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Summer Bedding

Luxury Summer Weight Duvets

When is the best time to start looking for some new summer bedding?

Winter is nearly gone and the heavy weight winter sheets will need to be put back in the linen cupboard but do you need some new lightweight or summer weight duvets, duvet covers or luxury cotton sheets?

When the sun is shining we all want to add a splash of colour or style into our bedrooms so what is the best fabric to use in order to get the best out of our bedding?

Should it be polycotton or Egyptian cotton for our duvet covers? Or should it be microfiber or natural down for summer weight duvets?

At Bedlinen Direct we know how hard it can be to find the right bedding at the right price, cheap bedding is not always the best way to go but we still want value for money when spending our hard earned cash.

Which duvet covers?

Let’s start with some luxury, Egyptian cotton duvet covers. These sumptuous duvet sets were normally just sold in plain colours like white, ivory or cream but as the demand for better quality fabrics increased so the cost price decreased and resulted in more choice.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Famous brands like Peter Reed, Belledorm, Sheridan and Helena Springfield now range some of the best quality cotton duvet cover sets you can buy. They use the best quality fabrics and design them in a way that just oozes style and sophistication.

They employ the best designers to create some awesome masterpieces for your bedroom, elegant use of materials and colours to create the perfect ambience.

So whether it is Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton or Cotton sateen you are sure to receive a premium quality product. All you need to do now is choose which designs suit your bedroom the best, most bedding manufacturers are getting adventurous in terms of design and colour.

Have a look at our summer weight duvets, there are plenty to choose from.

A good way of injecting some colour into the bedroom is with cushions and bed runners or throws, cheap and very effective and won’t cost you the earth if the shade or hue is not just right.

Cotton or polytcotton

Cotton is preferable over polycotton during the summer months as the wicking effect you get from cotton is second to none (and you wouldn’t believe the science that goes into this wicking effect!).

Cotton sheets just get softer with each and every wash so they are certainly the best choice not just for spring or summer but also the colder months too.

Polycotton duvet cover sets from companies such as Belledorm offer great value for money, good design and expert craftsmanship bring you a very good product that is both easy to wash and even easier to iron.

During summer just try and avoid heavy fabrics such as taffeta and jacquards as they do not allow the body to breathe as effectively as lighter fabrics like cotton and silk.

Browse our Egyptian cotton sheet range as well as our other cotton sheets for ideas on colours and choice.

What TOG rating?

Now we have decided which fabric we are going to use for our summer duvet covers and pillowcases we have to select the right filling for our summer duvets and pillows.

Most manufacturers offer a vast selection of Togs ranging from a superlight weight 2.5 TOG duvet which is ideal for the warmest months, right up to the heavy weight 15.0 TOG duvet which can keep out an arctic winter but let’s just keep the choice to the summer options which go from 6.0 TOG to 2.5 TOG for now.

If you want the low down on TOG rating have a read of this Wikipedia entry.

Manmade microfibres, natural feather and down or pure wool?

Luxury Microfibre Duvets

The two main choices are between manmade microfibers which can be known as many different brands but is essentially still the same filling or natural feather and down like duck, goose or more recently pure wool.

Microfiber duvets offer good levels of insulation and the filling is inherently anti allergy so this option is great for those who still get chilly on a warm night or for children and the elderly with mild allergy symptoms like house dust mite issues.

We’ve got a large selection of Dacron Comforel options worth considering.

However they are not as effective at releasing trapped warm air as a natural filling but the cost benefits can sometimes outweigh the need for absolute body regulation you get from a pure down duvet. If you want a natural alternative there are just as many options for you to choose from starting at the goose feather and down duvets.

Just as good as a man made duvet and just as comparable in quality and costs. Feather and down is heavier than pure down and offers just the same in terms of temperature regulation as the man made duvets.

Pure Down

Luxury Pure Down Summer Weight Duvets

If you want the best quality and money is no object, then go for a pure down duvet, you will not regret it. Just like Egyptian cotton is reserved for the very best bedding, Siberian, Canadian and Hungarian down is considered to be a premium product.

Pure down is very light and soft which is just what you need to keep you cool during the summer months, Fill Power is a vital measurement of quality when choosing this type of duvet.

The higher the rating the cleaner and more refined the down is, less impurities make the down lighter which when warmed with your body makes the down rise and release trapped warm air.

This process allows your body to cool down effectively and helps you maintain a consistent and healthy temperature whilst you sleep. When they say it is like sleeping under a soft fluffy cloud – they mean it!

Our pure down duvets can be found here.

Fill power

The average duvet has an approximate 450 fill power rating, good quality and good value for money pure down duvets should have a fill power rating of between 600 and 800, do not accept a down duvet that has less than this as the chances are the down is not very clean and as good as you may think it is.

To give you a more clear idea, eider down is considered to be the best in the world, this handpicked down is very hard to come by and has a consistent fill power of over 1200.

You can expect to pay well in excess of £1000.00 for the genuine article so this can give you a gauge of what you should expect to pay for a more reasonable luxury down duvet.

What is Coolmax Bedding?

Coolmax Bedding

Coolmax bedding and performance fabrics are manufactured under license from Dupont industries.

Coolmax is the trademark used to describe a series of moisture and advanced wicking fabrics that were first developed in 1986.

The superb breath-ability of the bedding material is much greater than natural fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends.

The way that the fabric is produced increases evaporation and wicks away moisture from its central core in such a way that the user feels cool and fresh no matter how long they lie on or in the sheets.

Initially used in performance clothing for today super athletes, sweat is required to evaporate much more quickly from the surface so the user is kept dry.

The fabric is also resistant to fading, shrinkage and creasing which makes it the ideal material to use in today’s bedding.

Coolmax can be blended with other yarns such as cotton, wool or tencel, for best results in your bedding 100% Coolmax fabric is preferred. Although more expensive, it helps with nights sweats and menopause can be combated much more effectively than with mixed products.

Wicking is the action that is described as drawing away moisture from the skin through capillary action.

How can Coolmax help me?

Summer Sheets and Duvet Covers

So now you know what Coolmax bedding is, the next question is how can it help me?

Bedding is the most important material that we use in our lives.

We spend a long time in bed and some of us are very unlucky and we suffer from heat and night sweats.

This symptom can be exhausting and drain the body of its energy and deprives us of our much needed sleep.

Many memory foam mattresses can cause heat build up so if you have one and you are suffering try some Coolmax fitted sheets and pillowcases, they will help tremendously.

Five times more effective than cotton

Counteracting the effects of hot flushes and night sweats can be a arduous task so Dupont manufactures this revolutionary fabric for you to benefit from, up to 5 times more effective than cotton and other fabrics.

Temperature controlled bedding gives much more relief than just using lighter duvets and blankets. Unfortunately the bedding, sheets and duvet covers only come in white, although they can look clinical they feel soft and silky to the touch, easily machine washable and do not require ironing as you do with other bedding materials.

So if you suffer from the following take a look at our full range of Coolmax Bedding products:

  • Memory foam mattresses which cause excessive over heating through the night.
  • Hot Flushes caused by the menopause.
  • Excessive sweating due to medication or severe illnesses.

All of our ranges are made to order so check our Coolmax range and if you have a size requirement that is not listed then please email us your dimensions and we will gladly send a quote.