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Euroquilt Climarelle Cool Pillows

  • Made in UK
  • Dacron Climarelle Fillings
  • Reduce Body Heat
  • Soft With Medium Support
  • Lightweight & Fully Breathable
  • 233 Thread Count Cotton Case
  • Ideal for Hot Night Sweats
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    Euroquilt Climarelle Cool Pillows

      Euroquilt Climarelle Cool Temperature Regulating Pillows are made in the UK to ensure excellent quality and comfort.

      A luxury filling wrapped in a cotton case specifically designed to reduce heat build from your body up while you sleep.

      The fibres actually adjust to your temperature by expanding when they get too hot providing a cooling effect.

      They then shrink again as they cool down releasing stored up heat improving the insulating cooling.

      A good absorber of moisture makes Climarelle™ ideal for if you suffer from hot night sweats.

      Climarelle® contains fine and light filling fibres and a high-tech soft liner with integrated Climarelle® microcapsules.

      This excellent combination helps to provide a better sleeping environment and gives you a restful and dry sleep.

      Thermo regulating Climarelle® microcapsules are actively released during the cooling effect.

      Machine washable at 40°C and tumble dryer safe on a low setting only.

      Please Note: Allow 7 days for delivery

    Climarelle Pillow Sizes

  • Standard: 50cm x 75cm
  • Superking: 50cm x 90cm
  • Square: 65cm x 65cm
  • Emperor: 50cm x 100cm

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