Differences Between Coolmax Bedding and Climarelle Bedding?

If you suffer from hot sweats and find sleeping uncomfortable you will have probably asked yourself what are the main differences between Coolmax Bedding and Climarelle Bedding?

Coolmax bedding is specifically engineered to keep users dry and comfortable during the night. Now used in sportswear to absorb sweat from the body keeping athletes dryer than they would be if they wore cotton clothes, the same applies to bedding.The fabric is made up of 4 to 6 channels of fibres that absorb moisture and lock it away in the special layers keeping the skin dry, this action allows the user to cool down much more efficiently. The moisture or sweat then dries out over a long period of time just like when you get out of bed leaving the fabric to air out during the day. This action is called thermoregulation and aides the body in the evaporative cooling action required to maintain a healthy temperature whilst you sleep.

Climarelle Bedding is the filling for duvets, pillows and mattress protectors, this special fibre actually absorbs heat from the body. The fibres adjust your body temperature by expanding when they get hot and shrinking again while they cool down. They release the stored up heat as they cool down which helps your body cool and regulate heat naturally. If you want to get really technical try this article from Innovation in Textiles or if you are already sold have a look at our Climarelle range!

Climarelle and Coolmax work together to control heat and minimise hot flushes and cold sweats by eliminating excessive heat build while you sleep. The microcapulates in the special fibres remove heat and provide the perfect sleeping temperature for each individual. The filling is extremely light weight and does not give you a feeling of over bearing with too much material draped over the body.

Both Coolmax and Climarelle offer superb levels and comfort and softness, you can still have that important feeling of a warm snug bed without the heat and sweat problems. The fabric and fibres of these special materials are extremely strong and resilient and provide optimum levels of support in the pillowcase and duvets. By balancing and reducing your body temperature the two fabric fabrics combine well to give you a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Coolmax is now used in many applications where the need to keep a fresh clean and dry environment such as bedlinen, work wear, sportswear and clothing. Not just for specialist applications but for everyday use and lifestyles. Many bed and mattress manufacturers now make toppers covered in Coolmax fabrics as this is a good covering for memory foam mattresses and toppers as they allow the body to cool down as one side effect of foam is heat build up which can cause excessive sweating.

The fabric is also great for washing and drying, the easy care properties of Coolmax ensure that no ironing is required to make the sheets look pristine, one of the many advantages of this unique and special bedlinen product.