The Perfect Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

How do we choose perfect white Egyptian cotton sheets?

Looking online is much more convenient, as trawling through the high street shops is not as good as it sounds.

Many online retailers have more knowledge about their products whereas many department stores staff are not as highly trained in all the different sheets and duvet covers they sell.

How can you make an informed decision if you do not know the difference between one product and another?

If you are not sure what you are buying you are not going to purchase your new Egyptian cotton sheets with any confidence. It is a difficult process and one filled with many factors and questions that need to be answered in full and not just breezed over in the shop.

Once you have had a good look around, some of the more obvious questions spring to mind like:

  • What is thread count?
  • What is cotton sateen?
  • What is ply?
  • What is the country of origin?

Egyptian but not Egyptian

You will find that the vast majority of Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers are not even made in Egypt but are manufactured in places like China, India and Pakistan.

So how can they be Egyptian cotton you may ask, well this is another good question and it is all to do with the content of the cotton yarn.

Although the best bedding made from Egyptian cotton will be the ones that are entirely produced and packaged in Egypt and you can tell this by looking for the official government stamp of approval which is embossed on the packaging and wash care labels.

This useful article covers some other pitfalls while you can find our range of genuine Egyptian cotton sheets here.

What makes Egyptian cotton different?

Egyptian Cotton Goverment Seal of Approval

Cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton duvet covers produced in Egypt are super soft to the touch, the best grade of cotton is normally spun to the highest thread counts.

This is where the fabric is woven for example to 400 threads per any given square inch, standards sheets are normally woven to 200 threads per square inch although they are still nice and soft and a pleasure to sleep on the 400 count cotton sheets and above are twice as good and will last a lot longer.

This is down to the strength of the raw cotton, Egyptian cotton has extra long staple fibres as the condition found on the upper reaches of the Nile are the best in the world for producing high quality cotton crops.

The extra long staple lengths can be spun much finer than other grades of cotton producing a high quality, super strength and highly robust fabric.

Another well known fact about cotton is that is very absorbent and washes well. Cotton from Egypt is superior as it gets softer with every wash, so the more you use it the better it becomes, this long lasting comfort is well worth the extra as it will give you years of lasting use and quality.

Pay more, save more

Egyptian cotton satin stripe bedding

So can expensive sheets really be good value for money?

Well the answer is yes but you do have to look at it in the long term. If your luxury bedding will last 2- 3 times longer than the cheaper bedding and it only costs twice as much then in the long run you will have more use out of it but you will have also benefitted from the better quality and more luxurious fabric to sleep on.

Many of the top hotels use the best quality sheets, not only to give their customers a better stay and sleep but also because the sheets last longer and give better return on their investment. Pay now and benefit later, this is advice that definitely will benefit you when it comes to buying the perfect Egyptian cotton sheets.

So should you buy from a reputable well known bedding brand or can you buy from just anybody out there on the internet? Buying from a brand leader such as Peter Reed, Sheridan or Belledorm does guarantee you a few certain things.

Genuine 100% Egyptian cotton and no other lesser quality cottons blended in with the fabric to get the costs down. Cheap sheets made from Egyptian cotton are sometimes mixed with other cottons that have a lesser value so be warned if you buy cheap than you will get what you have paid for.

Sheridan Bedding

Branded bedding is all based on reputation and one that is vital for the longevity and respect that a major bedding manufacturer has to live up to.

It is also good to point out that cotton is naturally organic and requires little or no amount of chemicals to produce premium quality cotton sheets and the bigger companies all have Eco friendly and environmental policies in place so you can be assured that you do your bit for the environment and the welfare of the people who make the bedding by buying a respected brand product.

We stock all three brands at the following links:

And they are all covered by our Best Price Promise guarantee so you simply can’t buy better!