 stitches per inch.

In the days when all linens were bleached white, differing numbers of rows of cord stitching were applied to help identify the various grades of sheets. Peter Reed linens continue this tradition today with extra rows of cording for higher thread count cloths.

9: Over locking with Safety Stitch

All Peter Reed duvet covers and standard pillowcases are finished with a double over lock and safety stitch for long durability in laundering and bed making.

10: Traditional Mitred Pillowcases

Peter Reed ‘Oxford style’ pillowcases with a decorative flange, or sham, around the case, are sewn with traditional mitred corners throughout.

Their construction requires assembly of three separate pieces of fabric and skilful sewing.

The end result is a flange which supports itself at the corners when placed on the bed, unlike the simpler ‘mock’ Oxford construction which can give a ‘rabbit ear’ effect.

11: Labelling & Laundering Care:

Peter Reed linens are labelled with European and US standard washing instructions and also include a generic size sewing-in label for easy identification and housekeeping.

Cotton should be washed at as high a temperature as possible for best results with a low concentrate detergent. Ironing is recommended whilst the fabric is damp and on the reverse side of embroidered areas for best effect.

On sale now

Have a look at our range of Peter Reed sale items, all backed by our Best Price Promise Guarantee.

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Not all cotton bedding is equal, more and more of our customers are now choosing higher thread count luxury bed linen and one of the most popular is the 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding range.

The Sheridan brand

Sheridan is made from a superior grade of hotel quality cotton sateen and not from the more luxurious Egyptian cotton we have all come to love and appreciate for its soft, cool and crisp texture.

There is nothing finer than slipping between the sheets when your bedding has just been washed. The long staple fibres make this a technical marvel, you need this extra length in order to spin the cotton that much finer, the results are clear for all to see with a super crisp or silky satin feel to your bedding.

There are other areas in the world that produce extremely high quality cotton but Egyptian cotton has become a brand in its own right. The conditions found in Egypt are superb and are just right for a consistently high yield every year that is why you can always rely on getting a good quality product.

Why choose 1000 thread count bedding?

What makes it superior to other grades of Bedding? Well, cotton is sold in different grades and the more expensive the bedding the better quality the cotton that is used in the manufacturing process.

Peter Reed 1000 Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Take for example our Peter Reed 1000 Thread Count Egyptian cotton bedding range.

This awesome fabric uses choice select crops and utilises the finest mills in Egypt to produce that fabric which is then shipped off to their Lancashire factory to seamstresses using age old techniques to hand craft the finest bedding you will find anywhere in the world.

Only found in the best shops on the high street this bedding is all about attention to detail and quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Not the cheapest bed linen in the world but you certainly receive what you pay for in terms of quality and luxury.

Hotel Quality

More and more bedding is sold as Hotel Quality. What is hotel quality and why is this important? Another very good question, hotels have over the years have used a variety of different fabrics and thread counts and spent millions developing the best bedding fabrics to use.

They have key indicators such as washing, drying and ironing capabilities to find out how things react and how quickly they can be laundered and used again.

Customer experience is also vital in this process as good feedback and a fantastic sleep will make their customers into loyal ones that return year after year.

Sheridan 1000 Count White Cotton Sheets

Brand loyalty is very important in the hotel sector so if it is good for them it is certainly very good for the domestic market.

Cost price is also an issue so getting the right mix of longevity and quality is vital for the success of the best hotels in the world.

Our Sheridan Hotel Quality 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sateen bedding is a very good example of this, strong and extremely robust whilst giving you the best mix of sumptuous cotton you will ever have the pleasure of sleeping on.

Cheaper than Egyptian cotton but no less as luxurious and one of the best high thread count luxury bed linens on the UK market today.

Preparing cotton the right way

As cotton is a natural product, the quality used to make the yarns is paramount in creating high quality woven bedding. Growing conditions like the weather, grade of soil and ideal temperature conditions effect the outcome of the plant type and quality.

The care with which the cotton is prepared before being made into a yarn that can be woven all go to determine the quality of the bedding that you sleep on.

A lot of the traditional techniques have gone and only a hand full of factories still manufacturer Egyptian cotton bedding in the old ways.

