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Cotton Bedspreads

Luxury Cotton Quilted Bedspreads

Cotton bedspreads are great for summer as they are light and cool.

Filled with super soft absorbent cotton that is much better than blankets and duvets for the warm summer months.

Bedspreads come in a variety of designs and colours and the fillings are normally cotton or polycotton depending on the price you want to pay.

We would prefer the better quality bedspreads which are quilted or come with classic design such as patchwork or country style gingham.

Bedspreads and allergies

Cotton is great for those who suffer from any allergies, it is less irritable than man-made polycotton fibres and lasts for an extremely long time. Natural fibres are also much cooler and softer to the touch, you can machine wash them if you have a big enough washing machine but drying them can be much harder as they do not like tumble driers.

Line drying is preferred or taking them to the dry cleaners as they smell fresh and crisp when dried on a nice summer’s day.

Bedspreads offer a vast assortment of designs and colours, capturing the essence of a country summers day or just jazzing up a loft apartment, you will find a style to suit everyone’s bedroom.

You can even use them as a large picnic blanket, throw over your favourite chairs or sofa, the uses are endless, all you need is some imagination or some pointers.

They are designed to drape over your bed covering the entire mattress and part of the divan or if you would prefer the entire bed and the base, accessorising with cushions and cotton pillow shams can complete the look.

Bedspread buying tips

Belledorm Country Diary Bedspreads
Belledorm Country Diary Bedspreads

Some good tips for buying the better quality bedspreads is the weight of the cotton filling in GSM, the heavier the better.

Quilted throws made from polycotton are not as good as they are sometimes too light and just fall off the bed when you turn over while you sleep.

Some of the better versions are made from patchwork quilt designs and are manufactured using traditional techniques, much heavier and feel very sumptuous.

Not all the designs for summer are made from just white or ivory, this summer many bedspreads have pastel shades of green, blue and yellow.

We’ve noticed red is becoming more and more popular especially if they are part of a bedding collection such as our best selling Country Diary range by Belledorm.

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