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How To Change A Duvet Cover?

How to change a duvet cover? This is a common question we are often asked and there is no wrong or right way to change your duvet cover. Personal preference will always be the best option but if you do not have any assistance some of the tips below may help you with this weekly task.

Changing the duvet cover is not an easy job to do and can be quite frustrating, getting the duvet itself to sit in the four corners can be an enigma and not a job for those of us who easily get annoyed.

Just how hard can it be, we are only putting a square object in to a purpose made square cover?

Preparing the duvet cover

So lets just try and put this one to bed so to speak.

First of all prepare the the duvet cover, make sure you have done all the washing and ironing you need to do to make the cover look stunning once you have place the duvet inside.

Next grab your duvet and take a deep breath, make sure you have it the right way up and place it neatly onto your bed.

Getting the duvet in!

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Now place your hands inside the duvet covers and grab hold of the two top coners and gently pull them inside out. Grabbing hold of the same two top corners on your duvet replace the corners back inside the duvet covers taking the duvet with you.

Once you have pulled both the duvet and cover the right way round you should have hold of the top two corners with the cover the right way round.

Now comes the tricky part, holding firmly give the whole ensemble a good firm shake, the duvet cover should then start to cover the rest of the duvet and lie perfectly in place.

Close the buttons and poppers and repeat the shake down holding the two opposite corners to ensure an even distribution of the duvet fillings and ensure that the four corners are now in place.

With that now in place you can enjoy a good nights sleep as you have certainly earned it!

Easy swap duvet system

Just to let you know some luxury bedlinen companies such as Belledorm and Nimbus manufacture an easy swap duvet system where you have hand holes at the top of the duvet cover.

You just place your hands inside the duvet cover and pull the top of your duvet through and into place. This is a much easier system and less stressful and you can place the duvet exactly where you want it first time – now why didn’t you say so before we hear you ask!

Goose Down Duvet Buying Tips

Luxury Goose Down Duvets

Where do we start, there are so many fillings and brands to choose, how do you know which is the best duvet for you?

We will try to answer a few questions for you with our top 5 goose down duvet buying tips, read on below to see what may be right for you and wrong for others.

Not all duvets are the same, some natural fillings are better than others whereas man made fibres can be better for allergy suffers and children.

1: The outer cover

Some companies rave on about the fillings but not much emphasis is placed on the outer cover, this is extremely important as this is the barrier between you and the down or feathers.

Most covers are made from strong and robust cotton cambric, the better quality duvets have a high thread count such as 250 to 300 threads per square inch.

This tightly woven fabric helps prevent the fillings from escaping through the weave, some cheaper duvets use feathers with sharper quills that can protrude through the cotton and leak into the bed. You may sometimes see the odd stray feather when you get out of bed.

Most brands of duvet manufacturers such as Die Zudecke and Nimbus use the best quality cover. They feel soft and silky to the touch but play an important part in the longevity of the product and this is why they can safely offer a full 10 year manufacturers guarantee against defects and leakage.

Don’t be fooled by some claims of ultra high thread count covers, some are not as strong and offer very little resistance to dust mite penetration. Look out for brands that have been supplying quality duvets for many years as this is a good sign of quality and reliability of the duvet.

2: Quality of the down

Die Zudecke Canadian Goose Down Duvets

The quality of the down is very important, the cleaning and drying of the down clusters and feathers is where the real benefit lies.

Fill Power was designed as a genuine scale of quality and loft, this measures how good the fillings are in terms of their lightness and cleanliness. You can read more about it on Wikipedia here.

A high fill rated duvet is not just good at keeping you warm but is equally as good at releasing trapped warm air which helps maintain a healthy night’s sleep.

The range of quality duvets starts at around 450 fill power rising to over 800 for the better quality duvets.

Siberian, Canadian and Hungarian downs all fall in to this premium quality range, normally these duvets have 100% pure down but some in order to get a better price point have a blend of 90% pure down and only 10% feathers, this is the lowest mix we would recommend for a first class all round performance.

It is important to remember than the higher fill power rated duvets are much lighter than others, so if you want a heavier and more snug duvet go for a lower rated products or try a goose feather and down duvet with a 50/50 mix or a 30/70 mix.

3: Construction and engineering

Siberian Goose Down Duvets

Construction and engineering is vital in getting the best out of your luxury duvet, the more expensive the item generally is the more you get in terms of unseen benefits.

The vast majority of the science behind the duvet is hidden inside.

Cassette construction is where the item is zoned into individual cells, this is vital to maintain an overall total coverage without the filling bunching up in the corners, making pat of the quilt very warm and leaving cold spots in other areas.

On top of this, you also benefit from internal baffle walls, this is where extra pieces of cotton fabric are sewn into the side wall of the internal cells, acting like large internal sails they redistribute the down back into the middle of the cell every time you move during the sleep cycle.

This effectively maintains even distribution over the entire length and breadth of the duvet. Try to avoid channel construction, this is one of the cheapest ways to products duvets, the fillings are normally cheap wadding and they cannot be relied upon to give the right heat and cooling conditions.

This type of stitching is normally found on more decorative pieces such as comforters and bedspreads where the design is more important than the function.

4: Cleaning

The Fine Bedding Company Siberian Goosedown Duvet

Cleaning is always paramount in anyone’s mind when looking for a new duvet.

Many manufacturers claim that their products can be machine washed but do not guarantee them to be safe if you use a high street or commercial laundry due to the fact that these machines can be quite overly mechanical and can destroy the filling with too much water and heat.

So if you do not have a washing machine at home with a large drum size then do what you can to keep the duvet clean?

Washing your bedding every week not only helps keep dust mites at bay but this will also help reduce any need to wash the goose down duvet you have.

If you can air out the duvet once a month with a good shake this will help revitalise and oxygenate the down making it feel just as good as new.

For better results, every few months put the duvet out on the washing to give it a good airing out, you will be amazed at the results. Just bear in mind, keep them away from tumble driers and water and they will last you for many years to come.

5: The right bedding

Belledorm 400 Thread Count Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Luxury Bedding is essential to create the ideal sleeping conditions, there is no point investing in your new duvet and covering it with a cheap duvet cover.

This also needs to be made from a quality cotton with a good thread count, the better the fabric the better it will breathe and allow your goose down duvet to do its job properly.

If you use a heavier weight cover this will affect the overall effectiveness of the pure down. Also good quality duvet covers and sheets can be washed more often helping to keep the duvet clean.

Hygiene is a key part in using a duvet or quilt cover but comfort and quality is the best way to enjoy your sleeping experience. Keep your investment protected from life’s little accidents and it will give you years of healthy and uninterrupted sleep.

So where to buy a proper goose down duvet?

Well obviously with us! We stock the highest quality goose down duvets so you don’t need to “buy cheap, buy twice”