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Summer Weight Siberian Goose Down Duvets

European and North American goose down is generally considered to be of superior quality, mostly due to the harvesting, sorting, quality standards and sanitizing procedures which are very highly regulated compared to the relatively unregulated practices in China.

Manufactured in the United kingdom to the highest standards, our pure down duvets and pillows will give a lifetime of comfort and lasting quality. Siberian Down is known for its superior quality giving you unparalleled levels of warmth, softness and loft. The quality of pure down sourced by our manufacturer is aimed only at the very top hotels worldwide, with a high fill power rating of 815, you can be reassured you are getting exactly what you pay for.

As summer draws nearer we are now offering you a selection of light weight summer weight duvets, starting at the light weight 2.4 TOG ranging up to 7 TOG for those of us who still prefer to have that snug feeling no matter what the weather is like outside. The duvets are generously filled with luxurious 100% Siberian Down encased in a fantastic 300 Thread Count cover. This breathable mite proof cover is extremely strong and robust and is engineered with cassette construction and internal baffle walls.

The attention to detail and final stitching is second to none, manufacturing to the same exacting standards as you will find in the top hotels throughout Europe and America.

Filled with pure White Siberian Goose down, these duvets give maximum warmth with minimum weight combined with unrivaled softness and comfort. This natural filling absorbs and transports body moisture, so you will feel warm and comfortable in winter, light and cool in summer. Naturally breathable, Natural softness, Machine Washable and can be tumble dried