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The Bedlinen Direct blog is all about keeping our followers and readers up to date with the latest in everything to do with bedding.

We’re also keen to share stories and other information wherever they have value and so we welcome guest posts and articles.

Please note the following:

  • We do not accept posts or articles from content writers, only from writers who have their own blog or website.
  • We will place a link to one of your profiles (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) in the article and a link to your website or blog.
  • If we don’t think your post or article fits we’ll let you know and work with you to see if we can find a solution.

At present we are particularly interested in guest blog posts:

  • from a photographer and on the subject of using bed linen for photography, e.g. as backdrops when taking baby photographs.
  • from a photographer about how best to take photos of bedrooms.
  • from anyone who wants to share what bed linen they purchased recently, how they came to the decision that the type they bought would be for them and whether they think they made the right choice or have any regrets!

We’re not limited to the above. If you have an idea get in touch!

When contacting us please include details of where we can find your current blog or website and a basic outline of the article or post you have in mind.

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