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Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets are our 5 STAR top of the range luxury pure goose down duvets.

Filled with a soft pure down with no feathers guaranteed and wrapped in the finest 460 thread count cotton cases.

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Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets are our 5 STAR top of the range luxury pure goose down duvets.

Filled with a soft pure down with no feathers guaranteed and wrapped in the finest 460 thread count cotton cases.

When only the very best quality and comfort is required, look no further than the spec on our ultimate Hungarian range.

Starting with the extremely efficient 850 Fill Power Rated pure Hungarian down, the true test of quality, loft and cleanliness.

Then wrapped up in the 460 Thread Count Cotton cases for that that all important feeling of pure luxury and sophistication.

The cases are expertly finished with white sateen piping and double stitch baffle box construction to ensure even body coverage.

To ensure a consistently high quality of construction and quality assurance, Euroquilt duvets are hand filled to order in Scotland.

Also a high degree of environmental standards are maintained during the manufacturing process as all duvets have Downafresh.

Choose from 2.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 9.0, 10.5, 13.5, 15 tog and All Seasons 9 tog & 4.5 togs to find the perfect warmth level for you.

Key Features

  • Made in the UK
  • 100% Pure Down
  • 460 Thread Count Cotton Cover
  • 850 Fill Power
  • NOMITE ®
  • Downafresh
  • Class 1 EDFA Certified
  • Oeko-Tex Class 100 Compliant
  • Wash Care Instructions

Euroquilt Ultimate 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Sizes

  • Single: 135cm x 200cm
  • Double: 200cm x 200cm
  • King: 225cm x 220cm
  • Superking: 260cm x 220cm
  • Emperor: 295cm x 235cm

NOTE: This is a Made to Order item, please check our Delivery and Returns section for more information, allow 7 - 10 days for delivery.

All of our Euroquilt natural duvets are Nomite & Downafresh accredited:

NOMITE ® This certification gives our customers peace of mind in promoting our products as safe for use by persons suffering from house dust allergies and ensures that our product cases and fillings meet the very high standards required on cleanliness, fabric weave density and strength.

This certification brings a whole new level of quality, trace ability and compliance to our products and we hope that this advance assures our customers of our continued efforts to bring the best products to market.

Downafresh® is a trademark of the registered Association of the European Bed feather and Bedding Industries documenting that the filling material complies with the European standard EN 12935 (“feather and down – hygiene and cleanliness requirements “).

Companies using these brands have the down and feathers they process tested at a hygiene laboratory and document the origin and processing of the filling material.

DOWNAFRESH is a guarantee that the filling of down and feather complies with the strictest hygienic requirements, established according to the European standard EN 12935. Furthermore, the filling material is washed with washing detergents that are not harmful to nature.

Additionally, feather and down is tested by an impartial test institute to ensure the product does not contain substances harmful to the environment. Downafresh is a guarantee that the manufacturer has an audited trace ability system for the feather & down filling material they use and that this complies with all laws and regulations relating to animal welfare and ethics.

Euroquilt Duvet Wash Care Instructions

All Euroquilt Duvets can be machine washed in a suitably large capacity washing machine such as the ones you will find at a high street launderette, washing duvets at home is not ideal for most home domestic washing machines as the drums do not have a large enough capacity for the pillow to move around in the drum properly.

Always follow the wash care label and wash your duvets separately.

Click here to read more about how to care for your Euroquilt Duvets and Pillows.

They can also be tumble dried on a low setting, please note that a home dometic washing machine may not be suitable as the drum capacity needs to be very large such as the ones you will find at a launderette so the duvet has plenty of room to rise and fall in the drum.

This effect stops the duvet from getting too hot and allows for the special fillings to dried out more evenly during the drying process.

Why Choose Hungarian Goose Down?

Hungarian goose down іѕ widely considered to be one of the finest natural fillings that money can buy. Even with the vast array of choice available on the market today, Hungarian Down is right up there with the very best if not the best!

Hungarian natural goose dоwn соmеѕ frоm the soft under belly of mаturе gееѕе, thе ѕіzе of thе down clusters are lаrgе and light.

What is Fill Power?

Thе fill power test іѕ one of the best mеаѕurеmеnts оf the quality and cleanliness of every ounce of dоwn, the higher the fіll роwеr rating the better quality the down. Pure down duvets with no feathers whatsoever have the highest rating, while feather and down fillings will be much lower as pure down is lighter and fluffier than feathers which can be slightly heavier due to the quills.

As a general rule fіll роwеr іndісаtеѕ thе down ԛuаlіtу, fluffiness, loft and insulating аbіlіtу of the fillings. Between 400 and 500 fill power ratings would be a good quality feather and down duvet while 750 and above would be a good quality no feather pure down fill power rating.

A superior quality 100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down fill power rating would be 800 and above.

High loft fill power fillings are especially good in your duvet as they can be used all year round, as the pure down separates better when it gets warm and gives superior heat regulation, allowing trapped warmth to rise though the top of the duvet which keeps you at a stable temperature all night long.

Aѕ Hungarian pure down duvets uѕе only the very best lightweight 700 - 800 fіll роwеr fillings from the finest mature gееѕе in Hungary, you do not need to have lots of duvets to do the same job all year round.

They are equally as good in Summer as they are in Winter.

Where Do We Source our Duvets and Pillows From?

We source our fillings from Hungary and the cases are woven to perfection in Spain from the finest 460 thread count cotton cambric to ensure that you have a superior quality duvet that has all the special features associated with such a high quality product. The cotton cases are fully breathable which allow the air to circulate around the pure down. 

The temperature regulated air keeps your body at the optimum level of comfort and warmth that allows you to get the very best night’s sleep. They are then hand filled in the UK to guarantee that standards remain high and the quality is excellent.

What Is The Best Thread Count Cotton Cambric Case?

We feel that 460 thread count cotton cases are the best as they are not only sumptuously soft to the touch but also very robust. Any higher thread count than this will make the material too soft and could quite easily allow the down or feathers to poke through the case.

This is why feather and down duvets use the lower thread counts to ensure that this does not happen, so be wary if you see super high thread count covers as they are not really needed for a duvet and are normally just a trick to get you to pay more money than you really need to.

Our luxury 460 thread count cotton cambric cases are also mite proof and hypoallergenic, we only use the very best quality cases in our pure Hungarian Ulitmate goose down duvets and pillows.

The duvet cases also have special features like internal baffle walls that ensure the filling stays firmer in place whilst you sleep and robust cassette construction to ensure that the duvet is strong and resilient giving you lasting quality for many years to come.

Product Q&A

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Asked by liz on Apr 28, 2020
Hello, we only have the duvets in the following sizes:

Single: 135cm x 200cm
Double: 200cm x 200cm
King: 225cm x 220cm
Superking: 260cm x 220cm
Emperor: 295cm x 235cm
Answered by Carl on Apr 28, 2020

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