Heavy weight luxury bed linen

Belledorm 1000 Count Egyptian Cotton Bedding

One fine example of this heavy weight luxury bed linen is made by Belledorm, we stock the entire range including their 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton bedding is so good that it is one of our absolute favourites.

Not a cheap bedding range by any means but well worth the investment as the final product is what you would expect the Pharaohs’ to sleep on.

High grade cotton that has been expertly crafted into a plain yet elegant luxury bed linen that is sure to give you that stay in bed feeling every time.

Nothing has been compromised, this is a bedding range that has not succumb to the cost cutting exercises that many other manufacturers have had to do in order to remain competitive, this is all about the product.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the only two words that come to mind and this can only be bought if money is not your key concern. So just to recap, bedding that is made to these exacting standards all have the following in common:

  1. Superior Grade of Cotton
  2. Long Staple Fibres
  3. Fine Silky Yarns
  4. Strong and Robust
  5. Quality and Craftsmanship
  6. Longevity
  7. Hotel Quality
  8. Mercerisation
  9. Sanforisation
  10. Low Chemical and Bleach Usage

Remember we stock this extremely strong and durable fabric from some of the most well known bedding brands in the UK such as Belledorm, Peter Reed and Sheridan.

How To Sleep Better

After working hard all day and negotiating the traffics jams, there is nothing better than when you arrive home having a drink of wine and relaxing over dinner, but to truly rejuvenate and recharge your batteries for the long slog ahead of you tomorrow your bed is the only place than can give you the rest you need. 

Selecting the right bed is money well spent but if you do not do your research properly and have a clear outline of your needs, you could be pouring money down the drain.

Branded beds are normally a good option as they give you certain quality you can expect and you know that larger companies employ rigorous testing and environmental procedures before putting out their products for sale.

However the best way to make a decision is to go and try one out for yourself. Tell the salesperson how you like the mattress, they come in different shapes and sizes and offer hard and soft surfaces which can be quite daunting but take your time as beds and mattress are very expensive and are items that you expect to have for many years.

Choosing the right bed linen

Peter Reed Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bed Linens

Once you have ordered your new bed, the next thing you will be thinking about is some new fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

This is where quite a lot of people tend to buy cheap bedding as they do not give it the same sense of purpose as the mattress but it is equally as important to get it right here as luxury bedding will help you relax and unwind much easier and faster than cheap sheets and quilt covers.

Once again, buying from a reputable bedding brand such as Sheridan, Peter Reed, Belledorm and Nimbus guarantees you a certain level of craftsmanship and quality built into their product ranges.

Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton fabrics are in our opinion the finest in the world and not only will they give you a feeling of opulence and luxury, they will also last for much longer than cheaper alternatives.

1: Bedding Fabric

The vast majority of bed sheets and duvet covers are made from cotton or manmade polyester and cotton blends called polycottons.

Cotton is the preferred choice as it is soft and crisp to touch and feels sumptuous and looks elegant and is reserved for the high threads such as 600, 800 or even 1200 thread count.

Polycotton sheets are inherently easy care and more affordable and are ideal for children and the elderly as they can be washed and ironed with relative ease and last for years and years if you buy the better quality percale sheets.

2: Bed Linen Size

MONSOON Luxury Duvet Covers

Most bed manufacturers make and produce standard size fitted sheets but some are now producing many sizes that are only found on the continent, such as the extra long single 75cm and 90cm x 200cm mattresses and even the super large 200cm x 200cm emperor beds.

Finding luxury bed linen in these sizes is very difficult but you can view a large selection from Bedlinen Direct.

We sell a vast array of sizes and qualities and you will be surprised at the amount of choice you now have for these hard to find fitted sheets and mattress protectors.

3: Designs

Luxury bed linen was once only made in white, ivory or cream, plain in design and embellishment but as the demand increased the price came down and more and more people could afford to buy bigger beds and mattresses.

The bedding manufacturers followed suit and they started to create some fantastic duvet cover designs and embroidered sheets from companies like Peter Reed (see our range here), they ooze style and sophistication if you are prepared to spend some money on the finer thing in life.

Once the preserve of the rich and famous, this elegant and sumptuous bedding is now more accessible than ever, you don’t need to save a small fortune anymore to experience such fabulous bedding.