Winter Bedding Tips

Winter Weight Duvet and Pillows

The last few weeks have seen the back of our short summer, the temperature has plummeted and we are now looking to get out our range of winter bedding, but what type of bedding is the best to use?

Heavy weight bedding has always been the most practical over the years but much research has been done into using lighter sheets and duvets and layering them up to provide better levels of insulation.

This has achieved better results due to the trapped warm air being heated and providing a barrier between the cold outside and the warm inner layers, keeping you as snug as a bug.

A good source of insulation can come through a lightweight blanket or one of our down duvets and mattress toppers. If it is good enough to stop sheep from freezing it is certainly good enough to keep us warm in our modern insulated homes.

Flannelette brushed cotton sheets and duvet covers are very fluffy and have been the nation’s favourite way of keeping warm in bed for as long as people can remember.

Choosing the right combination

Choosing the right combination is vital as being too warm can also stop you from having a good nights sleep, so ask yourself a few honest questions before making the bed.

Do I get hot at night or am I constantly cold, do we like to be snug while we sleep or do we both prefer to feel nothing or very light contact with the bedding as possible?

Pure Wool Duvets and Pillows

Some natural products like wool offer light weight products and still give amazing amounts of warmth and also allow trapped warm to be released, stopping you from getting too hot.

Modern light weight hotel blankets are perfect just to give you an added layer of protection for those really cold nights or try our good old cotton waffle blankets which are great for everyday use as well as sleeping and travelling.

Believe it or not colour also adds to that all important feeling of being warm, light pastels shades are ideal for summer but bright bold shades are ideal for winter. The strong shades give that rich warm feeling added with some texture like taffeta and satin the outcome is awesome.

Hotel Quality Night Blankets

Keep warm and take a good look at your duvets and pillows, natural fillings like goose down are the best.

They are soft and light and can offer superior levels of insulation, coming in a mind boggling variety of styles and quality this can be a daunting prospect.

The more you pay the better the product will be as you certainly get what you pay for when it comes to buying luxury bedding.

Some man-made filling like these Dacron Comforel duvets are equally as good as wool and goose down and come with added anti allergy properties which are good those of us who suffer from the dreaded dust mites and other home related allergies.